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    Plans for the weekend 24/9 edition

    Self isolating is the dream. The older I get and have to work with the public the more I have to try not to hate everyone. No game this week so yard work and a movie. Some tennis and some League of Legends/Vermintide II/NMS and whatever else we fancy.
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    Jolien Reads

    Plans for the weekend 24/9 edition

    Self isolating is so boring, but luckily you and your family are not sick (or don't have serious symptoms)! I'll probably won't do much tonight, but tomorrow I plan to film and edit a video in the morning. In the afternoon/evening I have a birthday party to go to and at midnight we'll be discussing the Movie of the Month if I'm home in time! Sunday I'll probably just read, maybe film another video, but nothing much. I do plan to finish 3 books this weekend that I'm in the middle of so maybe Sunday is the perfect day for that... Might do some reading sprints to help me with that goal.
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    Movie of the Month: Stand By Me

    Little late for me at the moment. Work n stuff is mad and i've been going to bed earlier than usual. I'll try to make some more of these in the future. Saying that, i watched most of it last night with Fin. He's a little young for it, so be warned. But i shouted over the swear words that i heard coming. BWAAAAAAH.
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    Not having a stealth or assassin class archetype is a no-go for me. That's the main reason I stuck with DAoC for so long, having the ability to sneak past
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