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    Yeah. Same here. I wish i hadn't now. I've started replaying the end game, with the other main alternative path. Having killed the main end boss once, i'm not sure i have the commitment to do it again though (he just killed me and i rage quit - he seems MUCH hard this time.)
  2. Pretty sure i did lotro lifetime too. It doesn't stick in my memory as i was more than happy with the playtime it bought me. Loved that game. The atmosphere and "feel" of it. The music was superb, and i enjoyed questing with pals. It's where i first met Wolphard. Wonder how he's doing?
  3. Pasanda


    Some spec screens. I had to go back several hours, as the closing scenarios strip/change some of your gear and stats. I'd suggest not doing the random quests at the expense of proper quests - the ones in your quest log. Some of the writing is excellent.
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    I completed the main storyline last night, and, i'd guess, about 70%-85% of the primary quests (inifinite random quests are... well... infinite). I went from thinking the game was absolutely huge, to realising it's not all that big at all. One of the shortest AAA games i can recall, with about 90 hours played. The 30% of quests unplayed exist, simply because they go grey - not enough time to get through them all without levelling past them through natural development doing them (if that makes sense). I play completionist/explorer style. So if 90 hours seems a lot, it's really not all that much compared to "normal" gamers. My primary tip for uber-ness, is to acquire a precision power assault rifle called the Widow-Maker. You can acquire it quite early on in the game. Don't be fooled by it being a blue quality weapon. It does two things very well. You can charge it, by holding the fire button, and 2nd, it can pass through a number of walls - i don't know how many, but if you can see the enemy trace outline, you can usually shoot it. I did 2 more things to help out (with all weapons, but in particular with this one). I capped out crit chance - i managed 59%, but could possible have gone higher at the expense of something else, and i capped out crit dmg% - i don't think you can see a stat on this. So aside from 2 bosses, i could one shot anyone with a headshot. You can get higher DPS from the orange sniper rifle (like 10 * higher), but it's dreadfully slow, and pretty useless in close combat. Widow Maker is also decent in burst mode, non charged shot. I finished the game at level 38, i got Widow-Maker at around L15, and it was still my main weapon at the end. BTW, you can upgrade weapons using crafting - which you absolutely should. 2nd tip. The orange leg mod allows you to jump mid air, hover for a bit, and reduces landing damage. Sounds good. but the purple mod below it, just give a power jump about 2-3 time normal. Having tried both, the purple was waaay more useful in more situations. Forget orange. 3rd tip, the arm mod that fires rockets is pretty damn useful. It has AoE, so great with groups of nasties, and you can change the damage type for electric shock, which pwns bots and drones.
  5. I had to look. It went free to play many years back. It's going to be 10 years old in 2 weeks time! I think this takes the prize for me as most money sunk with least time played. I bought the lifetime sub almost as soon as released, and cancelled about 1 month later.
  6. God, that'd be great. Then if they could do the same with Star Trek Online...
  7. The first 4-5 episodes of this season were just so exciting. Some of the best TV i've seen in the past year. It's calming down a bit, now we're on Ep 07. They still have all the gates to use as potential storylines, but the series so far has primarily followed the books. Anyone else seen it?
  8. Couldn't agree more. Watched it with Son and Wife. We didn't make it past the 30 minute mark. Cheezy is good when done well (Ragnarok), but this was plain bad. I'm shocked it got green lit given the lack of films out there right now.
  9. Go for a weapon that allows you to mine the dirt. Then search for relics buried beneath the ground. I can't remember much more than that - there is a scanner that tells you whether any are on planet IIRC. The reason being, they're the biggest single boost to my bank balance in the game for me. Like ridiculous. Another thing that is ridiculously valuable are some of the prehistoric bones. Many are worth just a lot, but some are worth a fortune, and it seems random, but not too rare. Yeah... avoid those sentinels once they begin to aggro you.
  10. Close to the end now and found zero serious bugs. 1 that I had a workaround for.
  11. Pasanda

    Windows 10

    I saw a similar deal for about $20 on CDKeys or something similar. I've used them many times for games and found them legitimate and good.
  12. Not here, no. If my wife had been interested in the device, then i might have. But it's currently gathering dust with about 2 hours use in total.
  13. I bought my share of gold in DAOC days. So i'm a little conflicted.
  14. Sorry, no. Not me. I can barely understand English. Google translate usually does a reasonable job, and you can paste whole phrases. Or... Entschuldige Nein. Nicht ich. Ich kann kaum Englisch verstehen. Google Übersetzer macht normalerweise einen vernünftigen Job, und Sie können ganze Sätze einfügen.
  15. Pasanda


    My lad asked for an Xbox Series X for Xmas. Santa wasn't able to get one in time, but he agreed to be patient and we said we'd get one as soon as we could. I finally managed to snarf one this morning, with 3 months ultimate pass (to add to the 2 years already on the account). I'm going to attempt to fix the XB One S now, which i'm hoping is just a power supply replacement. Anyone else got one? Any tips? Does it use infra red RC? Have you tried plex on it?
  16. I tend to only play one game at a time. So Cyberpunk 2077 since early Dec. Really enjoying it. Very well produced game, with none of the bugs on the consoles. Seen a few, but all fairly minor. Love the effort put into the quests and storyline. There are the usual rinse and repeat type quests, but there are hundreds of well crafted, well scripted quests too.
  17. I find it's about who you follow. I follow work and a few colleagues. Outside of that it's people i admire. Suzie Dent, Stephen Fry, Brian Cox, QI, etc. And of course, Sardo Numspa. If you follow interesting people, you tend yto get an interesting Twitter experience. Aside from the shockingly crap adverts. What's the handle you use to promote the site etc? Mind if i follow you?
  18. Yeah. Dropping a lego model can be heartbreaking. They, selfishly, don't fall apart in the order of the instructions. So you sometimes need to go through the entire book again. I dropped the 8000 piece falcon moving it upstairs. It took a few days to reassemble. Glueing certain parts just minimises the loss and increases rigidity of larger models. Although I also think the delicacy/transience of lego is part of its appeal.
  19. Sorry fella, the last few CPU's have come with fans. I have no experience.
  20. bought the missus one about 4 years ago. She used it for about 1 week. I think she likes turning physical pages. I tend to buy all the free books on amazon as they come up, and if i think we might read them one day. I'm up to around 500 now 😁
  21. Currently slowly reading this: I'm a fan of Suzie and etymology. She co-present a series on the UK called Countdown and a parody version of the same. It' a sort of page-a-day book. Working through Iain M Banks Culture series of Sci Fi novels, although i ran out of steam and took a break half way the last/5th book in the series. There's around 3 more to go.
  22. Don't know if you did an reading around it, but it turns out Henry Cavil is a massive nerd, loves fantasy and loved playing the Witcher game. He specifically asked to be considered for the role. Enough to make me turn gay if i'm honest about it.
  23. As soon as i saw this, around 6 months ago, i knew i needed it in my life. Aside from the Tumbler (possibly), this has always been my favourite batmobile. First thing to say is that it's not Lego. Nor is it Lepin. It's unbranded. So it's about a third the cost of the Lego version. Cheaper again than the Lepin version. But definitely lower standard than both of those too. I'd suggest i had about 8 missing pieces in all - most of those were fairly common and can be replaced by anyone who has lego in their lives from other sets. There was one piece that i couldn't replace, but it isn't strictly necessary. Second thing to say is that it's BIG. It weighs in at over 3Kg (around 7lb), and consists of around 3500 bricks. It's about 69cm long. The cockpit slides forward, steering wheel turns the wheels, and the exhaust can be turned to raise the machine guns out of the engine bay. It also comes with a rotating display stand, 3 relevant minifigs and (for some reason i cannot fathom), a mini version of the same batmobile. Built is over Xmas. In all it took a lazy 3 weeks. I used super glue to fuse the skeleton for stability (as i have with many sets), and a few loose fitting areas. In all, definitely worthwhile, But i probably wouldn't have paid lego prices for it. One more photo, when it's in its final resting place.
  24. I am a light twitter user, and that's about it really. Nothing specific about those services, i just don't need them in my life.
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