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  1. I agree. However, if he's healthy, he can be great. It is a show me contract so I'm good with the risk. We also signed another former first round D end on a show me deal. Its about talent and depth to get to the QB and they are stockpiling that ... even before the draft.
  2. I concur. Always defer to HR policies and procedures and offer opinions only when asked. Sucks but you don't want to give anyone any reason to cast guilt by association. However, that doesn't prohibit you from offering help to your friend.
  3. The Godfather movies are flat out terrible.
  4. Dunnar

    Godzilla vs. Kong

    I watched it last night. Lets just say they continued the Godzilla tradition of poor writing and story structure filler surrounded by monster battles. Also, the answer of who would win was decisively answered.
  5. Dunnar

    Godzilla vs. Kong

    Is Pacific Rim worth a watch? As far as Godzilla v KK, I don't have an answer for you. I'll say this, on paper, Godzilla should dominate. KK climbs the empire state building. Godzilla is almost as big as the building. However, it looks like they might have evened out the sizes in this match up. Still, the tail, ability to breathe fire and the past experience of kicking ass vs large opponents ... looks like a mismatch. I am planning on watching tomorrow night with the kids.
  6. NBA RATINGS CONTINUE PRE-PANDEMIC NOSEDIVE NBA ratings have tanked and continue to tank. A lot of folks blame the pandemic, or the social issues. I believe both have contributed a lot. I watch sports to get away from everything else. I dont watch basketball to hear political views. Mixing the 2 pushes me away. One other thing I haven't heard being discussed is the loss of streaming services. I cut cable, as have many. Somewhere around the new year, my hulu bill went up and they took away the Fox channel that carried the Cavs and Indians. Always a great recipe to start charging more for less. So, I ditched Hulu all together. Now I dont watch anything ... and I am still alive. In many markets, the only way to watch is with cable. In my opinion, this is an incredibly stupid decision by the sports leagues and service providers.
  7. I wonder how much of it is CGI impact. Back in the day <shakes fist at clouds>, the writers and directors had to get creative. Now they can literally have the software do anything they want. And actors had something to work with. Now, actors are in front of a green screen as opposed to actually being on a set. Or talking to an inanimate object or nothing. I just went through the Hobbit and LOTR. Broke it up into many days. Good times
  8. We have Teams too. But we use Cisco (Jabber+WebEx), if you remove that functionality from teams, then I'm not sure what the value is. Seems like they are trying to give me something that I don't want and have no use for. What MS should do is figure out a way for Outlook to sift through the 1000 emails I get every day and highlight the ones I actually have to read. That would be nice.
  9. I love what the browns are doing in free agency. Normally you don't build your team that way, but they added 2 young, versatile secondary players from the Rams and also added a pretty good young linebacker. That will go a long way to solidify that defense.
  10. Dunnar

    So.... how we been?

    Welcome back. I know you had some health things to work out, so its good to see you up and around. Life is very good over here. I have both my vaccines and am looking forward to getting back to normal
  11. Dunnar

    Xbox / PC Coop

    I haven't played Halo in years. Had a ton of fun with the series. Do each of you have a separate live account or did you coop through local play? From what I remember, the story progress goes with the character. But coop was different and I dont think you could save progress. Only the ability to restart a mission.
  12. I have plenty of ignorance, so no worries Thanks for the explanation. I couldn't even find anything on google on that lol. Granted, I didnt spend much time on it. Now the trick ... remembering this for next year for my English teacher friend.
  13. I tried it out a long time ago when I first set up my old basement. At the time, MS wanted the xbox to serve as the main hub for your TV and a potential cable box replacement. It was clunky and didnt perform as advertised so I scrapped it. Surprised it lasted this long.
  14. Nothing really. Just something I can take my time with and no multiplayer stuff.
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