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Nightmare by Chad Nicholas Review

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Nightmare is a horror novel written by Chad Nicholas and was published in October of 2020




Had it come back? No, it couldn't have. He had buried it for good. Or at least that's what Scott told himself. But what if it had? Was that why the scarecrow now watched him?

But the more Scott tries to ignore it, the more the evidence begins to pile up. So do the bodies. Because sometimes, the dead don't stay buried. Sometimes the monster survives.

As the bodies mount, and the secrets of his past grow more haunting, Scott must do whatever it takes to save his family. But what if by doing so, they find out what happened all those years ago? What if they realize what he did?

Scott learns that there is no escape from his own past, or the crows that have crawled out of it. He can only watch, as his life is turned into a living nightmare.



What I Liked:

  • This story keeps you guessing until the very end, and keeps you thinking about the book days after you've finished.  There are so many times I've gone back to try to catch clues or things I missed.
  • There are some terrifying and gut wrenching moments.
  • This book could be read in one sitting, it flows really well and it's very hard to put down. 
  • It's a fast paced read and a heck of a ride.
  • Lots of clues hidden in the book.


What I Didn't Like:

  • I know I'm going to sound hypocritical here, but sometimes it's almost too fast paced.  Some scenes could have used a little bit more time to breathe and develop.


Final Thoughts and Rating:

I kept hearing that this is a book you'll read and have to talk about after and they were right.  I'm usually pretty good at guessing where a story will go and see twists coming but I had no idea what was going to happen or where the story was going.  It's a great ride and a very impressive debut novel from Chad Nicholas.

5 creepy post it notes out of 5



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