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  8. Jag

    Star Wars: Visions

    Ok...ep1 was epic and I loved the style. The rest I did not care for at all. Too bad.
  9. Stacyejaye

    Godless Discussion

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  11. I'll be watching Possessor and The Dark and the Wicked next month and chatting about them on the 16th and 23rd if anyone is interested in joining me.
  12. The older I get the more patience I have for obnoxious people. When people say things like "that person is so energetic and passionate - it's contagious!" I usually think they're obnoxious and annoying. Before I would try to look past it but I'm over that. Lots of streams this weekend, other than that hopefully getting a mountain bike ride in and trying to relax a little. This two days off stuff is rough. @Pasanda I hope Fin recovers quickly!
  13. Self isolating is the dream. The older I get and have to work with the public the more I have to try not to hate everyone. No game this week so yard work and a movie. Some tennis and some League of Legends/Vermintide II/NMS and whatever else we fancy.
  14. It goes live on the 28th. I am only playing because everyone else is, but I am not too hyped. We will see how it goes. Even if it's a great game, MMO's just feel like a second job now days. I duno.
  15. Jag

    Star Wars: Visions

    It's dubed with a fantastic cast. I enjoyed it, but I like anime in general.
  16. Dunnar

    Star Wars: Visions

    I'd be interested but I draw the line with subtitles
  17. Beef and coconut curry. As per Las's request. I threw this together a few weekends back and it went down rather well. My lad isn't a big fan of beef things, so it was a risk. The basis for all my curries over the past few years is blended onions and a mix of whole raw and powdered spices. For the base, you will need to peel, quarter and blend 3 medium or 2 large red onions. you blend them until you can't see any pieces of onion more than 1-2 MM in size. So it's not quite a smooth paste. If you go all the way to paste, it doesn't matter. Fry this off for around 5 mins with 2 tbsp Ghee (clarified butter), or just a high heat oil, like peanut, mustard or rapeseed oil. Normal veg oil will do. It needs to be cooked, but not brown - going brown takes a while when it's blended, so hard to go wrong. The next bit depends on what you have, and the quantities are rough. Experiment with what you have. You could just use a curry powder. That's the simplest thing, that you might have. you would need around 2 tbsp or curry powder. If you have it, make up your own spice mix. The quantities depened a fair bit on how old the spices are. After a year, you would need to use twice as much for the same impact. In all honesty, I never measure spices, and just sprinkle and scatter according to what i have and how i feel. adding up all those teaspoons, it's around 10 tsps mass, which seems quite a lot. You should be left with 2-3 tbsp of spice mix in total. If it's a lot more, then set a little aside and taste it after an hour of cooking. If it seems a little on the weak side, add the rest. It's harder to turn a curry that's too strong, weaker. So... Wholes spices for toasting 4 cloves 10 cardamon pods 1 tsp coriander seed (powder is fine, but don't roast it.) 1tsp mustard seeds 1tsp fennel seed 1tsp cumin seeds (again dried power is fine). Put all the whole spices in a flat pan with no oil. Put on a medium heat. You will want to toast them for around 5 mins. It's ok if they smoke, but not too much. Keep moving them when they start to smoke. Once done, remove the cardamom pods and set aside. Transfer the rest quickly to a pestle and mortar, and grind them until they are a powder. I tend not to go too fine as i like a bit of texture to my curry. Once ground add the powdered spices. Powdered spices 1 tsp cinnamon 2 tsp turmeric 1tsp powdered ginger (if you have ginger root, put a 1/2 tsp in and use the root with the garlic below.) 1/2 tsp curry powder 1/2 tsp fenugreek 1/2tsp chili powder to taste (we use none, as my family are chili wimps, but i add chili sauce to my plate, once served). You will need to put the mixed spice in with the cooking onions now. They need to be cooked together for another 5 mins. Put the cardamom pods that you set aside earlier into the mortar and break the casing with the pestle. You need to open the casing and extract the little black seeds. This might seem like a pain, but cardamom is a heavenly spice; as amazing in ice cream as it is in a curry. Once you have the seeds out, crush them into a power too. Put half in with the spice/onion mix that cooking and keep the rest for your rice. The onions should have had around 10-15 mins now and be thoroughly cooked through with the spices. Peel, and finely chop 3-5 garlic cloves, depending on how much you like garlic. If you have ginger root, peel and finely chop about an inch and a half. Add these to the onions and cook for a few minutes, just to get rid of the rawness. Transfer to a slow cooker pot. I used an electric slow cooker, but a lidded casserole, dutch pot, or any oven dish with a well fitting lid would be fine. Now you can add other veg to suit. I used two just good sized bell peppers, skinned using a blowtorch. You can also go with green beans, potatoes (old season pots will thicken the curry quite a bit - possibly too much, so go with cubed starchy variety). carrots etc.. But you need veg that can take a lot of cooking. Now you add the beef. The cut doesn't matter too much as it's a low and slow cook that will tenderise the toughest cuts. Also note, you could leave out the meat, be a bit more adventurous with the veg and make a veg curry. Cube the beef into roughly 1 inch pieces and add to the curry. Add 1 can of coconut milk. If you use cans with less than 60% coconut solids (a lot of them rip you off with added water), use the firm coconut solids from a 2nd can. Keep back the water, in case it turns out too thick. Crumble in 2 stock cubes. Beef for beef and veg cubes for anything else. We also added a good handful of sultanas and around 3 tbsp of dessicated coconut. Give it a mix while bringing it up to the heat. It wll thicken some, so it if already looks too thick, slacken it off with some water.. It always helps if you bring the slow cooker pot up to heat on the stove top first. Transfer to the slow cooker on the lowest setting, for a minimum of 5 hours. For an oven, i'd suggest around 110 degress C, 230 F. I'm not an expert on slow cooking oven temps. To make sure it's ok, put the pot in the oven already heated, take it our after around 30 mins, and it should be slowly blipping away. no more or less. Adjust accordingly if it's too vigorous or not enough. Overall cooking time is plenty to get the temperature right. If it's on low in a slow cooker, just leave it alone. Rice. I learned this recipe from a British cook called Delia Smith. She was very famous here, but retired some 10 years ago. It's a fool proof and simple recipe for cooking all but brown rice (which take more cooking). It needs no rinsing. If you can, use Basmati rice - it's the rice of choice for indian curries. It has very long grain and a wonderful fragrance. you can buy it for around $2-$3 per kilo. Keep it in a cool dry place and it will last for over a year. Use 1 cup of rice for 3 people or two hungry people. empty it into a sauce/small pan with a tight fitting lid. Add the ground cardamom from earlier. You can also experiment with the rice at this stage with 1/2 tsp of turmeric for a great colour and flavour, and you can add a few cloves, but remember not to chew them when eating the rice - they're pungent. Add cold water. Enough to cover the rice, plus about 1 fingers-width above the rice. Leave it to stand in the cold water for 10 mins. Turn up the heat and bring to a simmer. Let it simmer on low with a tight lid on for 10 minutes. Turn it off and let it steam with a tight lid on for 10 minutes. Remove from the heat and using a fork, fluff the rice by pulling the fork through the rice in short motions, not too harsh. This help to separate the grains in the pan. You're done. If you want to go the extra mile, give the curry a stir, then add 1 tsp of garam masalla. It's a post-cooking spice that lifts the curry. Oh man, it seemed so much easier making it, than writing it out.
  18. Self isolating is so boring, but luckily you and your family are not sick (or don't have serious symptoms)! I'll probably won't do much tonight, but tomorrow I plan to film and edit a video in the morning. In the afternoon/evening I have a birthday party to go to and at midnight we'll be discussing the Movie of the Month if I'm home in time! Sunday I'll probably just read, maybe film another video, but nothing much. I do plan to finish 3 books this weekend that I'm in the middle of so maybe Sunday is the perfect day for that... Might do some reading sprints to help me with that goal.
  19. Funny follow up. There is a christmas tin on the kitchen worktop that noone really touches. Last night i decided to open it up, and there were 2 cookies in it. Tentatively, i tried one, and it was LOVELY. I gave Fin the other and he loved it too. I thought they were shop bought Ginger snaps, but i've just re-read this thread and realised it was one of these. OMG. They've survived with their snap and tasting great since March!!! The cake tin had a tight fitting lid, which probably helped. But still, amazing.
  20. Again, nothing much. Fin contracted Covid last weekend and we all have to self isolate. He's fine. A small cold was about the most impact. We've both tested negative. Making a small repair to Fins new (2nd hand) bike and mowing the lawn, while thinking of some new and different to cook. We might go for a traditional Sunday roast, as it's been a while and there are loads of carrots to use up. I made a chicken and ham hock pie last weekend, that went down well. I'm not the best pastry cook, so it took some effort, even with shop bought pastry....! I read your request about the beef curry Las, but it's not that simple as i don't follow a recipe. There is a few basic rules, but the rest depends on what's in the house at the time. I'll have a go now actually.
  21. Pasanda

    Star Wars: Visions

    In spite of being a huge SW fan for 44 years, I've never been a fan of anime and, from what i see, these do nothing to change that.
  22. Elliot Brooks had a good video explaining it I'm not buying books (exception for buddy reads) until Christmas so this was very hard to hear.
  23. Jolien Reads


    I've seen it last week and it's amazing. I don't think they could have done anything different to make it better. The lead actor is perfect for his role!
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