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  1. Boag

    VR biking

    I got one for the boys for Xmas and they get sweaty just playing some of the games. It is cool but the novelty has worn off of it already, don't think they have used it in over a week.
  2. Ark: Survival Evolved 7 days to die Stationeers Astroneer Subnautica I just kind of rotate through them depending on my mood.
  3. I tried Rebel Galaxy, it has good reviews on Steam but it didn't hold my attention so only 2.5 hours play time. It is not the same as Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. Thought it was until I checked. It may be more what you are looking for.
  4. Boag

    Funny Stuff

    Yea, I just didn't want to remember...🤓
  5. My son plays rocket league alot.
  6. Boag

    Funny Stuff

    I don't think I get it or maybe I just don't want to.
  7. Yea the supervillain was very bland and not super. Or at least the way it was done in this movie.
  8. Wonder Woman 1984 4/10 just to slow (ie talking about feelings) for a superhero action movie.
  9. Boag


    I have seen progress during playtests, not sure if it is going slower or faster than normal. And they put out a monthly newsletter with progress.
  10. Yea, I really liked it also.
  11. Boag

    TGA on Discord

    I got link was invalid.
  12. I can't believe i am such a monster........ well the 25% or so of the time . Although one could look at it as helping someone out by helping to keep them employed.
  13. Boag

    Covid-19 and you

    I guess it could be a asteroid, aliens, virus or ecosystem. But I put my money on us to kill us off. Humans are just too human (stupid/greedy) to not do something and kill most/all of us off. Technology was too slow or primitive to allow one or very few people to do it but it keeps getting closer all the time.
  14. Instead of editing the above, so as not to change my answer. I answered before reading the article. After reading it I can't say that I fit in any one category, since I have both returned and not returned while under all of the listed conditions. Thinking back and adding other conditions like good/bad mood among others and I still don't find a pattern.
  15. Sometimes I do (75%) and sometimes I don't (25%).
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