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  1. Thank you yes, the fun is in the variance of roles, some with very simple win cons, others with more complex ones. What we have enjoyed in playtesting this game for a year is how it speeds up larger games of 7+ players. Most games don’t go over an hour because of the politics, alliances, and simplicity of winning. Hope you get to try out the game and see all the roles. www.RegicideTheGame.com
  2. This game idea was literally hatched on a kitchen table so I owe my roots to it, not wanting to over post, just make sure kitchen table players got to see this edh variant as well. Hidden roles cards, secret alliances, game altering powers and twisted win cons for your EDH game! Play for free at www.RegicideTheGame.com
  3. What I really enjoy with the format is how it can move large games along quickly as it only takes defeating a player or two to win a game. Sometimes the first player to die, can actually win the game as in the Jester’s role.
  4. Was curious if anyone has played EDH with hidden role cards? I’ve been working on a game like this all year that offers full art cards that remain hidden until you reveal them and the roles each unleash unique and fun abilities that can alter games. There are factions which offer hidden alliances, and twisted win-conditions (like winning a game by being the first to die). www.RegicideTheGame.com is where you can go to see all the roles/rules and to play for free.
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