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KitchenTableMTG.com is now hosting the RSS feed for The Legacy Weapon and Magic with Zuby podcasts.  Whenever they update their RSS feed with an article or podcast, it will appear here.

Now that I know it works, anyone else can add their RSS feed.  Some of you have blogs or podcasts, and now you can have it auto update here on the forum via your RSS feed.

First, you need an account on the forum. 

To enable it, create a blog if you don't have one already here.  Then, go to your blog page.  Click on 'Manage Blog' and 'Atom/RSS Import'.  Then click on the button to Enable RSS Import and you'll see this window:


Copy/paste your feed URL and you should be good to go!  If you have any questions or problems, please let me know.

If you would rather have a dedicated forum setup instead of a blog, PM me and I will be happy to help

Steve IRL

Reading: Gardens of the Moon

► Personal Links:  YouTube (booktube)OTBSteve YouTube (MTB and cycling) ●  Strava  ●  Last.fm  ●  GoodReads


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