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  1. Oh, forgot about that one. Still in for that as well
  2. OK, I take back what I said. Been reading for a long while now (two days) and I'm on page 41. This book is dense.
  3. Went searching for horror movies I haven't seen yet on popular streaming services and found Apostle. https://www.netflix.com/Title/80158148
  4. Discussion for the October movie of the month: Apostle
  5. For those who don't know yet, we will be reading the Nightmareland Chronicles book by book up until the release of the last book. We will get an ARC and have a chat with Daniel before it's release. At least that's the plan. Daniel wanted to keep it to a small group so it won't be open invite, just our crew and Lady Jane Books and RSVP only to keep the size down and manageable As far as other buddy reads so, I'm still planning on reading: November: Dead Mountain 11/22/63 with a meetup on 11/22 December: Beguiled by Night Children by Bjorn Larssen I'm open to: The Dark That Dwells The Terror
  6. Makes sense, I'll read everything. Quickly skimming through this one it looks like the size can be decieving. Lots of pages with little to no text. So maybe 20% of the pages aren't full pages
  7. I’ll take a look and find a movie that’s easy to get, probably Netflix
  8. We can always plan it for earlier in the day for us to make it easier for you to join
  9. Is anyone open to an October movie of the month? Horror movie of course, I’ll pick something on a streaming service or something that’s easy to get. Who’s interested?
  10. Last night I read that some people skip the footnotes in this book and instead focus on the main story. Are you all planning on reading everything or skipping the footnotes?
  11. Ass Kills There's Someone Inside Your Ass Last Ass In Soho No Ass Gets Out Alive Doctor Ass If I Can't Have Love, I Want Ass The Conjuring: The Ass Made Me Do It The Evil Ass The Ass In The Woods House of Ass
  12. Lasraik

    The Waste Lands Discussion

    Bummed you can't make it, Summer but we understand! You'll be missed
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