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    Super Bowl Plans?

    I sat at home and watched with my kids. Pretty low key. Over all, the Superbowl was a complete bust with a totality that we haven't had in awhile. The game was never in doubt and completely lopsided. The commercials were lousy. Limited fans made for a subpar atmosphere. The first half was officiated completely different from the 2nd. And the halftime show was awful. It had everything ... in a bad way. As for Brady ... wow. 7 for 10. We will never see any greatness approaching this ever. This year, he beat Brees (HOF with 1 SB), Rogers (HOF with 1 SB), and Mahomes (HOF? with 1 SB). That group has 4 appearances with 3 rings ... he has 10 with 7. Almost 20% of all Super Bowls have involved TB12. His dominance just boggles the mind.
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    Affinity for MTG

    Gaming Channel

    I suppose I should mention here that I have a new(ish) gaming channel! Right now it's a lot of car games, as I've been playing Rocket League and Mudrunner, but I'm hoping to focus on tactical and turn-based games. I'm not a loud and crazy person, so expect more chill, relaxing, and contemplative gaming videos. The video quality isn't always perfect though, as I'm still working on optimizing my OBS settings. I'm recording everything on a laptop, so some of the faster-paced games like Rocket League can get a little choppy at times. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNtTnVFpaiIXsLMxFNrkZvQ
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