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    I'll just place this here and back out quietly... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darwin_Awards
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    I didn't love the original three enough to be scared of them having another go - it's not sacrilege to me. Saying that, judging by the trailer, i suspect it's going to spend a lot of screen time capitalising on the advances in SFX, which is probably a bad sign for anyone who is not a movie magic whore (whistles).
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    Horror Movies in October

    Malignant. I mention it as it's relatively new and not many of us will have seen it before. It has also got a decent rating on Rotten Toms.
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    Horror Movies in October

    How many do you all want to choose? Let's start scheduling and finding hosts!
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    Horror Movies in October

    @Pasanda yes!!! I love that movie. @Stacyejaye The Shining is my all time fav.
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    Horror Movies in October

    I’m in!! I will be watching the shining for sure! I want to watch another Stephen King too! Maybe the original Pet Semetary, Carrie, or Cujo?
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    The Matrix 4 Resurrections Teaser Trailer

    I'm a little excited about it. Being a huge fan of movie series that have great stories and lore (i.e., LoTR, Star Wars, Marvel), I'm always intrigued where the story can go. However, I don't believe a 4th movie was planned back when the original trilogy was made, and in cases like that, there is a larger gamble to really screw things up. I liked the trailer... but they can be misleading.
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