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  1. I would love to hear your thoughts as you read it!
  2. I agree @BrandieNoel - I have found myself chuckling quite a bit. I've decided that this book is The Office of fantasy books. I've really liked all the characters thus far (even the ones I think I'm not supposed to) I can't wait to pick it back up after dinner, because I had to stop at a really interesting part!
  3. Okay, so glad - because I have definitely laughed at a few things that I immediately felt shame for doing it....(but then I would laugh at that too!) I did as much as I could yesterday in order to free up as much time as possible to work on reading this one today. I agree with you Steve, it's not exactly a page turner, but it is extremely interesting. I am just really enjoying the character development.
  4. Aha! Thank you! Well since yesterday, I've gotten far enough in to know I'm in love with this book. I'm a huge fan of character driven stories, so this one is right up my alley. I'm liking ALL the characters too, even the ones I think are supposed to be "bad". That's the mark of a great author that can make you a fan of everyone. Really looking forward to delving in more this afternoon!!
  5. How are spoiler tags done here? I used the ones that we use in Discord and they didn't work. lol
  6. I order from a little indie bookstore about 3 hours from me (they ship) called Copperfish Books. They always do 20% off their hardcovers and they ship for free if you spend at least $35. I have a monthly book budget, so I just wait and order all my books I need for the next month at once, so I have no trouble meeting that $35 thresh hold. They always pack the books really well and I haven't been upset at all. I did have one that had a tiny rip in the back jacket, it was tiny, but it happened when it was sent to them and they contacted me about it before sending with a pic to see if I would rather get it replaced. VERY happy there!
  7. I'd like to throw my name in the hat for the giveaway. I've had so many people recommend this series and I've never read it before, or actually any of Abercrombie's work. :)
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