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  1. Now that I have free time again, I've been playing Girls Frontline on Android (eew phone games). This is only until my new graphics card comes in, then I'll probably throw $70 at an alpha key to War of Rights and play that.
  2. As an added aside to the above, my current record with my Oloro Commander deck is -228 HP. I didn't win that game, but I made sure the other players worked for their victory.
  3. If you bestowed the eidolon, it entered the battlefield as an Enchantment - Aura. When it does become a creature through bestow rules, it has already been on the battlefield. Blood Seeker saw it enter the battlefield as an Aura. No loss of life.
  4. Yes. A successful cast is one in which the spell is placed onto the stack. It doesn't matter whether or not the spell is then countered, it just mattered that you correctly casted it with proper costs etc. Think like those nasty Eldrazi triggers effects on cast, (Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger). Same idea.
  5. I have to say, some of my best inspirations for a deck were because i was going through the reserved list and suddenly "WAIT THAT CARD DOES WHAT?!!!" pops into my head. Breathstealer's Crypt, for example. What an incredible card.
  6. I'm back, after a long hiatus from the site. Just chillin.

  7. I didn't see one of these, but I think it'd be a cool thread to have. My friends do this in our facebook group chat and it's a great way to learn about the reserved list/older cards/sweet deals or just to show off some new acquisitions, either by ebay, tcgplayer or through other means. I did the following over the course of the past 3 hours:
  8. Yeah I am not about those crown frames for the legendary cards. Very, very ugly. Oh well.
  9. I built it because some people were pushing it and wanted someone to play with. Unfortunately for them, I built RDW with Neheb as commander. The deck is as braindead as the format, to be honest.
  10. I've been really digging Pokemon TCG Online. Very nice client, and easier to get into than MTGO. Vermintide 2 is coming out soon, and I can't wait to finally get my hands on the finished product.
  11. Proxy Vintage is a great way to snap yourself out of it. Having unlimited power (and thus unlimited fun) with whatever you could ever want to play really gets the creative juices flowing.
  12. The promos are going to be drawn from Standard-legal sets, so it's going to be a mixed bag, IMO.
  13. As far as I understand it, they will all be in big box stores moving forward. Source: I'm a member of the WPN, and have a direct line to WoTC reps, where I have received this info.
  14. It will be. And yes, I'm not happy about that.
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