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Join the book club and read our book of the month:  This months book is Chasing Graves.  Live stream discussion will be Saturday, March 20th at 9am MST!


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    Hard Drive Issue

    Bought this last year. Works great. Only problem you might have is if there is a bad sector. Then you are fubar. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0759567JT/
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    Jolien Reads

    The First Law Triology

    Yay, I'm keeping my eyes open! I'm currently halfway through the first book so I will probably end this one somewhere this weekend. But from there one I think 1 book per month sounds perfect! (And if we like it, there are other books in the First Law universe... )
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    What games are you currently playing?

    Been playing Horizon Zero Dawn for about 2 weeks, quite intensely. I'm really enjoying myself. I love hte pace, which is not too frantic. It seems to be a very large game, with 100+ hours easily, in content. I enjoy the combat, lot's of sneaky sneaky. The character progression could use a little work - too much seems unimportant. But the story is what really works for me. It's a bit like planet of the apes, but with machines instead of apes. Can't say much more, as it's the story that unravels very slowly. Graphically thrilling with lovely environments. The kind of game i enjoy, as i can begin to appreciate the care and effort that went into every detail.
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    Jolien Reads

    The First Law Triology

    I'm currently reading the first book! Would love a buddy read but I don't know how soon you would start? I can at least wait to pick the second one up until you guys have finished the first one.
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    I'm watching Lupin on netflix. I've got no idea if this is well-known outside Europe. It's a French series about a man in France whose father has been framed for something he didn't do when the main character was very young. The last gift he got from his father was the book Arthur Lupin, about a gentleman thief. We follow this man when he is older and uses the stories as inspiration to avenge his father. There's only one season out at the moment but I hope it gets a second one soon!
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    February book of the month giveaway

    My wife flew through it, I'm about 100 pages in. Let me know if you change your mind, I'll send your email address over to the author. I bought a few copies because my wife raves about the book and I wanted to support it. No entries for the giveaway, so the first person to be in the book club and in the U.S. who posts here will win.
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