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  1. So! For the Assassin's Trophy, I draft the right one, and the left one someone draft it So they are both real! Could you explain the différence? Weird ! ^^ And the Snapcaster Mage, I just bought It to a young guy, I did many test on them and they seems real, there is no papper difference, the light test goes right, both even with the dark text.. One of my friend who play Magic since 10 years told me that both of them are real. Some are printed in USA, the others in Belgium and It can be some printing difference. What do you think about? Thanks for your answers.
  2. Hihi everyone, lets see these cards, what do you think about. Is there some real, or some fake one? I'm not sure about. Give me your opinions! The Assasin's Trophy on the left side is way much more glossy when I touch It and the colors are more strong.
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