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  1. So just been thinking about this while sat on holiday, how close to rotation would you stop buying cards that are going to rotate out soon?
  2. So no update from me for a while mainly because I am on holiday and unable to play any mtg. I am currently lying in a caravan on a holiday park with my wife and kids listening to the rain on the roof, it's very relaxing although I do need the toilet now. Be right back... ...ah that's better. Anyway back to mtg. So I have bought my standard deck on mtgo and started playing it and I must say it is very fun. When I get back off holiday I will join a league to get some competitive practice as there is a win a box tournament at my lgs in September so I am wanting to.bring this deck. I have noticed that I am making a few mistakes that I need to work one. My first is remembering to use my planes walkers when I have them out, I just completely forget them and it's not good. The other is working out the best order and time to play my creatures in order to get damage and where to direct it, but this should come with practice.
  3. I like the game play aspect. I have been playing pauper for about 2 years and so far have only played one game where I felt I didn't have a chance and didn't have fun Every other game has been fun, back and forth and I really enjoyed it. Except the times where one of us got mana screwed obviously, but I am not including those.
  4. Yeah poor newer sets has seen less cards entering the market so when cards from those sets see play in a newer format the price tends to spike. Let's just hope commander sets and reprints prevent spikes going too high or lasting too long
  5. That is a great card. That definetly needs a spot, thanks
  6. I will definitely have a look at the cArds you mentioned thanks for the suggestions. With regards to sac effects and recursion I thought about them but didn't want to try to too many things with the deck and end up being a bit all over the place with it.
  7. I would love to have more landfall cards but I really only wanted landfall cards that created a permanent effect such as a token or +1 counters that stuck. Didn't seem worth it for cards such as when a land enters +2 until end of turn or do one damage. If you know of any landfall cards I have missed though let me know
  8. So I have been thinking about building a Lord WIndgrace Landfall deck and have come up with the below. https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/lord-windgrace-landfall-1/?cb=1534082491 Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about it.
  9. hello, thought I would post a quick update while I am on my way to work. First of all I do have arena but there seems to be a bug where I can't get any cards in my games. I have raise it with wizards of the coast but they have yet to get back to me. So last night was the last league night of the season and in order to get the promo reliquary tower I needed three games. Unfortunately there was only one guy in playing league. A lot of edh and modern players but no league. Luckily he also needed three game to get the promo so we decided to just play each other. Not ideal but needs must. I came away with three wins, my deck just performed beautifully and I just had the answer to everything he tried to do. The second game he got screwed on lands and it lasted maybe three minutes, wasn't really enjoyable for each of us but we got the promo. Unfortunately standard didn't go off due to no one wanting to play so I didn't try out my deck, which was probably a good thing as my manabase was iffy due to not getting good the cards through the post. At the weekend I will be buying the deck above on mtgo and will hopefully to get some practice games in before joining a league so will let you know how that goes.
  10. 1. People who have "jokey" custom playmats. 2. People who eat at the table while playing. 3. Any one who has an island in their deck. 4. People who just get salty after loosing 5. People who play lands in front of their cards Ok, they were jokey ones, my real five people are: 1. Anyone who makes someone feel bad, magic should be a fun place where anyone is welcome, anyone who doesn't understand or want that should find a new hobby. 2. People who eat at the table while playing (that was also in my joke one but it sticks) 3. People who can't shower before coming, yes you may have just come from work but at least put some deodorant on and wash your face and hands in the bathroom. 4. People who constantly tell others how to play without being asked. Yes I made a mistake in my gameplay, I realise that, I don't need you to spend the next 20 minutes telling me how to be a better player, if i need advise/help I will ask for it. 5. People who cheat/bend the rules in order for them to gain any advantage they can. If you need to win so much then tell me when I st down, don't try bending rules
  11. Thanks for the tip about black on black, on my mobile i have the default theme so didn't realize, hopefully it is sorted now. So as mentioned I am building a standard deck. On Wednesday I will be back at my lgs to play my last few league games in order to get the shiny shiny Reliquary tower for my EDH deck and assuming the cards I ordered on Friday get here I will be playing in the standard showdown. The deck I will be taking is Green/Red Unsealing Creatures (20) 3 Glorybringer 4 Llanowar Elves 2 Pelakka Wurm 2 Prowling Serpopard 3 Ripjaw Raptor 4 Servant of the Conduit 1 Scaled Behemoth 1 Greater Sandurm Instants (6) 4 Abrade 2 Magma Spray Sorceries (2) 2 Sweltering Suns Planeswalkers (2) 1 Chandra, Torch of Defiance 1 Vivien Reid Enchantments (4) 4 Sarkhan’s Unsealing Lands Lands (26) 1 Field of Ruin 8 Forest 8 Mountain 4 Rootbound Crag 1 Scavenger Grounds 4 Sheltered Thicket Or as close as I can get depending on which cards arrive in time. This deck has two major selling points for me. 1. I get to play big creatures whilst also punishing my opponent whilst I play these creatures. 2. I had quite a few of these cards, and the ones i had to buy can be used in both a mono-red dragons list I like in standard and also used in a modern deck I am looking at. The sideboard will just be thrown together because I don't yet know the meta of the store and I also couldn't buy any extra cards. I know I will want another of the planeswalkers in but other than that I am not yet sure of. Any way, any hints, tips or comments are appreciated. Otherwise I will be back later this week to let you all know how I get on.
  12. So I thought I would start this running blog/thread/record of my journey back into MTG and my attempts to get good at the game. I will mostly focus on standard as that is where I want to improve with the aim of attending a GP next year. Although my favourite formats are EDH and Pauper so that will show up as well. I plan on posting decklists, reports of how I am doing, practice progress and requests for help so please feel free to follow, comment and give advice. Hopefully I will post fairly regularly but I am with family and work I don't have much time for hobby and when I do have time spare I would rather play than write about it. Anyway, a bit of history. I first got into MTG a few years ago during Battle for Zendikar. I started playing on MTGO, attended pre-releases, a couple of FNM and some game days but I was very causal. Then my LGS closed and my head was turned by other games, Kings Of War, Age of Sigmar, Shadespire, etc and MTG got put aside. I still played online a bit but nothing serious. Then I moved jobs, there is now a store, well 3 actually, close to where I work and I thought now would be a good time to jump back into it. I signed up for a M19 league and last week managed to get 7 fantastic games in and came away with 3 wins and 4 losses, which when the only removal I had was one shock, I did far better than I thought. So I went away and decided that if I was going to go back into MTG then I would put some effort in and try get good. This will be my record of that journey. So that’s enough for this post, I am currently building a Standard deck and will post that list below in the next few days and then I can start practicing and playing standard again. Thanks for reading.
  13. Sower of discord for my kaalia deck and nesting dragon for my kolaghan storms fury deck. I will be more excited about Xantcha when it is explained what happens to the card when it flickers.
  14. I think my main issue is that it is just hearthstone, just a complete copy and the night world is so in depth that it feels like a missed opportunity
  15. Creatures, big creatures, big flying creatures...so dragon decks. I like building up a big board state ofor massive creatures. Favourite colours are red, green and white.
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