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Our book of the month is NOS4A2, the live stream is May 23rd at 12p PST, 1p MST, 2p CST & 3 EST.  Please RSVP here if you will be attending

The Faithful and the Fallen read along starts this month!  More info here

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My May TBR



Happy May! 🌷

I am new at the blogging thing but I thought the best place to start would be my reading list for May.

I am usually a romance reader with a little bit of fantasy mixed in. My husband has his book club and all sorts of buddy reads that he has been joining in on, he asked me to join in with him and I thought it would be fun to expand my horizons. I wasn't sure how that would go, but so far there hasn't been a single book that he picked that I didn't like.

🙈 Books in May that @Lasraik is making me read:

NOS4A2 - by Joe Hill (so nervous about this one)



Kings of Heaven- by Richard Nell (he's doesn"t have to twist my arm much for this one I LOVED the first two in this series)




Malice- by John Gwynne (Holy crap! This book looks so long lol)




🌏 Also going to read:

This Burning World- by Jeff Lane (2nd in his Champion Saga) because......

Jeff sent the manuscript that he is finishing for his 3rd in the Champion Saga, and I am so excited to get to read it before anyone else!




💖 Here are some of the romance books I plan to read between the horror and the grimdark:

A Court of Thornes and Roses- by Sarah J Mass ( this is a buddy read with @Stacyejaye, anyone can join us! There is a forum for it!)


The Brown Sisters Series- by Talia Hibbert

Get a life Chloe Brown

Take a hint Dani Brown

Act your age Eve Brown



Hero- by Lauren Rowe (never read this author before but keep hearing good things)



The Fire Between Hi and Lo- by Brittany C. Cherry (this is carried over from my last month TBR where I couldn't read the book because I decided to try the audio book and it RUINED the book for me, hopefully I have the narration out of my head so I can try again)


From Lukov with Love- by Marianna Zapata (She writes super slow burn romance, and I have been reading at least of her books every month)


 So that's my crazy list! Wish me luck! Happy reading everyone!! 📕


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What a fun month you have in store! :D I started ACOTAR yesterday and I am enjoying it so far. I am saving Chloe Brown for later in the month when I need a break from all the darkness :) I am so glad you got me to get back into romantic comedies. I forgot how much fun they are. 

Oh, I also wanted to know if you read any Young Adult fantasy. If so, I have a few to recommend with some heartwarming and sometimes steamy romance. 

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9 hours ago, Stacyejaye said:


Oh, I also wanted to know if you read any Young Adult fantasy. If so, I have a few to recommend with some heartwarming and sometimes steamy romance. 

I am down for anything!

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