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    Overachiever! I should be watching this, but instead I am watching the NOS4A2 tv series.
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    ooh I am going to try this next month in my bullet journal. I don't really keep track. But now I am curious so I am going to start tracking and see what my page count per day is.
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    Doesn't it just ask you to confirm that you have a TV license? If you're that honest, you can't click yes, i'd like to see you stand for elections in my constituency. I'd defo vote for you. And give you my money to look after. And my kids.
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    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Yes, he can be killed ... or rather ... My play style is a mix of stealth and cheese. If I can't kill them outright from hiding and there's a good chance my hiding spot will get overrun, then I look for a unassailable place on high from which to safely rain down destruction. Yeah, I'm a bit of a coward in that respect. I haven't really practiced dodging or using my spear all that much, and my melee resistance is practically nothing. Part of my strategy has been to disarm the machine-beasts whenever possible, especially their ranged weapons, to reduce their ability to shoot back. Tearblast arrows ftw. That said ... Yes, it's a real thing. I bought it from a vendor. Daytower, I think, although others likely have it as well. You can find it in the Resources section of the merchant's inventory. It allows you to fast travel as much as you want without using any resources (i.e., an infinitely reusable travel pack). That reminds me ... I still need to go back and activate a few more campfires that show on my map but to which I have not yet been. No. I haven't done any of them, and probably won't. They don't appeal to me and are not required.
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