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Our book of the month is NOS4A2, the live stream is May 23rd at 12p PST, 1p MST, 2p CST & 3 EST.  Please RSVP here if you will be attending

The Faithful and the Fallen read along starts this month!  More info here

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    TV and Curtains complete

    Think i might have posted some time back that i wanted a bigger 4k TV to replace my 10 year old and still rather fabulous 55" LG OLED. Problem was, you couldn't reach the curtains to close them. The solution? Alexa curtains. Installed the curtains over the past week. It tooksand age to get it right as the track supplied is straight and you then buy bends, but the bends are a specific 135 degree angle, and my bay windows aren't made of 135 degree bends. My curtains also have a pelmet, which is an upside down narrow channel that the track needed to fit into. Anyway, i finally manage to get it to fit. There are a few manufacturers of these type of tracks, the one i bought was HC, which i can recommend for quality and support. The curtain track went in on Saturday and the TV went in on Sunday. I went for a 65" LG OLED CX series. There was a deal with a reputable high street store, which included one of few 5 year warranties (at extra cost) that includes screen burn, dead pixels. and accidental damage. Still working through the finer points of setting up. Having some trouble playing 4K HDR 5.1 and 7.1 movies, using Xbox Series X plex client. For your delectation, fnd the awesomeness that is Alexa controlled curtain... Duh, da, duuuuuuuh. p.s. the TV is the old 55". Not the new one. VID_20210425_104602.mp4
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    Great! I'm in as well I read the first book a month ago but I'll jump on board when you pick up the second one
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    Oh! This is going to be fun! I love this series, but I never finished it. Count me in!
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    USB 3.0 Powered Hub Suggestions

    The kids don't run the Rift on the pc but I wanted to see how the hub handled it. Hmmm.. They have not used the Rift in a few weeks I may have to spend some time with it.
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    USB 3.0 Powered Hub Suggestions

    Sorry. Missed this. The rift is a beast for USB consumption. If it were me, it would depend on the reason for expansion. If it were low power and data usage, I'd look at those 2 from 1 adapters. Otherwise, i'd search amazon and find the cheapest that had good reviews, which you seem to have done
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    Be careful of the term "up to". If one of them only lasted 1 day, the term up to "365 days" would still be true.
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    Unpopular Movie Opinions

    Nomadland is sub par and not worth watching. Frances McDormand is an excellent actor and is excellent in this. But that is nowhere near enough to carry it. David Strathairn is an excellent actor (go go expanse). But that is nowhere near enough to carry it. There were other characters who were so good, i found it difficult to tell if they were even actors, or actual nomads brought in. But that is nowhere near enough to carry it. The basic problem is that the story is dull as fucking dishwater. It follows the subculture of self-titled nomads, who move around from place to place as the mood takes them. That is all. Nothing more to see. Looking for some other secret plot. Look elsewhere. It starts, they move around, it finishes. If you love the nomad culture, you might like this film.... Nah. Even if you do, it's still rubbish.
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    Ooh. Live w/ you and the author.
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    Unfinished Series

    I am in too!
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    Do you prefer a live video with the author and one booktuber or the author and a group of booktubers
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    NFL 2021 Season

    Nice front line, although not sure Malik Jackson is worth it. He couldn't make the Dallas line and ours is terrible. Draft is up next.........
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    What's on your April TBR?

    House of Suns was really good. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. It was a little long at over 500 pages. It had a well established mystery element and epic spaceship battles that I enjoyed. It was so much more enjoyable than Neuromancer. I’m currently half way through The Devil’s Hand and I love it, so far. I think Thrillers is my favorite genre. This is book 4 in his James Reese “series”. Jack Carr is a relatively new author writing military suspense thrillers. Very similar style to Brad Thor or Vince Flynn, if you are familiar will those authors. I loved Jack Carr’s first 3 books so it’s no surprise I’m loving this one too. I don’t think I’m going to make it to my 4th book on this list by the end of April.
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    The Conjuring 3 Trailer

    I'll watch it cause it's on HBO Max, but I think it might be time to wind down this series. The first two movies were OK, they had their moments but the end to both of them were pretty meh.
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    Spoilers up to chapter 5: Feeding Time
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    Unpopular Movie Opinions

    Share your unpopular movie opinions. I'll start: Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring is the only good movie in the LOTR trilogy. The rest are mediocre (Two Towers) or bad (Return of the King)
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