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  2. Sup? I have a weekend to myself. The last voucher from last Xmas. Watching Dune. E06 of Foundation. Really enjoyed e05. Having a few shandies. Red wine tonight. 19 Crimes. It's an easy drinking blend from Oz. Eating food that's bad for me. The menu includes: Pizza, really hot curry, Steak pie, burger. Playing Witcher 3. Basically having an all round miserable time.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Oh, forgot about that one. Still in for that as well
  5. I only read the introduction and the first chapter... So far not really liking it but I think this is one I need to get into because it's so different from what I normally read. But yes, it's dense! Although I think it varies greatly throughout the book. There are sections that look like I will fly through it and then others that are packed from top to bottom with small text.
  6. OK, I take back what I said. Been reading for a long while now (two days) and I'm on page 41. This book is dense.
  7. Last week
  8. Went searching for horror movies I haven't seen yet on popular streaming services and found Apostle. https://www.netflix.com/Title/80158148
  9. Discussion for the October movie of the month: Apostle
  10. For those who don't know yet, we will be reading the Nightmareland Chronicles book by book up until the release of the last book. We will get an ARC and have a chat with Daniel before it's release. At least that's the plan. Daniel wanted to keep it to a small group so it won't be open invite, just our crew and Lady Jane Books and RSVP only to keep the size down and manageable As far as other buddy reads so, I'm still planning on reading: November: Dead Mountain 11/22/63 with a meetup on 11/22 December: Beguiled by Night Children by Bjorn Larssen I'm open to: The Dark That Dwells The Terror
  11. Just getting ready for winter and chasing kids around.
  12. Assman (Candyman) Open Ass (Open Water) Wes Cravens Ass Nightmare (Wes Cravens New Nightmare) Ass of Frankenstein or Bride of Ass - Take your pick Invasion of the Ass Snatchers
  13. Makes sense, I'll read everything. Quickly skimming through this one it looks like the size can be decieving. Lots of pages with little to no text. So maybe 20% of the pages aren't full pages
  14. I’ll take a look and find a movie that’s easy to get, probably Netflix
  15. I'm in! Unless something comes up, I should be available for a discussion.
  16. We can always plan it for earlier in the day for us to make it easier for you to join
  17. My vote would be "The Thing" again!!! Watched the first half a few weeks ago. It's SOOOOO atmospheric.
  18. I similarly struggle sometimes. But, if i can, i will.
  19. I'm not sure 'Nightmare on Elm Ass' works all that well. However, Nightmare on Ass Street works fine.
  20. I'm having dinner at my parents at that time, but I'll watch afterwards! Great book
  21. I can't promise I'll be able to make the discussion, but if possible I'm in!
  22. I mean……………… technically you could skip the footnotes but the whole point of the book is that it’s telling two simultaneous stories, one of which is told in the footnotes so 1) you’d be missing about half the book and 2) you’d also be missing a lot of references/mirroring between the two stories which imo is what makes it so interesting <-- her explanation about the footnotes
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