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  1. Pasanda

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Do you have the Frozen Wilds expansion? That adds a big part of the map to the NE passage. Not huge - i'd guess around 20%, but it's worth it. Plus it gives you a chance to use that armour you found, which isn't really available until near the end of the main game, and you're not permitted to wear for the main end-game play either. No point in going there earlier, as the first things you encounter are really tough at high level. Talking of that ancient tech armour. Reading around it might lead you to believe it's practically invulnerable. Thankfully that's not true. But it does effectively add another health bar, which recharges fairly rapidly out of combat (you can kite-recharge, if not hit for 3-5 seconds). There is another suit, which seems uber, from a leader in the Frozen Wilds, but i didn't buy it or test it. I had to look up the location of the last power cell to get the armour, as i'd been everywhere, but not found it. Turns out i'd almost tripped over it and missed it, so I didn't feel too bad about searching the web. I would not have liked to find that stalker on a low level. There are several aspects of the game that i experienced, but never really pursued, due mostly to my play style. I preferred killing mobs myself, to using override - tired it half a dozen times, and it was fun, but that was it. I preferred running around instead of riding around, as i discovered more things, and preferred the pace. although i did use the campfire port a lot toward the end. Some things you have to override to progress the game, of course. such as the wonderful Longnecks. Agree, the animation and audio was excellent throughout, but no more so than with the Longnecks. Thankfully, there are others. Overriding them opens up the map of that area. I think that's the main point of them. I never really used the teardown arrows. They do hardly any damage, and i was never desperate enough to gather the materials that dropped off, rather than just killing them ASAP. If an when you do some of the trials, it teaches you to stun and farm things like blaze from the underbelly of some of the larger machines (the ones that look like 2 legged dinosaurs...). I didn't really buy into the trials either, as they didn't seem to move either me or the game forward. although the main hunting lodge chain of trials could have been interesting. Good to hear it worked well on your abacus-GTX.
  2. Pasanda

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    LOL. sorry for being out of touch. Been away etc. IIRC, the stuff like blaze, that you need most develops as you and your arsenal do likewise, but yeah, blaze is always in demand. But i think most things have it. I'd take a half hour out and just farm blaze whenever needed. And yeah, grazers/longhorns are easiest, and they usually graze near the long hidey grass.. Just whistle them across to you hiding in the long grass and you can get a whole herd done in 5 mins. Using that from stealth one-shot is easiest. Later on, you'll get a few spear upgrades that let you one-shot fairly high ranking mobs from stealth too. I think you can 1-shot or get close to 1-shotting Sawteeth/Sawtooths too. There's a corrupt thunder jaw that just needs running away from. Glinthawks were doable, but just hard to track to shoot at. Especially when there are several in the air. Stormbirds are horrible. Thing to do is to get familiar with their damage type and use resist potions. Make a big difference in survivability. I think Glinthawks are cold damage. Stalkers are similarly horrible. You get familiar with where they hang out, and the lit-traps they leave to give you away. I think i just got an eye for them and their shimmer. I don't recall seeing my first one until i did a quest to track down some dude by some big rock, who it turned out did the dirty on his mates. But that was waaay through the game. Have you gone that far? Sounds like you've made a lot of progress. I'm a little envious that you have it all to go through anew. Don't miss out on any of the quests. Do everything, and do the things that take you furthest last. You don't really out-level much, perhaps a little. But i never farmed any xp at all. Really glad you're enjoying. It's always risky to recommend stuff to others.
  3. I've learned that, no matter what my own views are on such things, don't act on them. Always take advice from your employer. It hurts, having spent a career leading myself. But i've got close to hot water for taking my own steer around delicate subjects like this.
  4. We use Teams loads every day. I think it's great. Still loads for MS to do on it, and for me it was a huge conceptual leap to take before i really understood it. But it's working and improving how we work.
  5. That's a ludicrous amount of money, for what i thought was a shit app. So glad you moved on Las.
  6. And to respond to your post Las. I have honestly used the phrase "time to breathe" many many times when offering positive feedback on some films. I wouldn't be surprised if i'd used it in these hallowed halls. I'd love to believe that this isn't just about age though. I'd like to think i've always appreciated films with the patience to let scenes and the actors craft develop, and for myself to get completely lost in the story. I don't have any specific scenes to link, but the first film that springs to mind is Shawshank Redemption. The conversational interplay between Red and Dufresne is lovely to watch. You can sense their 'love' for each other. Hell, even A New Hope had great pacing. Compare that to the later SW films. I am not sure it has anything to do with attention spans though. I wouldn't be surprised if it's down to Directors and Editors trying to distil what they believe to be the winning formulae too much. You end up destroying it. Like a meal made with too many ingredients, each of which individually are lovely. I will reserve judgement on the 4hr10m Snyder reworking of Justice League. That might be a breath too far. Talking of getting completely lost... I'm on a mission to create the space for a new bigger TV. As soon as i have it, there's gonna be a "LOTRO extended 4k back to back" reckoning. Did it once, 10 years ago. At 12 hours, it's not that easy.
  7. That first word utter by Cook is completely legendary. I have found myself just saying that out loud from time to time. Usually to the dismay of my Son (my wife has long since stopped querying my oddities). The crew and cast must have been pissing themselves.
  8. This thread really works for me. Too tired to respond fully now tho. First thought... True Romance.
  9. Pasanda

    So.... how we been?

    It was really nice to see your post a few days ago. Been good. Lockdown really plays to my unsociable tendencies. Playing more games. Building better gaming rigs. Upgrading the home cinema a bit. Just very few decent films to watch these days. How about you?
  10. Pasanda

    Xbox / PC Coop

    Thanks for the reply. Coop progress is saved. I log into the game on the xbox with my xbox account and one controller. Then Fin can pick up his 2nd xbox controller on the same xbox and join in for coop play split screen. I'm try to split those two players onto different devices. It seem silly that it allows it on one device, but not with the same account on 2 devices. We're not trying to play 2 different games on different devices on the same xbox account at the same time- which i'd understand restricting.
  11. Phew. It's far easier to be ignorant when you're not alone.
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