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  1. Shitty situation indeed. I'm more concerned for him on a personal level and letting HR take care of the rest but I'm trying to be careful not to go over the line. That's the hard part, not going with your first instinct in situations like this. Taking a few minutes to consider your next move. The shitty part is our HR department tried to turn a blind eye to it when we started finding evidence, I got the impression they were hoping it would go away. Even after he was caught they still tried to shift blame to the supervisor who found him, telling him he didn't follow procedure (but he did).
  2. The Browns signed Clowney to a one year 10 million dollar contract. I don't get the hype around this guy, he had some moments in Houston but since then he hasn't been a difference maker in Seattle or Tennessee. I know sometimes defensive linemen don't get the stats that you can immediately point to and it's more of a disruption thing but from what I've seen he isn't worth the money or trouble.
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    Red Harvest Moon

    @Pato the reader: Diana sent a private message to you, have one more question
  4. A few months ago some of our employees started finding drug paraphernalia in our work areas. At first our upper management tried to turn a blind eye (yep) but eventually they couldn't ignore it any more as more of us raised concerns over what's being done. We started discussing options using reasonable suspicion (in our rules and regulations) to take people to get tested for drug use. It's important everyone we work with is alert, because people can be killed or can kill someone else where I work, it's a dangerous place with many hazards. Our management decided to talk with all of the employees in groups and let them know we have programs to help them if they have problems and they wouldn't lose their jobs if they reached out for help. After that more employees found evidence of drug use, it almost appeared as though the person(s) doing it wanted to be caught and it was a cry for help. Many in our management team had the attitude that they wanted to catch the person doing it to "get them". I made the case that the most important thing is that the person doing this obviously has a problem and needs our help. I was the minority. A couple of weeks ago one of our new supervisors found an employee smoking something with a tube and foil in the middle of the day and not trying to hide. They took him to get drug tested and he tested positive for methadone. He is on suspension waiting for what will be done, in the meantime he has 30 days unpaid and that's his chance to get into some type of program and agree to random testing for 5 years. The employee who was caught was someone I was close with when I worked with him a couple of years ago, we even spent time out of work mountain biking and helping each other with projects we had going on. I considered him a friend but since we changed work schedules we haven't kept in touch. After hearing the news I reached out to him letting him know I was here for support and he probably feels isolated knowing everyone is aware it was him who was abusing drugs and could use some support. He said he appreciated me reaching out but to be honest I'm not sure how far to go with it or what the best course of action is from here. I made the case to my management team that he's a good employee and above all needs help, but I don't want to overstep my boundaries. Have any of you ever dealt with a situation like this? How to help people with addiction who aren't family members and in a professional setting?
  5. Opening the giveaway to forum users before I mention it in a video on Thursday. If a forum user wins I'll throw in a little extra something for supporting the community we have here. Giveaway ends next Thursday March 22nd. The rules for those who aren't familiar: 1.) Be in the U.S. (Amazon is a pain in the ass) 2.) Read along with us, contribute to the discussion 3.) Make a post in this thread Post here if you'd like to be entered for our May book of the month! Stream for NOS4A2 will be Sunday May 23rd at 1pm MST
  6. Discussion for our May book of the month, NOS4A2. As always, please RSVP if you plan on attending!
  7. Please remember to use spoiler tags and specify the chapter!
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    Red Harvest Moon

    You're not too late, you were the first one. Is your address from before still the same?
  9. I'm happy to say I'll be speaking with H.B. Diaz about her work and experiences on May 2nd (after our First Law Series stream). Are there any questions you would like asked? Also, I'm going to be a blurb for her book Nocturnal on Amazon. How cool is that? I can pretty much quit now.
  10. Lasraik

    Red Harvest Moon

    I will be giving away a copy of Red Harvest Moon to support the author and because I enjoyed the book and more people should read it. The first person to post will receive a copy via Amazon - your choice of ebook or paperback.
  11. Picked up both the Sabrent and the IOGear. Thanks for the suggestion!
  12. I have a soft spot for this movie even before it's release. Much of it was filmed here in N.M., a friend of mine was an extra (a zombie) and I'm a Zack Snyder fan.
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