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  1. Elovia

    VR biking

    I'll just leave this here as a reminder ...
  2. It's been a while since I last played, but you should follow the main quests in the early game which serves as a tutorial of sorts. You actually need to do this (or did last I played) so you don't harm your ability to continue. And there are some world changes that occur after you've met certain milestones. More on that ... the planet you start on will have negligible sentinel activity ... meaning you can harvest flora, and mine minerals, in front of them and they won't do anything about it. That is not true after you've reached a certain milestone (iirc, going into space for the first time), so sentinels afterward will be highly aggressive if you damage a planet. You will still need to harvest materials, but you'll have to do it more carefully while avoiding sentinel notice. Otherwise they will hunt you down for violations and there is an endless supply so you can never win against them; the best you can do is run away and hide, live to fight another day. So with the above said, stock up on your first planet. Harvest wood, primarily, but also oxygen, nitrogen, and ... umm ... cobalt(?), iron(?) ... sheesh, I can't remember. Anyway, the basic supplies. If your planet has a hazardous atmosphere (quite likely), find a cave in which to shelter periodically - and especially during storms! - to allow your suit to recharge. Don't forget that time stops when you use your camera (assuming you're playing solo and not multiplayer), so you can use the camera mode up at as high of an elevation as it'll let you to get a better view of the surrounding terrain. This can be helpful for finding caves, resources, or other points of interest while on foot. Ships (yours and NPC's) will not have hyperdrives until you complete the main quest steps for them. So at minimum, you'll want to at least progress far enough in the main quest to have hyperdrives and to be able to construct fuel for those drives. The early main quest steps will introduce you to just about every aspect of the game (just about), including base building. Don't worry too much about where you start your first base, because you'll be limited in your selection. Just complete the quest steps and then salvage your minimal base before moving on and searching out a better or more desirable location. Always refuse the first capital ship offered to you. Always. The first one is always the lowest class available. The next one is likely much better. The first encounter is somewhat scripted, but the next ones will come regularly after so many hyper-jumps (I forget the number how many). Save before hyper-jumping, and if there is a combat upon entry and the capital ship is not of a style or class that you like, you can save scum to try and get a better one. The game is about exploration ... and it is explicitly not about combat. So keep your combat expectations very low. First starting out your weapon will not be powerful enough to kill bigger, meaner critters - or sentinels, for that matter. Don't worry about upgrading quickly. Keep an eye on the weapon offerings in space stations (mandatory stops, btw) and inside planetary minor trade centers. The higher class, the more expensive, but the more potential slots available for upgrades. Also ... check the other thread for a wealth of tips and suggestions. Good luck, traveler.
  3. These two piqued my interest. I'll check them out. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. The best thing about Rebel Galaxy is the soundtrack. It has OK game play if you like capital ship combat maneuvered on a 2D plane. Overall, the game was short and the ending was sudden. But in the end, I still occasionally go to YouTube to kick back and listen to the soundtrack. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw was a bit of a disappointment. It doesn't play at all the same as Rebel Galaxy, but more like a twitchy space shooter. To be fair, they upped their game with the music, and have multiple "radio channels" to choose from in-game ... so you can select a genre of music you prefer ... kind of.
  5. I didn't. But then again, I don't do social media. Because of BS like the above. I am NOT a product, and marketing is pure evil.
  6. I predict ... cue ball meets sliding glass door ... Sounds like a real man cave.
  7. Elovia

    An Illusion

    It's actually a bit difficult to see, but seeing the illusion is made easier if you scroll just the right speed. Even easier if you save the image locally and then dynamically resize it in an image viewer.
  8. Elovia

    The Mandalorian

    You're bald, wrinkled, and green-skinned, too? 🤣
  9. Two females, a Breton and an Imperial, live together in an apartment in Imperial City in Cyrodiil; let's just call them Jen and Mon. They're friends with a Bosmer female, we'll call her Pheb, who plays guitar and is a singer-songwriter (but not very good); she's also the quintessential "earthy" Bosmer. Jen and Mon's neighbors across the hall are an Argonian male and a Khajiit male; we'll call them Joe and Ch'an, and they're best buds. Joe comes from a large clutch and is quite the lounge lizard ("haow you doin'?); he also keeps a copy of "The Lustful Argonian Maid" under his mattress. Mon's brother, we'll call him Ros, teaches at the Archeologist Guild and occasionally hangs out with the the others but secretly has unrequited love for Jen. Mon, a future cougar, likes to play with her favorite kitty, Ch'an, and together the two of them muffle their purring from clueless Ros. Jen works as a waitress at The Feed Bag in the Market District where they all hang out and listen to Pheb playing off in the corner. Jen is just as clueless as Ros. The Feed Bag's owner is a spineless pushover of an Orc, we'll call him Gun gro-Thura, and he too has unrequited love for Jen. And no one knows what Ch'an does to earn gold, but he always seems to have plenty. ... and .... ACTION *snap* ...
  10. Have you tried any of the X-series? I think the latest is X4 plus a few recent DLC available for it. It's a space-themed sandbox. I have it wish listed for now since my backlog is horribly long. I also picked up Rebel Galaxy Outlaw when it recently came available over at GoG. It sort of satisfies the Privateer itch. Seems a bit grindy, tho. I don't know if I'd recommend Starpoint Gemini 3, since the main character can be difficult to tolerate at times, but I played quite a bit of Starpoint Gemini: Warlords and it was fun (not really a pure sandbox, but more like a multi-layered mix of RTS, RPG, and space shooter).
  11. Agreed. It looks more and more like the game, as well as the universe, will be vaporware. I never gave them a single cent, nor will I. You can purchase any of the Privateer titles over at GoG, and they should be configured to run on modern systems.
  12. Just wanted to say thanks for putting the forums back together, Lasraik. I especially like the new header (clouds passing in front of a starry background). In short, I like what you've done with the place.
  13. Elovia

    An Illusion

    Elovia casts a spell of illusion, and the image below appears. What do you see?
  14. Elovia

    Funny Stuff

    Rian Johnson wrote and directed Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and the graphic is a satirical look at Luke Skywalker's plot premise in that movie. Or in other words, the graphic suggests a plot that might happen if Rian Johnson were to write and direct a sequel to The Karate Kid (based on his plot direction in The Last Jedi).
  15. Elovia

    What is Outriders?

    Is it available on PC? or is it an X Box exclusive? Yes and no. Looks like it's going to be available on PC, as well as X Box and PS5, so I'm good. It looks interesting, and if one can truly solo to and through endgame as mentioned in the video then I'll give it a look. I don't really want to have to play with, or against, others.
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