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  1. Elovia

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    I probably have maybe less than a third of the map exposed. And I ran into the same Stalker you did, same quest, too, but I stumbled onto it while still fairly lowish level. In that encounter, I met two new machines in short order: my first encounter with a Longleg, and then the Stalker ... not to mention random Scrappers showing up during combat with the Longleg (where I was the chicken running around). Good thing I had some help from the Quest-giving NPCs. Anyway, to clear the Stalker, I just started laying a lot of random wire traps hither and yon. Eventually the stalker crossed one, and ... bingo! there it is ... but I was certainly uncomfortable exposing myself to a potential single shot death just to lure it out into the traps. I like playing cat and mouse, just not playing as the mouse. It's an interesting machine mechanic, for sure. I found a bunker cave with some ancient tech armor locked away in a visible but inaccessible area. I need to find some power cells to access it. I have found one. I can look online for spoilers, but that might take away some of the fun of exploring. I also cleared my first cauldron (Sigma), so I can now override Sawtooths and other small machines. In a related story, I rescued a couple of dudes "treed" by a pair of Sawtooths in an ancient building ruin. I overrode one of them, and it promptly attacked the other, and then, after the first went down, I launched a fire arrow into the downed one's exposed abdominal blaze stash (normally a difficult target to hit) thus exploding and almost killing the victorious Sawtooth (by that time, it was no longer overidden). A few more deftly placed arrows and that was the end of that. I like how there are multiple paths to solving these types of problems. Speaking of overriding, I'm not sure there is much value in using selected machines (e.g., Striders, Broadheads, etc.) as transportation. The process and mechanics of riding seem cumbersome, and it is difficult to keep situational awareness because when you turn the camera to look around, the machine steers in the direction the camera points. I have tons of materials (my inventory slots are bursting with them), and creating travel packs is easy enough that traveling to distant campfires seems better and faster than trying to steer a mechanical ... ahem ... steer to wherever it is you want to go. In the same ruined city area as the two "treed" dudes, I also accessed my first Longneck, which was quite the thrill of a climb. Again, I think the game's animators did a wonderful job overall. Given the graphics, I was afraid my old potato of a computer would choke, but I have (almost) everything turned up to the max graphical settings and it does fine. The fans on the video card and CPU run louder than normal, but they seem to be taking care of business as they should. Kind of makes sense, I guess. The game came out for Playstation about 5 years after I built my computer, and that was over ten years ago.
  2. Elovia

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    OK ... so I found a good place to stock up on Blaze for a reasonably small investment in time and arrow crafting materials. I'm a frikkin' Grazer killing machine! Or is that a Grazer machine killer? /Bah! I'm slowly getting comfortable confronting bigger, more aggressive, and more powerful machines. I saw and bravely ran away from my first Thunderjaw, muttering, "please don't see me, please don't see me" as I sneaked past. Wasn't paying attention one time as I was sneaking past a herd of Broadheads or Lancehorns (probably the latter), and got jumped by a Sawtooth. I wildly flailed my spear, adrenaline-fueled dodge-rolling every chance I could, and by a stroke of luck was able to bring that agile machine down before my remaining sliver of health ran out. /whew! No rematch, please. So yeah ... enjoyable game so far. Hard to claim with any authority on how far along I am with it. I've reached the Carja side of the DMZ valley between Nora and Carja territories, but I keep backing up and exploring previous areas that I seemingly passed over (or quickly passed through). I've cleared four or five corruption zones, and an equal number of bandit camps. Precisely placed head shots on bandits are a just a bit too satisfying ... almost as much as watching blast wire traps take down machines. The game's animators did an excellent job overall, IMHO. And for the record, Stalkers just plain outright suck. Maybe I just haven't figured out the best way to see them so that I can then kill them. Their stealth and one-shot kill ability is ... no words. I've read similar hatred for the avian machines, Glinthawks and Stormbirds; I've seen these from a distance, but have yet to "encounter" them up close and personal.
  3. No direct personal experience with this specific situation, but you should seek council from HR. An addiction, even to illegal substances, may be considered a disability under ADA (your HR should know for sure specific to the circumstances), and if so, the employer may be required to provide reasonable accommodations to that disability; what that means depends on the action taken. Also, company policy and history of policy enforcement can be an issue (e.g., is it an immediate termination offense? And does the company have a history of consistently enforcing the policy?). If the employee claims his addiction is a disability, and he is actually addicted (not just a casual illegal drug user), the path toward termination or rehabilitation may become a legal issue since disabilities are a protected class against discrimination. Also be cognizant of any potential confidentiality requirements surrounding personnel issues (including potential disciplinary action); this person's situation and company response should not be common knowledge among the company's employees. The best you can do is privately show empathy as a friend toward the individual and his addiction problem. You can't necessarily fix his problem or situation. You also should be careful of any supervisor-employee power dynamic between you, so that any action you take as a friendly supervisor doesn't jeopardize the company's legal options or obligations. At minimum, he should seek treatment for his addiction (and NM may have social programs to help in that regard), but whether he has a future with your company is a separate matter. It's a shitty situation to be in, for sure.
  4. Elovia

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Hi. I'm Elovia, and I'm a Blaze addict. Audience: Hi, Elovia! I love the stuff. Especially on blast trip wires. But blast trip wires use a lot of it. A lot. I need to know where to get it in large quantities. I gotta get my fix. I need my Blaze. Scrappers? No problem. One blast wire takes 'em down. Oh sure, I could take them out the old fashioned way with precision placed, tear-enhanced arrows, but why risk it, ya know? Too slow. Shell-walkers? One blast wire disarms them and removes their defenses. Like shooting ducks in a barrel ... or is that fish? Anyway ... they don't provide any of that sweet, sweet Blaze. Daddy needs to grind out a full stack or two of Blaze canisters.
  5. Elovia

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Value Added Tax When buying goods from within the US, you won't see VAT added to your balance. It's applied when you buy goods from another country (GoG is based in Poland). See the link for more info.
  6. Elovia

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    I just picked this up at GoG's Spring Sale ($29.99 + VAT) based on @Pasanda's praise of the game. Now I have to download the 68+GB and dip my toes into those waters. Thought I'd start a game-specific thread in case others also want to discuss this game, or if Pasanda feels compelled to provide non-spoiler advice for getting started and playing.
  7. Elovia

    Godzilla vs. Kong

    And this ...
  8. Elovia

    Godzilla vs. Kong

    I'll just leave this here ...
  9. Elovia

    Godzilla vs. Kong

    Having grown up in the golden age of monster movies, and more specifically, monster match/mash up movies starring said monsters ... i.e., MonsterX vs. MonsterY ... this one seems like it could be interesting ... massive destruction included. Other than for the lulz, one has to ask, "why was this made?" Is there some hidden allegory or woke satire involved, or is it a pure chaos and destruction entertainment fantasy?
  10. Large corporations like Apple and MicroSoft are out there looking to scoop up as many divergent technologies as they can so as to push out a comprehensive suite of products that will capture and keep consumers in their ecosystem. The problems with that strategy are that consumers have different needs and those needs are ever evolving, consumers want freedom to use the products that provide the best overall experience for their specific needs, and someone else will always build a better mousetrap to capture consumer's attention. If you prevent consumers from going where they can obtain the best experience (for themselves), or make it extremely cumbersome to do so, then you risk disenchanting them to your product. If you're a small developer with an implementable idea, and you can produce a prototype product that meets a consumer market segment need - especially one that when offered for cheap or free draws consumers away from large corporation's products - then you're soon on the fast track to great wealth as those large corporations stumble over themselves to buy you out. Good on Discord if they can get it, but this hegemonic and monopolistic practice is not good for consumers. Who do you think will ultimately pay for that 10-billion dollar acquisition? The future consumers of that ecosystem will be forced pay for it through upgraded fees and higher prices.
  11. Me too. I'm feeling old if movies from the '80s and '90s are old. Second thought ... True Love. And then "Mawage" ...
  12. It's a time waster ... but not necessarily a waste of time.
  13. I picked up Endzone - A World Apart from GoG on Friday, and have been playing it most of the day today. (gratuitous link for Steam users) Reviews describe the game as a post-apocalyptic version of Banished, and that is close but not wholly accurate. Yes, there are a lot of common elements between the two games; for all I know, they may even use the same graphics engine. They're both city-builder survival management sims where your success depends on the planning and execution of your choices. But there are differences, too. In Endzone, the player must plan around the seasons and weather, including rains and drought, and fluctuating radiation levels. Rains can bring radioactive contamination, and inevitable health consequences, that must be mitigated. Drought can lead to starvation, and the inevitable health consequences therefrom, so you really should consider preparing a sufficiently large stockpile of food and water to keep on hand. The people's social needs must be met, like housing where they can reproduce in privacy (*wink wink, nudge nudge*), schools to educate the resulting children, roads so the workers can more easily get around, and cemeteries where they can mourn the dead. They require tools, protective clothing, and medicines. And their labor needs to be divided and specialized for the village to grow - despite the hazards around them. And if you succeed despite all that, your people may have to defend their hard scrabble keepsakes against raiders who want to take away some of what you got. The game has a low price tag - appropriate for what you get - thus easier to provide a good entertainment value. Words like "deep" and "thorough" seem cliché when describing the game's tutorials, so perhaps it's best to say they are extensive and detailed, and they should prepare you well for playing in the sandbox (or dabbling in the predefined challenge scenarios). Even though there is an in-game help manual, I highly recommend playing the tutorials for the "why you might want to do this" explanations provided by the tutorial narrator as opposed to "you can do this if you satisfy these requirements" factoids coldly listed in the manual. The player can pause or set the speed of time passage to mitigate having to wait for your villagers to complete the tasks you set for them. Just my opinion but, the normal speed seems a bit slow, and the next notch up seems much too fast; I'd prefer a speed option in-between those two. There is yet a third "Ludicrous" speed that I've avoided thus far. I play these types of games for relaxation, but I recognize others may prioritize getting things done more quickly, and so it's good to have options.
  14. Elovia

    So.... how we been?

    Welcome back.
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