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Favorite Booktube channels

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Ok, I’ll start.  

I first came across Mike’s Book Reviews and that just opened a floodgate to other recommendations to include increasing my TBR list tenfold.  
Other ones I enjoy include Brian Lee Durfee’s channel, Slowly Red, Petrik Leo’s channel, and Philip Chase’s channel.   There are others, but these are the ones I keep going back to again and again.    
I get the most laughs from Brian Lee Durfee’s channel.  HT to Mike’s channel for pointing out Brian’s channel.  

What are your favorites?

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I enjoy Mike's channel, found him while I was searching for a Kindle review and that's what sent me down this rabbit hole.  Slowly Red is one of my go-to's.

Others that I follow are @Megan’s Reading Revelation channel


Found her while looking into Malazan

Jolien Reads

Newer channel that I found on Twitter (it's good for something I guess)

There are a few others that I found recently, I'll keep updating as I find more

Steve IRL

Reading: Kings of Paradise

► Personal Links:  YouTube (booktube)OTBSteve YouTube (MTB and cycling) ●  Strava  ●  Last.fm  ●  GoodReads


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I'm going to go over the channels that I'm subscribed to and aren't mentioned already. Some are pretty big, others are smaller!


- Elliot Brooks, big channel who talks about a lot of YA but also adult fantasy. I don't think her tastes align with a lot of people here, including my own sometimes, but I just love her energy


- A Frolic Through Fiction, same as above. Reads a lot of Greec mythology which I like as well.


- Chris Bookish Cauldron, an older channel. He reads A LOT of older fantasy series that I haven't heard of/don't receive a lot of love on booktube that is more focused on newer releases


- Badger Reads, a little bit similar to Chris', although she reads a little bit more romantic fantasy as well.


- Books with Brittany. Bigger channel, is currently reading through WoT and Malazan.


- Jashana. Well known for DNF'ing books that dont align with her taste in a heartbeat. I love her energy.


- Readbybeth. She loves Stephen King. Reads primarily horror I think.


- JessicaReadsThings. Reads all sorts of genres.


- Maed Between The Pages. American living in Japan and reading adult fantasy.


- Piera Forde. Very specific personality. I enjoy her a lot. Reads very broad from YA to adult, but mostly fantasy. Bigger channel.


- A Kupel Books. New channel. He reads adult fantasy but also LitRPG? A genre that I hadn't heard of before.


- Holly Hearts Books. A LOT of grimdark on her channel. She makes videos about new releases a lot, easy if you're looking for them and just want one place instead of multiple websites to go through.


- The Library of Allenxandria. Newer as well. Very funny guy. Reads adult fantasy.


- Connor Stompanato. He reads fantasy but also other genres. I don't think his channel is to most peoples taste here (doesn't read grimdark for instance) but he's a very nice guy and makes interesting videos.


- Abby Salter. Again newer youtuber. Reads YA and adult fantasy and some other genres as well, but mostly fantasy.


- Jake Bishop. Loves Malazan and some other adult fantasy series


- DREWS BOOK REVIEWS. Newer channel. Is currently going through WoT and Malazan


- Ms Richards Reads. Also a smaller channel. Reads a lot of adult fantasy as well.


- Books With Ike. Smaller booktuber. Also a fantasy fan.


- Hugo Reads. Fellow Belgian! Reads not only fantasy but also other genres. Likes Stephen King and Starwars


- Captured in Words. Bigger channel. Does not make videos often, but when he does they are amazing! Loves Kingkiller Chronicles and is starting a readalong!


- Joe Courtney. Newer channel, I don't think he's planning to do this weekly but he makes some interesting videos!


- Kitty G. Booktube OG. Reads a lot of selfpublished fantasy. A lot of hidden gems on her channel!


- Alex Nieves. Reads a lot of adult fantasy.


- Gregory Laperche. Another small channel that focuses on adult fantasy


- Nic Nacks Corner. Reads a lot of adult fantasy, is doing a discworld readalong


- Madison Goodyear. Smaller booktuber who LOVES adult fantasy, including WoT and Brian Lee Durfee (she has a review up about his series)



I'm going to stop now... Hope it is of interest to someone

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The Nerdy Narrative - new to the channel but she's entertaining and reads a wide variety of genres


Steve IRL

Reading: Kings of Paradise

► Personal Links:  YouTube (booktube)OTBSteve YouTube (MTB and cycling) ●  Strava  ●  Last.fm  ●  GoodReads


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