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  1. I always forget until the last minute but this year I'm on top of things. Would anyone like to participate in a fantasy football league for the forum? Maybe we could do an online meetup for a draft or some other fun stuff. Please reply to this thread if you are interested
  2. Lasraik

    Weekly Update and Chat

    Weekly update, will be joined with Plagued by Visions for a chat. If anyone would like to join you're all invited. Really just an excuse to chat. https://streamyard.com/3m92s4pw68
  3. Revised date and time for our Oathbreaker discussion
  4. Rescheduled time for our Oathbreaker review and discussion. Please RSVP if you will be attending!
  5. Little Paranoias is free for the next few days: You can grab it here
  6. Question for all of you out there that I've been thinking over recently. When we re-launched the forum last year, I bought a Discord integration module for the forum that would connect a discord server to the forum. After the forum was up and going and I was spending time reorganizing, upgrading and so on I just lost interest in doing it (aka laziness and lack of interest). But now that I've found tons of discord integration tools like widgets and ways to share posts back and fourth, I've been considering starting a discord server to make our community more accessible to more people. I've floated the idea to a few friends that have their own servers, but there has not yet been interest in using their server to integrate with, which I understand. So I created a discord server and was thinking of setting up the integration tools because it seems as though some people are intimidated by the forum, which I kind of understand that it can seem intimidating at first when you're familiar with platforms like discord, but it's pretty user friendly with many more features but that's another topic. The pros are that it could broaden our reach and get more people interested. The cons are that it's time spent setting it up, managing the server, most of the stuff we use most like the calendar wouldn't be integrated and everyone and their sister has their own servers now, there are too many to keep track of already. So it'll take effort and time to even get people there and I don't want to water down the content we already have here on the forum. As of now I don't really think it would be worth the time and energy investment it would take and I kind of like being different and having a place of our own. (And of course I have an unhealthy distaste for discord) So I'm looking for input. Do any of you think this would be worth the time?
  7. Thanks to @EpicTalez for joining me yesterday. Didn't mention on stream but I received my COVID vaccination yesterday and wasn't feeling good at all, really fatigued. He thankfully picked up the slack and led the conversation.
  8. Sounds like a great time. I hope pics are incoming from the trip
  9. After @EpicTalez and I had a chance to speak with author Mike Shel today, he shared his suggested reading order for the series: Aching God Barrowlands Iconoclasts Book 0 (free audiobook) Sin Eater Final Word Idols Fall All books are free via Kindle Unlimited
  10. Pretty nice giveaway: https://anthonyryan.net/2021/07/26/blood-song-ten-year-anniversary-giveaway/
  11. I read graphic novels, not comics! But seriously, I'm on a little bit of super hero overload. They can only ride this train so long before people start to lose interest. I hope.
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