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  1. I've made pancakes with just creamed corn many times (basic pancake mix with creamed corn), and it is good ... and still a touch sweet due to the corn; adding bacon to just about anything makes it better. Topped with maple syrup just makes a good thing even better, especially if it is authentic (i.e., real as opposed to imitation) Maple syrup. With this recipe, I was looking for something a bit more savory and less sweet - a dish just as comfortable at dinner as at breakfast. I've made potato pancakes with similar ingredients as well, usually made with leftovers after Thanksgiving (similar to your bubble and squeak, but in pancake form) but that's another topic altogether. My general breakfast pancake go-to is a basic pancake wrapped around a link breakfast sausage dipped in maple syrup.
  2. For this morning's brunch, I made my own version of Savory Buttermilk Pancakes. These are sort of like a loaded baked potato, without the potato, and in pancake form. This is definitely a comfort food best made and eaten when the weather outside is poor (e.g., cold, wet, rainy, snowy, etc.) which it was today here. There is plenty of room for creativity depending on taste. ----- Savory Buttermilk Pancakes makes 10-12 pancakes Ingredients: · ¾ cup thick-cut bacon, diced and cooked · ¼ cup green onion, diced · 1 cup shredded cheese (type to taste) · 1 can creamed corn (~12-14 oz) · 1 cup all purpose flour · 1 Tbsp sugar · 1 tsp baking powder · ½ tsp baking soda · ¼ tsp salt · 1 cup buttermilk · 1 egg · 2 Tbsp vegetable oil Directions: Dice 6-8 slices of thick-cut bacon and cook in a frying pan over medium heat. Cook until done to where the pieces are chewy and not quite crispy. Cooking at medium heat allows the fat to render off a bit. Strain, place on a plate lined with paper towels, pat to dry, and set aside. Dice the green onions and grate the cheese (if not using pre-shredded). A cheddar/colby/jack cheese blend works well. Set aside. Preheat a flat griddle to 325°F. Depending on your griddle surface, you may want to add a light spray of no-stick spray or a drizzle (e.g., about a teaspoon) of vegetable oil smeared with a wadded paper towel (caution, hot surface) to help prevent the pancakes from sticking. In a medium bowl, sift together the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Add the egg, buttermilk, vegetable oil, and creamed corn. Stir to mix well. Fold in the bacon, green onions and shredded cheese. If the batter is too thick and paste-like, add a little water to thin it so that it is runny, but not too much so. Ladle 1/4 to 1/3 cup of batter onto the griddle surface leaving plenty of space around each pancake. It helps to spread them out with the back of the ladle so they’re … say, around 4-5 inch diameter and ¼ inch thick. These pancakes are dense, so give them plenty of time to cook on each side … say around 3-4 minutes, or until dark golden brown on the underside. Flip and cook the other side until done. You’ll just have to feel your way through this step. Try a test pancake first to determine how long you’ll need to cook them. Avoid flipping them more than once so that they don’t dry out. You may temporarily store cooked pancakes on a sheet-pan lined with a wire rack in a warmed oven (~250°F) to keep them warm and prevent them from getting soggy when making multiple griddle batches. Serve warm and enjoy. Top with whatever you like. Suggestions are a dollop of sour cream, a smear of butter, a dollop of yogurt, a dab of dijon mustard, or eaten plain - as is - hot off the griddle. ----- To paraphrase James Earl Jones (actor, voice of Darth Vader) from a recent Arby's (fast food restaurant) commercial: "If it needs just a little something, you add bacon to it. If it is perfect just the way it is, you add bacon to it!"
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    Ithica, N.Y.

    Lots of traffic and structure nerd porn there ... Luvin' it ...
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    I'll just leave this here ... https://forums.thefpsreview.com/threads/valheim-players-are-spending-most-of-their-time-building-houses.4694/
  5. As you get older, this knowledge gets more important.
  6. For those with continued interest in this game and its ongoing development, this thread is created to capture patch notes. Patch 3.2: Companions Update (17 February 2021) Our tiny team is excited to let you know that our first free update for 2021, the COMPANIONS update, is available to download from today, free for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Win 10, Steam, Steam VR, GoG, XBox One and XBoxS/X players! Every planet you land on in No Man’s Sky is full of varied creatures, but as wild animals players often didn't get to spend much time up close with them. Our creatures are weird, vibrant and surprising, and we wanted to give them a starring role in this update. With the COMPANIONS update, players can now tame, breed, train and even speak to the creatures they encounter. Travellers are now able to adopt the creatures they encounter and form close bonds with them. They will travel side-by-side with you as you adventure through the universe both as a friend and as a valuable aide on your voyage. Train them to scan for resources, mark out hazards, provide light, hunt dangerous fauna, find settlements, excavate buried treasure or even mine for materials with their own shoulder-mounted mining lasers. If properly nurtured, your companion will lay eggs which can be collected and incubated. Watch in wonder as the new-borns hatch and grow from babies to full-grown adults! Or use the Space Anomaly’s new Egg Sequencer to genetically modify your companion’s eggs into ever-wilder species. There are a wide range of customisable accessories and decals if you want to give your companion a unique look. And if you’ve bred a rare and noteworthy creature? It could be really valuable and sought-after. Why not trade their eggs with fellow Travellers? Creature personalities are defined by their species and ecosystem, such that no two creatures are alike, and their personalities develop further as you deepen your bond with them. Your faithful friend will roam the planet with you as you explore, and can be patted, fed and played with. Upon encountering other Travellers and their companions, they may become frightened, playful or even aggressive, based on their own unique personality. Every adopted creature is equipped with a neural harness that connects directly to the Exosuit. Your companion’s innermost thoughts will be translated and sent directly to your internal communication channels. Feel the connection with them grow as you play with them, feed them, and go on adventures together. This proves to be a very exciting year for No Man’s Sky and we can’t wait to show you what else we have planned on the roadmap. Hello Games had a very busy 2020, and it was heartening for the team to know we were providing some form of escapism for folks. It was our biggest year to date, and we’re enjoying keeping the momentum going as we head into 2021. The support of the wider community has allowed us to continue working on this game we love so much. We never take it for granted and genuinely thank you. Animal Companions Creatures that have been fed can now be interacted with to access options for milking, riding and adoption. Players may adopt up to six creatures at any one time. New companion slots are available to be purchased with nanites. Your companions can be renamed, and then customised with a new range of accessories and decals. Some accessories, such as the torch or mining lasers, will be used by your companion as they explore the planet. Each companion has their own personality, which will influence how they behave and think. Some species are more likely to have certain traits than others, but each creature is unique. The creature harness has a neural link with the Exosuit, enabling rudimentary translation of your new companion’s thoughts and wishes. Companions will assist their owners during planetary exploration, but have needs of their own. They will periodically require food or attention if they are to thrive. Companions will need to be cared for over a long period of time in order to win their trust. While exploring, companions will assist their owners in a number of ways, including: scouting for resources and buildings; digging up minerals and special items; hunting other creatures; and marking hazards. As well as acting on their own initiative, companions may be given specific instructions via gestures from the Quick Menu. VR players can point directly to send their companion to a destination. Companion Eggs Creatures that have been well-cared for will lay eggs. After a short time, creature eggs will hatch into a brand new creature, related to but distinct from the parent creature. Baby creatures have different proportions from adult creatures and will grow to maturity over time. Players may trade eggs from their prized companions with other players. Creature eggs can be taken to the Egg Sequencer aboard the Space Anomaly. The Egg Sequencer allows players to remix the genetic material of their growing eggs to produce unique, never-before-seen creatures. Overdosing eggs in the Sequencer may cause dramatic creature reconfigurations… Creature Improvements New creature and companion-related titles have been added to the Appearance Modifier. The construction cost of Creature Pellets has been increased. The stack size of Creature Pellets has been increased. Creatures no longer require advanced bait to unlock harvesting functions – any creature that has been fed may now be milked. Giant creatures can now be ridden. Creature locomotion animations have been improved. The particle effects emanating from creature dung have been improved. Discovered creatures now have a different shaped icon in the Analysis Visor, to better distinguish them from undiscovered creatures. Creature icons in the Analysis visor have been offset to improve their appearance. UI Improvements Players using a mouse and keyboard can now use hotkeys to directly select options in dialogue menus and interactions. Players using a gamepad can now use the analogue sticks rather than the cursor to move between options in dialogue menus and interactions. Optimisations Warp and loading times on PS4 have been significantly improved. Bug fixes Fixed an issue that caused freighter ‘wings’ to be hidden. Fixed an issue that could cause an invalid system/base to appear in the teleport destinations list. Fixed an issue that caused the gloves to be out of focus in the Appearance Modifier. Fixed an issue that could cause players using Windows 10 to incorrectly report a network disconnect. Autowalk is now cancelled automatically when the player manually moves forwards or backwards. The creature feeding Nexus mission has been rebalanced to account for changes to the taming process. Concrete base parts now require Silicate Powder rather than Carbon to build. Fixed an issue in the Galaxy Map that caused the Distance To Core text to be vertically clipped, resulting in a comma that looked like a period. Fixed an issue that could cause players to upload/download an excessive number of creative discoveries. Fixed an issue that caused Cronus’ food to have an extremely bright glow. Fixed an issue that caused the Orbital Exocraft Materialiser to have an overly bright glow. Fixed an issue that caused base specialist terminals to snap incorrectly in specific large rooms. Fixed an issue that could cause an increase in load times while attempting to download base data from other players. Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect text to appear when harvesting food substances from some unusual creatures. Fixed a VR issue that caused the Exosuit backpack to be invisible in the inventory if the player’s body was turned off. Fixed an animation issue with the player weapons in VR. Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect UI scaling in VR. Fixed a VR issue that could cause UI screens to move while the UI was closing. Fixed a rare hang that could occur when taking a screenshot in Photo Mode on PC. Fixed a networking crash on Xbox platforms. Fixed an issue that could cause very large save files to crash during loading on PS4. Fixed a crash that could occur when the leader of a herd died. Fixed a number of memory related crashes on PS5. Fixed an audio related crash on PS5. Fixed a rendering crash on PS5. Fixed a crash related to the preview of summoned objects (eg starships).
  7. It looks very nice. Your reputation as a self-professed graphics whore is well sustained. As previously mentioned, I'll probably (eventually) pick this title up, but not anytime in the near future. I have too much on my plate at the moment, and a backlog of games demanding my attention. That and my machine is getting a bit long in the tooth ... over 10 yrs old not including the graphics card (980ti) upgrade. I don't know if my machine would do this game much justice playing on low graphical settings. Glad you're enjoying it. Does it play well with mouse and keyboard, or is this a console port best played with a controller?
  8. Waiting ... but it's on my wishlist. I have far too many other titles demanding my attention. That said, I have liked other games developed by Larian Studios, and I did play Baldur's Gate I and II to exhaustion, so there are many things going for this version. But I'm in a holding pattern before indulging.
  9. Other subtle lines: "He's great to eat lunch with." "We encouraged him to seek out new opportunities where he can excel." "She was fired with enthusiasm." "He works at a deliberate pace."
  10. Sounds like a game I might enjoy; I like 100+ hour, large game world, sneaky sneaky. My hangup with Horizon Zero Dawn is the premise that giant machines evolved in the form of Earth-like animals. Now, if you assure me there is a plausible explanation in game lore and that the planet's inhabitants are not just some arbitrary fantasy (i.e., there is a rational reason why the giant machines are shaped like and act like Earth-like animals), and "killing" them with a meager compound bow somehow seems to the best tool for the task, then I'll believe you. Until then, my skepticism abounds.
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    Super Bowl Plans?

    I went grocery shopping, because the stores are actually pretty empty during the game. Not that I would watch the game, because I rarely watch TV.
  12. So how did Brady cheat this time?
  13. Ask and answer your own question, albeit not necessarily in that order.
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    Patch 1.1

    Patching is the process of eliminating bugs in software while simultaneously adding new ones.
  15. In a recent plans for the weekend thread, I mentioned I made molasses cookies. and So I take both of those statements as encouragement to post the recipe. For the benefit of our (non-US) audience, here is a link to a webpage of conversions from US cooking measurements to UK cooking measurements. I don't claim credit for this recipe. It came to me from the mom of an old high school friend way back when. She shared the recipe with me and my friend, and I've preferred these over others ever since. They're easy enough to make, and tasty too. ----- Molasses Cookies Ingredients: · 3/4 cup melted shortening · 1 cup sugar · 1/4 cup dark molasses · 1 egg · 2 cups flour · 2 tsp baking soda · 1/2 tsp ground cloves · 1/2 tsp ground ginger · 1 tsp cinnamon · 1/2 tsp salt · Extra sugar (separate for rolling dough balls in) Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 375°F 2. In a large bowl, cream together the shortening, sugar, molasses, and egg. 3. In a separate bowl, sift together the remaining dry ingredients except for the last bit of extra sugar. 4. Mix the dry ingredients into the creamed ingredients and then chill the dough. 5. Form the dough into 1-inch balls, roll each ball in the extra sugar, and place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment (or lined with a silicon mat) about 2” apart. 6. Bake for 8-10 minutes. Notes: 1. 375°F is roughly 190C 2. I use a stand mixer to cream the ingredients. Afterward, I use the same to mix in the sifted dry ingredients. 3. To chill the dough, I place it in the refrigerator for an hour or so. This re-solidifies the shortening, but also makes the dough less pliable to roll. 4. I measure the dough with a scoop to get uniform portions, and then roll into a ball shape by hand (just like rolling Playdough™) 5. It helps to flatten the dough balls after they're placed on the baking sheet by pressing down with two fingers across the top of each ball. Technically, you don't have to use parchment or a silicon mat, but they do help with clean up. We didn't use them in the old days, but modern technology and all ... ya know? 6. The cookies will come out of the oven soft, and are unlikely to be golden brown (heh, they go into the oven already brown), so let them cool a few minutes to "harden", if you're patient enough to wait that long. The cookies should have a firm, crunchy crust on the outside with a soft, chewy middle. ------ post scriptum ... I realize after re-reading the recipe, that if Jag were here, he'd probably respond with a pervy, yet humorous, comment about rolling, flattening, and/or sugar coating one's balls. /sigh
  16. Made molasses cookies, and played a little Exopunks. My programming skills are worse than my baking skills. Both are passable, and neither are optimal. Just sayin' ...
  17. Yeah, me too. That's why when LOTRO came out with their Lifetime offer, I jumped on it ... twice. But comparatively, I got my money's worth.
  18. Depends on how many months you paid the subscription fee. There is a break even point.
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    VR biking

    I'll just leave this here as a reminder ...
  20. It's been a while since I last played, but you should follow the main quests in the early game which serves as a tutorial of sorts. You actually need to do this (or did last I played) so you don't harm your ability to continue. And there are some world changes that occur after you've met certain milestones. More on that ... the planet you start on will have negligible sentinel activity ... meaning you can harvest flora, and mine minerals, in front of them and they won't do anything about it. That is not true after you've reached a certain milestone (iirc, going into space for the first time), so sentinels afterward will be highly aggressive if you damage a planet. You will still need to harvest materials, but you'll have to do it more carefully while avoiding sentinel notice. Otherwise they will hunt you down for violations and there is an endless supply so you can never win against them; the best you can do is run away and hide, live to fight another day. So with the above said, stock up on your first planet. Harvest wood, primarily, but also oxygen, nitrogen, and ... umm ... cobalt(?), iron(?) ... sheesh, I can't remember. Anyway, the basic supplies. If your planet has a hazardous atmosphere (quite likely), find a cave in which to shelter periodically - and especially during storms! - to allow your suit to recharge. Don't forget that time stops when you use your camera (assuming you're playing solo and not multiplayer), so you can use the camera mode up at as high of an elevation as it'll let you to get a better view of the surrounding terrain. This can be helpful for finding caves, resources, or other points of interest while on foot. Ships (yours and NPC's) will not have hyperdrives until you complete the main quest steps for them. So at minimum, you'll want to at least progress far enough in the main quest to have hyperdrives and to be able to construct fuel for those drives. The early main quest steps will introduce you to just about every aspect of the game (just about), including base building. Don't worry too much about where you start your first base, because you'll be limited in your selection. Just complete the quest steps and then salvage your minimal base before moving on and searching out a better or more desirable location. Always refuse the first capital ship offered to you. Always. The first one is always the lowest class available. The next one is likely much better. The first encounter is somewhat scripted, but the next ones will come regularly after so many hyper-jumps (I forget the number how many). Save before hyper-jumping, and if there is a combat upon entry and the capital ship is not of a style or class that you like, you can save scum to try and get a better one. The game is about exploration ... and it is explicitly not about combat. So keep your combat expectations very low. First starting out your weapon will not be powerful enough to kill bigger, meaner critters - or sentinels, for that matter. Don't worry about upgrading quickly. Keep an eye on the weapon offerings in space stations (mandatory stops, btw) and inside planetary minor trade centers. The higher class, the more expensive, but the more potential slots available for upgrades. Also ... check the other thread for a wealth of tips and suggestions. Good luck, traveler.
  21. These two piqued my interest. I'll check them out. Thanks for the heads up.
  22. The best thing about Rebel Galaxy is the soundtrack. It has OK game play if you like capital ship combat maneuvered on a 2D plane. Overall, the game was short and the ending was sudden. But in the end, I still occasionally go to YouTube to kick back and listen to the soundtrack. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw was a bit of a disappointment. It doesn't play at all the same as Rebel Galaxy, but more like a twitchy space shooter. To be fair, they upped their game with the music, and have multiple "radio channels" to choose from in-game ... so you can select a genre of music you prefer ... kind of.
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