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  1. Bwahahahaha! I saw this floating around fb a couple days ago LOL!
  2. How much life do you have?
  3. Thanks all! These are great! Making some changes
  4. Thank you!!! I forgot about Iona! I LOVE IT!
  5. Hello all! As @Lasraik has already mentioned we are going to have a color tournament in a couple of weeks. We put pieces of paper in a hat with the five colors, one every color and one colorless. I picked White. This is what I came up with, what do you all think? Crusader of Odric x2 Court Street Denizen x2 Phantom General x2 Unruly Mob x2 Apothecary Geist x1 Nearheath Chaplain x1 Beckon Apparition x4 Rootborn Defenses x3 Midnight Haunting x2 Puncturing Light x1 Congregate x1 Erase x1 Wake the Reflections x4 Lingering Souls x3 Not Forgotten x2 Hope Against Hope x2 Gift of Orzhova x2 Pacifism x2 Vessel of Ephemera x1 Honor of the Pure x1 Plains x20 I can't splash black for Flashback on Lingering Souls has to be all white. Thank you!
  6. Searing light, not because it's foil but because it is a very inexpensive removal....and I am partial to white ?
  7. I would have taken it..... Keeping a good card from an opponent that might use it could be thought of as strategy too. Maybe that's a jerk thing to do, but all is fair in love and MTG
  8. NOT a pity registration btw....just taking me some time to figure this board out
  9. Lasraik Mrs. Here Ask Las....I can be as crude if not cruder. I'm not easily offended. Don't clean up on my account.
  10. Better Call Saul..... I love it. I loved Breaking Bad. I am loving getting to see more behind Saul Goodman. Bob Odenkirk is hilarious and great in a dramatic role. Also, It doesn't hurt that they film it in my hometown. Season one is on Netflix, and you can see the new episodes the day on Netflix too.
  11. Hi all! I am the wife of Lasraik. After years of watching tv while he played at our kitchen table with friends and nagging at him about how expensive the game is I finally decided to give it a try. I started during the Innistrad block with Avacyn Restored and had a blast! I couldn't believe I had been missing out on so much fun. I also began listening to Magic The Amateuring podcast last year, which is not only hilarious but taught me A LOT! I am still very much an amateur!!
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