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Our book of the month is NOS4A2, the live stream is May 23rd at 12p PST, 1p MST, 2p CST & 3 EST.  Please RSVP here if you will be attending

The Faithful and the Fallen read along starts this month!  More info here

Check the Community Calendar for all scheduled meet ups


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  1. @Pasanda @Raul Reads
  2. Stream to discuss Sherlock season 2, hosted on @Stacyejaye's channel
  3. Was thinking we could take these nominations and randomly pick them, then we'll have the first several months planned. What do you all think? Just waiting on @Jolien Reads nomination!
  4. I’m in! Let’s decide by Monday (tomorrow) who’s doing which one. I don’t have a preference either but it’s good knowing. @EpicTalez which meetup did you want to host? @BrandieNoel is reading with me too edit: I’ll make an announcement on Thursdays video
  5. Nominating Pumping Iron, it’s available on Amazon Prime video
  6. I heard the show was pretty good after the death of that character, have been thinking of starting at the beginning and watching the series again. It was just a big shift after and threw us off. Dark is great, we recently watched it and had meetups for discuss each season. It’s filled with stuff and can get pretty intricate
  7. We stopped watching Vikings after a certain character died, but the trailer for the last season looked promising. How is it so far?
  8. Just realized I forgot to post the streamyard link on the calendar. Click this link: https://streamyard.com/7adcs73pmk that will take you to the meet up, will ask you for a display name and to check your mic and camera. Then enter the studio. I’ll be there 10 to 15 minutes prior to get setup and make sure we can all hear and see each other. I’ll keep my eyes on this thread so lemme know if you run into any problems. Because it’s scheduled you can click that link any time before the event to get a test run
  9. Ohhh, I'm looking forward to seeing your First Law review.
  10. If you sign up for a meet up or event, please check the calendar and associated forums on a semi-regular basis. Because dates sometimes change for various reasons, we post updates and change the calendar accordingly. Previously I was spending time trying to contact people on other social media platforms to let them know something changed and trying to coordinate new dates and times. I will no longer be spending my time doing that. Frankly it's a pain in the ass and not how I want to spend my time playing the middle person coordinating new dates and times. These meetups and group discussions are my favorite thing to do and I spend lots of time planning and coordinating. I would appreciate if you sign up for something you check at least once a week to keep up to date. Thank you and thanks for participating!
  11. If not for this group read I would have considered DNFing this one in part one. Thankfully part 2 really picked up and I'm back on board.
  12. Haven't made a video announcement yet, but the plan is to start the trilogy in either August or September. The books are free to read via Kindle Unlimited https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07RB34CZN?storeType=ebooks If interested please post here, still a few months away.
  13. You are one of the few who are consistent with this, I've seen a few reviews that you said weren't for you but you got the book for free. So I appreciate your honesty. It's a weird position to be in (for me anyway) when I get a book for free and don't care for it.
  14. Ah, Ventrilo... those were the days. Blast from the past
  15. That’s a good choice. I’ll look over what’s on the streaming sites
  16. Wow wonder why they are so expensive. Sadly I read recently that shelters are getting overwhelmed by people bringing back their quarantine pets now that they are getting back to work
  17. Any nominations for June? If we get more than one we can randomize the list and name them June, July, August ect. picks to get the ball rolling
  18. Working tonight and Saturday, but having two streams on Sunday: The Nightmare discussion and the Sherlock season one stream a couple of hours after that. Hope to finish Poppy War What do you have planned?
  19. Oh we have a ton of sugar free recipes! Anything you're looking for in particular?
  20. Haha, we all think the same thing! I have plenty of streams coming, I don’t mind Stacey taking mine. Besides this is your series we’re finishing Jolien!
  21. I’ll make an announcement next week too. @Stacyejaye you mentioned you were on the fence about this one but I’m happy with you hosting whichever meet up I had!
  22. Oh right on, glad you made it! be sure to rsvp on the calendar for the ones you will be joining so we know how many people we have and no one is left out
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