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  1. Lasraik

    Patch 1.1

    Patch 1.1 is out, you can read the patch notes here: https://www.cyberpunk.net/en/news/37373/patch-1-1
  2. I was going to give up, but after watching some reviews I decided I'll stick with it and finish the book. I'll probably bow out of the Malazan read along though.
  3. Lasraik


    I spend about double what most people say a game should take, cause I like to explore and take my time. For instance a game like Sniper Elite 4 is supposed to only take 12 hours, but I'm 12 hours in and only about halfway finished. It's good and it's bad. A game as big as Cyberpunk will take a long time for me to complete.
  4. Working Friday and Saturday, but hoping for a close game on Sunday. Learning more about Adobe Premier Pro and hope to finally finish my Priest of Bones review. What are you all doing?
  5. I'm not too confident they will pull out the W, but hopefully it's a close game
  6. True, but at least they are on the up swing and the Chiefs took them out.
  7. Lasraik


    That's good to know, I've been doing a ton of side stuff.
  8. When I added up how much I spent on daoc I was more than a little surprised 🤪
  9. @Dunnar that was a painful loss, they had a chance at the end. I was already thinking how much tickets to Ohio would have been to watch next weeks game there 😆 Considering how much the Browns under performed last year, they made a really big leap and have some good years ahead.
  10. These are pretty good, finally something with a lighter tone.
  11. Lasraik


    That explains why I've heard people say the game is short and I'm going through the world thinking it's huge. I didn't realize you can level past some content. I tend to take my time through games like these and save the main quest for later, so I understand 90 hours being on the short side. Didn't realize you can upgrade weapons, but I don't recall having seeing Widow-Maker yet.
  12. Ouch. Not sure what's worse, paying a sub every month for years and years for a single game or buying a lifetime sub and leaving after a month.
  13. It was finished almost two years ago IIRC, it kept getting moved back. It was supposed to be released December 2019 after getting delayed before that. Then because of the pandemic it kept getting pushed all year. Possessor Via IMDB I love the world this movie establishes. It's really interesting and I want more of it. When the movie ended, I thought it was a little abrupt but after thinking about it I understand what they were going for and it's not obvious at first. This universe could easily be used for a television series (would have to be HBO or Netflix) or a sequel. Grade: 7 out of 10
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