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    Pig Trailer

    Not sure what to think of this one. John Wick but instead of a dog he has a pig who was a chef and not an assassin?
  2. Looks like the only book I’ll be reading cover to cover is If It Bleeds. Anyone up for a buddy read? The rest will be random, maybe 1 - 3 from each book I’m getting. Will have to pick prior to September so I have my schedule planned so I can pre record much of it. Thinking of having an If It Bleeds meetup if there’s interest so that would change where I plan it.
  3. For those of you reading Mirror's Truth with us don't forget that we're kicking it off with some reading sprints on @Jolien Reads channel
  4. I’ll be doing Short Story September for the 30 day challenge. I’ll be posting a review of a short story each day for 30 days. What I’m trying to decide is whether I should pick books that equal 30 short stories total or pick and choose short stories from several books. My OCD likes the idea of picking a couple of books and reading the entire book then moving onto the next. This would also be nice for anyone who wants to read along. On the other hand, if I pick a few books and choose a few short stories from each and schedule them ahead of time. This would spotlight more books and more variety for me and people watching. I’ll still be reading If It Bleeds or another book that has 5 or less short stories in the book but for other books I’ll pick at least 2. Going this route I would either randomly pick or ask the author to suggest a few for the month. Any advice and votes are appreciated. More info here:
  5. As usual, I'm overthinking and will probably be overdoing this, but I think my strategy would be to post a video each day with a review of at least one short story. Some are only 10 pages and some are longer. The Stephen King short stories would be a video each, but the rest would change depending on length. So there may be a review of 4 to 5 in one video but over the course of 30 videos that's not too bad. It would be for the month of September so that would make scheduling ahead of time a little tricky to fit all of these reviews into 30 videos. Is going to take some planning. I'm going to have to start recording early though. Is anyone open to reading one of these with me? We could do a live stream or something special for it. I'm adding Darkest Hours: Expanded Edition, Who Built the Humans? and Paths Best Left Untrodden to my list, maybe not reading the entire book but picking and choosing. And I would still like to add one or two extra single classics to the list, maybe as filler between other books.
  6. I would probably do that one way in advance. I wanted to add Four Past Midnight but they are borderline novellas.
  7. Not cutting her into the profits is where they goofed. They should have just kept it quiet and paid her to make her happy so none of this became public. Flood gates are opening
  8. So I've been watching YouTube videos and reading about the 30 day challenge when creators make a video a day for 30 days straight. I started gathering ideas and thankfully @BrandieNoel is full of great ideas, she suggested I do a Short Story September when I read short story collections and post a video each day for each story. Most of it would be recorded in advance, but some I would do live streams for or other special events. The problem is I'm finding the books I wanted to feature have more stories than I was expecting so this may turn into a 61 day challenge and Short Story September... and October. The books I had my eyes on: Fear Farm No Trespassers (S.J. Krandall) - 5 Stories Blackest Spells - 18 Stories Full Throttle (Joe Hill) - 14 Stories If It Bleeds (Stephen King) - 5 Stories Mists and Megaliths (Catherine McCarthy) - 10 Stories Total Stories (Days): 52 And I wanted to add other classics here and there like Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft so I'm thinking 61 days may be the way to go. Plus, having an author or two to chat about the books would be awesome, too. Of course Stephen King and Joe Hill are out but maybe I'll get lucky with one or two others. It sounds like a lot, but if I start filming in August and get ahead by 20 days or so, then it's not too bad. Right? Right?? Thoughts or suggestions? Talk me off the ledge.
  9. The movie business is going through major changes
  10. Let us know if you need a hand with anything!
  11. Please use the spoiler tag and specify chapter if posting spoilery stuff About 15 pages in and I'm already remembering how much I love Anthony Ryan's writing style.
  12. I should be sleeping but even just 15 pages in and I don’t want to stop
  13. This might be crazy enough to work
  14. It's theater only on July 30th, which is a bummer. With pandemic restrictions starting again maybe they'll reconsider their release strategy.
  15. So far looks good and it does indeed have PvP https://www.newworld.com/en-us/news/articles/pvp-vision-new-features
  16. Having a group discussion with a bunch of fantastic horror authors on August 8th. I'm starting to write out an outline and I'm curious if any of you have questions you'd like to be asked.
  17. Depending on the colors you're wearing and the background it isn't 100% but pretty close. Sometimes takes a little cleanup. Best part is you don't need extra software or a website that charges you. It's free with Windows 10.
  18. I always forget until the last minute but this year I'm on top of things. Would anyone like to participate in a fantasy football league for the forum? Maybe we could do an online meetup for a draft or some other fun stuff. Please reply to this thread if you are interested
  19. Lasraik

    Weekly Update and Chat

    Weekly update, will be joined with Plagued by Visions for a chat. If anyone would like to join you're all invited. Really just an excuse to chat. https://streamyard.com/3m92s4pw68
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