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  1. Thanks! I’m glad to be apart of the community!
  2. Guys and Girls, I have a confession. I love mill strategies. I will play them in commander, modern, draft, sealed, and basically any format I can jam a mill deck into. As you can imagine when I saw psychic corrosion I knew that I had to build a deck around this super spicy enchantment. Something that mills people while you draw cards is one the perfect magic card for me. This enchantment basically wants you to draw as many cards as you can as fast as you can to finish off your opponent. Well as luck would have it we have one of the most broken draw spells in Standard in the form of "One With The Machine". A simple 4 cmc spell that lets you draw cards equal to the highest cmc among artifacts that you control and magic players we have the card that makes the deck hum. Enter Metalwork Colossus. An 11 mana 10/10 that will let us mill our opponents for huge chunks of cards in a single blow. This deck takes advantage of the discount on artifacts given by Metalwork Colossus to play both a Colossus and a One With The Machine in a single turn. Am I dreaming too large? Not at all because this deck is packing wraths for days to keep those pesky creature decks off of our backs. The basic strategy is to set up a board state where a wrath will set our opponent so far back that by the time a Colossus comes down they will either lose to Colossus beats or to the comboesk mill strategy. Find the deck tech video here: Find a link to the Deck Tech here: https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/colossal-mill/?cb=1533928778 Wanna see it in action? Check it out below: Happy Milling Everyone!
  3. You heard right folks! Check out this spice! Deck Tech and Deck List coming soon
  4. “Have too many friends” ??? You are a truly a gentleman and scholar of EDH.
  5. Oh yes. I mean is there any other way to play this game that’s even remotely fun?
  6. Yes. It’s only an arena list but side board I would put 4 dive down and 2 curiators ward as well.
  7. Hey everyone! If you’re like me you don’t have a ton of money just laying around to build a deck. You probably don’t have a ton of time to play either cuz you gotta hustle up if you wanna afford some extra spice for your ramen noodles so you need a deck that is quick and cheap. This deck has let me go 3-0 in brewers challenges and has never got me below 50% in quick play. If you wanna see the deck tech you can find it here: Don’t have time to watch? Totally get that. The struggle is real. Find the decklist here: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/ur-valduk-auras-20-land-m19-standard/ Hope you enjoy it everyone! If you do pick it up let me know and share some of your stories in the comments below. Thanks! (This has been my favorite game so far)
  8. It’s also a format that you get to put your own spin on a deck. Wanna build around your commander? That’s fine. Want to never cast your commander that’s cool. I’ve got a storm deck that never casts its commander but I just use it for its ability in the command zone. Or my favorite: build around a goofy theme. For example I have a Queen Marchesa deck that is build around knights and holding the monarch as long as I can. My general rule in the deck is that I pillow fort up until someone steals the crown from me then I just alpha strike whoever stole the crown from me (cuz, ya know, GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!!!) If you put enough ramp and card draw in the deck then you will see that they play pretty consistently but part of the fun is that games are a bit more novel than your 60 card constructed decks. With Commander 2018 coming out it is a great chance to get into the format. You can chose one of the commabers that job like and they are pretty competitive straight out of the box and with $20 extra in card upgrades you’ll have a solid deck.
  9. Hey everyone! I’ve been playing magic for about three years and I am all about playing around the “jank cards” thaat magic has to offer. I am starting up a YouTube channel that is based around chest that I wanna find interesting and under play cards that can make an impact in standard. My goal isn’t to win but to have fun while winning or losing. Just to give you an example right now I am playing a red white deck with Latliss and anointed procession to see how many dragons we can swarm on the table. It looks something like this: I would love for y’all to come by and check out the channel but also leave me some comments about some decks or strategies that you would want to see played. Look forward to hearing from you all! You can find me by searching for JBuzzCuzz on YouTube. Thanks!
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