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Escape Reality by Kayla Frost Review

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Escape Reality is a science fiction novel written by Kayla Frost and was published in November of 2020.  It's free to read with a Kindle Unlimited subscription or you can order the paperback.

It is the Gold Award winner in the 2020 - 2021 Reader Views Literary Awards



Genetically adaptive cyborgs, vast alien civilizations, and burgeoning A.I. collide in this dark Sci-fi Thriller.

Edith lands on an alien planet after a hellish three-month voyage in a dark, frigid, and auto-piloted prison capsule. She is met with the overwhelming brightness of a planet revolving around two suns and receives a slap by way of introduction from the impatient guard escorting her. However, the guard is the least of her problems.

Edith finds—after booting her dry systems—that some of her wet memory has been corrupted. Her tech implants state, unequivocally, that her own mind cannot be trusted, and she struggles to reason out precisely why she was sent to a corporate prison planet.

Not one to let some missing memory deter her, Edith sets out to reclaim both her memory and her freedom. After all, it’s what first-generation Synths were programmed to do, to survive no matter the cost.


What I Liked:

  • The world building.  It surprised me how deep and lush a world Kayla Frost creates, especially this being her first novel.  There is a whole universe that is created and fleshed out.  This isn't easy to do.
  • There are lots of surprises, this book doesn't play it safe lots of times.
  • It sets up the rest of the series and establishes our set of characters and their back stories.
  • I've heard this as a something some reviewers weren't crazy about but I really enjoyed the way the story unravels and starts to pick up speed.  The reveals were satisfying and sometimes heart wrenching.
  • I'm still getting my legs on "hard" science fiction, sometimes I have a hard time understanding how the world and technology works.  In the beginning of this book it did take me a little bit to get a handle on the universe, but I kept with it and I was satisfied with the speed of the reveals and explanations.  I'm trying harder to trust the author and just enjoy the ride instead of trying to understand everything before turning the page.
  • Environments and as silly as it sounds, sounds were so well described I felt like I was in the world hearing the automated voices.

What I Didn't Like:

  • Something that takes me out of the story, especially in fiction is when characters use modern phrases or slang.  It's more of something that is specific to me and my preferences but it didn't happen too often.
  • As much as I enjoyed the reveals, some of them took a little longer than I expected. 

Final thoughts and rating:

If you're like me and sometimes get lost in hard science fiction, be patient and go along for the ride.  The world building and environments were so well done that I felt like I was there.  I was really impressed with the amount of detail that Kayla Frost put into this universe.  If you enjoy complex and detailed science fiction with lots of world building and interesting characters - give this book a read. 

4 Corrupted memory data dumps out of 5



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