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    Lego UCS 1989 Batmobile

    Yeah. Dropping a lego model can be heartbreaking. They, selfishly, don't fall apart in the order of the instructions. So you sometimes need to go through the entire book again. I dropped the 8000 piece falcon moving it upstairs. It took a few days to reassemble. Glueing certain parts just minimises the loss and increases rigidity of larger models. Although I also think the delicacy/transience of lego is part of its appeal.
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    Tip: Using the Spoiler Tag

    For those of you wondering how to use the spoiler tag, here's a quick explanation. First, type out your text as your normally would Then, highlight the portion of text that contains a spoiler and click on the spoiler icon (the eyeball) Now your text box should look like this: Now you're ready to submit your post, which should look like this: And you're done. Now you won't ruin an experience for someone else by spoiling something for them.
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    First attempt at a DIY headphone stand

    It's nothing too fancy by today's standards with newer video cards, but it's an i7 3.6ghz with 16 gigs of RAM (I need to upgrade). I can run pretty much anything on high without many issues.
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    What games are you currently playing?

    Ark: Survival Evolved 7 days to die Stationeers Astroneer Subnautica I just kind of rotate through them depending on my mood.
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    Spoilers up to chapter 34
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    An Illusion

    I stared at that picture on my pc for a while with no luck. But when I used my phone to browse and was scrolling I actually saw the picture.
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