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Join the book club and read our book of the month:  This months book is Neuromancer.  Live stream discussion will be Sunday, April 18th at 1pm MST please RSVP if you will be attending 


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  1. I guess it’s positive that they are all in and taking it seriously
  2. The first seasons budget was only $465 million https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/amazons-lord-of-the-rings-cost-465-million-one-season
  3. I think people on the panel get early access to certain books ahead of time Which magazine? I think I might try it. There’s so many books I want to read on my own but it might be fun from time to time to get an early look
  4. PM me your address for the physical book or email for ebook
  5. @Nakia's Hideaway @Stacyejaye @Raul Reads i know Neuromancer wasn’t the biggest hit and we had a few DNFs but I still plan on having the stream Sunday even if it’s an excuse to compare notes and laugh. if you do not plan on attending let me know, don’t want to be the only one there
  6. @Stacyejaye has RSVPd! @Johanna let me know if you’d like to join
  7. It’s amazing what we’re willing to do when we want a new toy isn’t it? We’ve been finding footprints in our garden beds, it’s tough having a nice garden sometimes with pets who like to stomp on them Is your daughter nervous about the ACT? Be sure to let us know when your newbie video is up! And I’ll add your channel to the description of our stream Sunday on our Neuromancer discussion. Are the kids able to get out much with restrictions on your area?
  8. Back to work for me tonight and again tomorrow, then our meetup Sunday for Neuromancer. Weather here has really sucked, so I haven't been doing anything outdoors lately.
  9. I'll be chatting with award winning author Kayla Frost (writer of Escape Reality) and booktuber on May 24th. If you would like any questions asked please leave them here
  10. Had a nice chat with J. Allen, about 120 minutes. Video will be up Sunday at 9am MST
  11. I'm almost at the 200 sub mark, which is about 190 more than I expected. I have this Saturday night off and I figured why the hell not have a meet up to discuss books, entertainment and whatever else we feel like chatting about. If you're interested please RSVP
  12. RSVP if you'd be interested in joining a live meetup after our Poppy War discussion. Chat books, entertainment, maybe sip some whiskey and generally shoot the shit. Maybe an hour or two, just because I'm almost to 200 subs.
  13. @Stacyejaye hope you can make it to this one!
  14. Recapping and discussing DARK season 1 - 3 with author Jeff Lane
  15. Shitty situation indeed. I'm more concerned for him on a personal level and letting HR take care of the rest but I'm trying to be careful not to go over the line. That's the hard part, not going with your first instinct in situations like this. Taking a few minutes to consider your next move. The shitty part is our HR department tried to turn a blind eye to it when we started finding evidence, I got the impression they were hoping it would go away. Even after he was caught they still tried to shift blame to the supervisor who found him, telling him he didn't follow procedure (but he did).
  16. The Browns signed Clowney to a one year 10 million dollar contract. I don't get the hype around this guy, he had some moments in Houston but since then he hasn't been a difference maker in Seattle or Tennessee. I know sometimes defensive linemen don't get the stats that you can immediately point to and it's more of a disruption thing but from what I've seen he isn't worth the money or trouble.
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