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  2. I forgot I had plans at 6:45 pm cdt. I’ll still try to make it but there’s a possibility I won’t
  3. I'm starting to understand why The Poppy War was structured the way it was now that I'm halfway through The Dragon Republic. Enjoying the story and characters much more, and I think my score for Poppy War will go up...
  4. https://streamyard.com/tauze525ay Stream is open for anyone to join. We will start with an update on our reading progress for the month, then talk about what we are reading. I would like to do two 20 min sprints separated by 20mins of chat.
  5. Ok. Reading sprints tomorrow at 7:30pm CDT! Yay!
  6. I’ll be there! Just tell me where and when
  7. Hey Guys! Sorry I'm not going to be able to make this after all
  8. That a reasonable reason to keep them private. I do think the benefits outweigh the negatives. If there is someone whose video I've commented on and am not subscribed to, it is an oversight on my part. It's happened several times now, and hopefully I've caught all of them.
  9. I'll read with you my friend! What time are you thinking?
  10. Yesterday
  11. Is anyone interested in an impromptu reading sprint tomorrow?
  12. I agree that the current generation thinks their music is the best and will probably into adulthood and beyond. We have memories attached to those periods of time and associate them with music. But I think we can agree that the quality of music now (talent, production, ect) just isn't as good as any previous generation. Someone with little to no talent other than marketability can become a superstar with software manipulation.
  13. I thought that was great. Thanks for sharing. Every generation thinks the music belonging to the previous generation is not as good. I thought 80's and 90's music was far better than 50's and 60's (none of us agreed on the 70's). My parents thought the same about theirs So until about half way through, i was there with him. Then i suddenly got the impression that all he is doing is moaning about the modern generations music. But he's very talented and just does a really good job of explaining why this generations music isn't as good. One other observation, i noticed the video had dozens of tiny edits. Changing the end result by removing the parts of the video that the didn't like. Is that so dissimilar to autotune?
  14. I still need to watch John's video, but I have mine private for the same reason Lauren has. If I know your channel, there's a big chance I am subscribed, but just to be on the safe side I don't want people to be able to check.
  15. That’s why I changed mine, didn’t want to upset anyone
  16. I worry that I would hurt someone's feelings if they saw that I wasn't subscribed to their channel.
  17. Last week
  18. I've had my subscription feed as private for a while now, but I just watched @John's video that he discussed why he leaves his subscriptions public. So, it made me re-think leaving my subscriptions private and can see the benefit in having them public What do you all do? Private or public?
  19. Wanted - 64% I watched this when it first came out and thought the background story, style and tech were good. I watched it again last night as it was in 4k and i wondered if it would improve much. But there is, admittedly, an awful lot to dislike about this film. Not least of which is the ever-so-pouty and moody Jolie. Yes, she's fit and pretty (sort of), but she really doesn't bring anything unique or interesting to the story. From the way the film is made, you can tell the film wants her front-and-centre for quite a lot of it. James McAvoy is a talent for sure. But i don't think this was well written for him. He's OK in it though. Forced to overact on occasion, and almost pulls it off. Similarly, when Morgan Freeman is on screen, he is actually superb and, you could argue, steals the stage. But his role isn't well integrated into the story (and it could so easily have been). Feels like he pops up when he's on a break from filming something else. The story is a cross between assassins creed and John Wick. but don't let that put you on.
  20. Fabulous post Elovia. Both heartfelt, relevant to me, and entertaining. I can't and won't even try to emulate it. So i will just say my most prominent (right now) left-behinds. I tend to go with my overriding emotions with games and don't try to second guess myself - If i liked it enough, i'd be back. Mass Effect Legendary. My graphics-whore needs are slightly lower than my inability to replay games. I hadn't realised i'd already played all 3 before re-acquiring them, and convinced myself that the new 'prettiness' alone would be enough. It wasn't. Metro Exodus. Hit a point where i could not launch a rowing boat near the church, and couldn't bring myself to restart the level, not knowing whether the game killing bug would repeat. many searches yielded nothing. Dark Age of Camelot. I also spent a small fortune on this game for what? 3-4 years. But i don't regret a penny. The fun i had while playing and the friends i've made since, justify every bit of it. I've always thought gaming is a very cheap hobby when you love a game. Star Trek Online: In contrast to DAOC, the investment in money and time didn't pay off, with incredibly repetitive gameplay, and no social scene that i didn't bring with me.
  21. Ducks can get pretty angry and lash out, but it helps that they won't eat you alive
  22. That video just made me realise how little i know about film-making.
  23. Gotta be one of the most hyped films of the year so far. That alone makes me wary.
  24. Green knight appeals to me. Also made me aware of the remake of Dune. I predict either Amazing or crap. There is no in between.
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