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  1. Outside of the US but best of luck to the next person that comments
  2. Apologies about the slow response. Have been travelling a bit for work so am playing catch up. Might have to miss the discussion on this one but am looking forward to watching your video on it
  3. Awesome. Let me double check my work schedule and come back to you
  4. Completely agree! Yes, there’s a few different possible genres. Perhaps sci-fi Horror, I was thinking.
  5. Just read everyone else’s reviews on this one and we all seem to be aligned. I really enjoyed this book. It was a pleasant surprise because I wasn’t expecting anything (not in a bad way, as in, I didn’t really give it much thought). I loved the tension and really appreciated how simple it was to follow the story between the past and the future. The Author created great tension and the perfect amount of “scary.” It was definitely a book that kept me reading and the whole “one more chapter even though it’s super late and I have work in the morning” definitely came into play. The only negative I have (and this is being picky) is I was a little annoyed at how quickly Barry accepted future Jen when meeting her at the petrol station for the first time. I would have expected a couple of scenes of her trying to prove to him that she was real. Normally I would give this type of review a 4/5 but I’m going straight to the 5/5 because I really enjoyed it. Thanks everyone
  6. Awesome! I’ll have a look and get back to you. Will next week work?
  7. Yes! Loved this book. *spoiler alert* I would love to know how hard it was writing the scene where the Jen from the future had to leave Barry? It was so well written and it made me wonder how hard this would have been leaving my partner like that. The emotion was real and I’d also love to know how Jeff found the inspiration to write those types of scenes. I loved this book! My fav for the year so far and it was a pleasant surprise.
  8. I’m in Queensland, Australia. I work weekdays but am available at night or on weekends
  9. So sorry I’m a bit behind on YouTube and catching up on this forum! I’m definitely interested still. As for a name? Hmmmm not sure lol.
  10. I have the exact same thing! Someone commented and I’ve never been able to reply. I thought perhaps they deleted their comment but in this instance, I never deleted my comment to you. Strange!
  11. Would love to! Just started reading last night. Hoping to slam it out in the next couple of days.
  12. Definitely joining in on this one. Looking forward to reading it.
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