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  1. Dunnar

    VR biking

    Has anyone tried it? With this ...https://www.virzoom.com/ Looks like you can take a stationary bike, Oculus and a $20 sensor and ride anywhere. I'm tempted because it might keep me interested. And its an excuse to get an Oculus.
  2. I wish it would have been better .... hahahahaha!
  3. Dunnar

    An Illusion

    I couldnt see it on my PC. But when I saved the image to send it to another device, I saw it in the thumb nail.
  4. Do we know what kind of cheating they are talking about? Leveling? Items? Raids? PvP? If so, I'm curious what they are. There have been times where I have encountered some fishy behavior. But without knowing what was out there, I never knew. Glad companies are going after it. Can't imagine paying that much for a cheat on a game. But then again, $90 to me and $90 to someone else could be completely different. Its all relative
  5. Dunnar


    I was unable to get one myself ... not for lack of trying. That ultimate pass looks like a fantastic deal, especially if they keep newer releases coming.
  6. Dunnar

    Windows 10

    I have an old PC that I want to upgrade to windows 10. I went to Microsoft site and saw that Windows 10 Home was $130. I looked online and saw pcsalesonline had it for $29. Where should I go to get a key? Been a long time since I have done this. Thanks!
  7. Reread the Dresden Files ... after awhile, he released 2 more books in the series this summer. Sometimes a little over the top, but I have enjoyed the series. The world he developed is really cool.
  8. I love the lego people and the mini car. Really cool over all and thanks for sharing.
  9. Same. Solitaire and Sudoku for me. Old man games lol
  10. That was a blast and couldn't have gone any better. I'm really tired today. I'll never do that again ... until tonight. Go Bucks!!!
  11. Dunnar

    The Mandalorian

    To quote the great Meat Loaf ... two out of three aint bad 😛
  12. Dunnar

    The Mandalorian

    My main gripe is the writing isn't very good and the acting is borderline bad. The only character I remotely connect with is baby yoda. The universe is so spectacular that it overrides all of that. Imagine this series with good acting, compelling characters and a great story.
  13. @Pasandathats an impressive lego set. How long did that take to assemble? I would love to see the directions and packaging for that. Built a shelf, got some bar stools, theres a dart board in the opposite corner with a pub table and chair. Room is lined with 3 TVs. Unfortunately the parties have been limited due to covid.
  14. I was playing off and on. I'll have to check out what they did.
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