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Join the book club and read our book of the month:  This months book is Neuromancer.  Live stream discussion will be Sunday, April 18th at 1pm MST please RSVP if you will be attending 

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  1. In celebration of our chat with Miles Hurt. I’ve decided to a second giveaway. This is your last chance to get a FREE copy FIRST TO COMMENT . WINS . SIMPLE AS THAT *Must be in the U.S (shipping cost are expensive )
  2. Positive vibes lol
  3. Based on the initial reaction of the book. Is there anything you wish you would’ve done differently?
  4. Yes . I use my iPhone. No headphones as that gives weird audio.
  5. haha i told you Steve . I literally couldn’t tell what was going on most of the time. I have to restart so many time to make sure I understood it
  6. I tend not to pay too much attention to it because that hinders my creativity. If I start to just make videos that gets clicks. I lose the enjoyment of it.
  7. This month : the engineer neuromancer this burning world
  8. I feel you . I’m the same with the ebooks
  9. We can do 2 PM MST (your time) and I figured out Stream Yard
  10. Cool beans! I’ll register real quick lol I’m aiming for Monday. I have to start both The Engineer for howdy partner and Neuromancer
  11. Haha yes. Do I need anything special? I used my phone last time lol
  12. You should have told me. I would have sent you a paperback
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