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  1. Yeah, I think we shouldn't wait too long. End of this month/beginning of April? As an international reader I know what a pain it is to get books in time if people announce a readalong too late. We can still remind people about it in later videos and put the announcement in the description box.
  2. I'm in! We have plenty of time to spread the word and you're right, even if it's just the two of us we'll have a good time!
  3. If you still have a spot, I can make it work! Otherwise I can wait until May or June as well!
  4. I would like to suggest Blood Song by Anthony Ryan. It's the first book in a trilogy, but I've only read the first one (need to pick up the second one asap...) However, it can definitely be read as a standalone and I thought the story was very interesting!
  5. Thank you! I just finished the Liveship Traders trilogy as well and they are sooo different that it's difficult to compare the two for me. I think my connection with Fitz is just something that nothing can top, but the story in LST was definitely grander in scale and especially that last book blew me away! I'm looking forward to the rest of my Elderlings journey.
  6. Is this a 'standalone' or just issue one? If it's a finished story I might be interested!
  7. Spoiler for Chapter 35 - She Loves Me...Not
  8. Yes! I'm a low key hypochondriac so I think my life would improve drastically if I could just know... Ofcourse if the answer is that I will die within the year that would be devastating and in that case I would rather not know, but I would take the risk regardless.
  9. I've actually been on both sides of the problem. I had comments on two of my videos removed, but thought that those people had removed their comments themselves. But then another creator contacted me saying that my comment got removed on one of his videos and asking if I removed it myself or something (which wasn't the case). So I think it's definitely youtube acting strange, especially since what I could see from the comments via the notifications were completely normal, no swear words or anything. If someone posts a link it automatically gets removed by the way, but that wasn't the case in my examples.
  10. Haha, I also chuckled out loud a couple of times. Yes, it's grimdark but not nearly as dark as I thought it would be. And the characters are all so well developed. I don't think there are any downright psychopaths. All of them are morally grey but you can understand where they are coming from. I don't have my book at hand but I'll add some spoiler stuff later!
  11. I'm reading Malice PROBABLY next month! I'll need to check my TBR tomorrow to be sure but I'd be interested in a buddy read.
  12. Sarah Reads: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK6KUE1U4UWM9mZNn9zDjJg 17 subs at the moment!
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