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Join the book club and read our book of the month:  This months book is Neuromancer.  Live stream discussion will be Sunday, April 18th at 1pm MST please RSVP if you will be attending 


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  1. I can try, Im really not a fast reader, but Ill do my best, and like you said, If I cant finish it by then Ill catch the next one!
  2. Hmm, it depends, Im only avail Monday-Friday after 7(central) and all day Saturday and Sunday. So if thats not a good time, then we wouldnt need to push that back.
  3. Hey Steve, I didnt realize this was still up. If you're still doing the giveaway I would love to participate and receive the books if the offer is still up! Ill try to get through the first book asap!
  4. I have weekends off so definitely works for me!
  5. Thanks for posting my channel! (Walkerwrites7) I already found some good new channels now because of this. Ill definitely be checking back here often!
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