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    Plans for the Weekend 9.9.21 Edition

    Had a great conversation with Seasons of Albadone authors Élan Marché & Christopher Warman last night. The rest of the weekend will be reading more short stories and starting Drawing of the Three today. Week 1 of the NFL begins Sunday, so I'm excited for that. What do you have planned?
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    The Matrix 4 Resurrections Teaser Trailer

    All 3 movies were fun, of course the 1st was the best. I think it will be fun. I think I even have the plot figured out. Neo and Trinity went back in, in case the "system" needed them again since he does things they can't. So they feed him the blue pills and he just lives his life, same with Trinity since he is Neo's motivation. A new threat arises and they have to awaken him again, so they get T and are trying to get him back to the one by interacting with everyone he knew. However, M is missing (that's why there is a fake M), I think the real M shows up at some point, but fake M gets him unlocked so he can face the new threat.
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    It's just 100% politics and backdoor Phizer/Moderna agreements. I think people should get vaccinated, but the direction is wrong and amounts to nothing more than grandstanding.
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