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  1. Lasraik

    VR biking

    I'd sweat all over that thing and it would be fogged up in 10 minutes. 😬
  2. I’ve had a couple of annoying bugs, but nothing game breaking.
  3. A couple hundred pages into GotM and I’m a little lost. Almost feels like this is the second book in a series or I’m missing something. Is this common for new Malazan readers?
  4. Lasraik

    Windows 10

    I think it depends on where the copy was purchased from originally
  5. Have any of you tried to jail break your Kindle? Always nervous to do this kind of stuff, not sure it's worth the hassle. https://liliputing.com/2020/12/jailbreak-for-amazon-kindle-paperwhite-current-gen.html?amp#csi=0&amp_tf=From %1%24s
  6. Mostly aimbots from what I've read. That's true, $90 is relative but these cheat making companies must be making a ton of money - and that means the game devs will really go after them.
  7. This is the one I use for our forums: https://twitter.com/CD_forums I've found before that sometimes I'll look up people that I enjoy listening to or watching ect. and find out they aren't the nicest. So sometimes I'll avoid following certain people.
  8. For those of you wondering how to use the spoiler tag, here's a quick explanation. First, type out your text as your normally would Then, highlight the portion of text that contains a spoiler and click on the spoiler icon (the eyeball) Now your text box should look like this: Now you're ready to submit your post, which should look like this: And you're done. Now you won't ruin an experience for someone else by spoiling something for them.
  9. Started Gardens of the Moon. Lots going on but I'm a little lost. I hear that's what most everyone says, so I'm just going with it and hoping it will all make sense. 🤔
  10. Source It's a start I guess. Cheaters are rampant in D2 on PC, it reminds me of the old Counter-Strike days when just about every match you had at least one cheater. And I didn't realize it was so expensive - $90 per month? Sheesh.
  11. How is 7 Days to Die these days? Still in alpha or did they get to beta after 10 years or so?
  12. If it's something I'm enjoying I like having a physical copy to go with it. There is something about turning pages that is satisfying.
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