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  1. That’s a good point on making you want to know more about them.
  2. until
    Author conversation with Sienna Frost
  3. The Sopranos is a good example. All of them are scumbags but they had some qualities, even if they were just funny or charming. I enjoy rooting for scumbags sometimes in cases like The Sopranos. I could even root for Tony to get caught and locked up, but there is nothing to root for or be hopeful for in Succession. (Season 3)
  4. I like unlikable characters. I don't have to like a character to root for them. We're watching Succession season 3 now and previously there were some characters I could at least root for. None of the characters are good. They are all bad people and that was part of what I enjoyed about the series. I won't spoil anything for those of you who haven't seen it yet, but season 3 took a turn for me. I can't root for any of the characters because none of them have qualities or deficiencies I can attach to. I want them all to fail because they are all pretentious, annoying and terrible. It's the Cloverfield Effect. This comes from the Cloverfield movie years ago. I found myself rooting for the monster to kill them all because none of the characters were relatable or even somewhat charismatic. They were all annoying and I wanted the monster to kill them all. The same thing is true in Succession season 3. I can't root for any of the characters and I find myself really bored watching it. In previous seasons the writers managed to pull everything together in the second half of the season so I'm holding out hope that the same thing happens this season but I'm losing hope with only three episodes left. The problem with Succession is there is no monster to root for. Do you need to either like a character or have one that you root for to enjoy a story?
  5. Discussing Idols Fall with Mike Shel and EpicTalez
  6. Looking for a new neighbor, @Ashley/ReadNowSleepLtr? Full article here
  7. It's hard to wrap your mind around how big the universe is. I loved the movie Contact! The night I saw that I found out my girlfriend at the time was cheating on me, so I have a soft spot for that movie
  8. That's quite the book trailer! Looks brutal
  9. Some great books! Reading the Hay Bale this week. Did you start your YouTube channel?
  10. Having a spoiler filled discussion for the series in a few months with Halo Scot. Open to anyone who would like to join
  11. I'm a sucker for zombie stories. This has potential.
  12. Here are some helpful links for people looking for help starting out or someone looking for alternatives. These are mostly starting out options and not the more technical or expensive stuff. Software: OBS Studio (free) StreamYard (free with paid options) Davinci Resolve (free with paid option) Thumbnails: Canva Equipment: LED Ring Light with tripod Rode VideoMicro Microphone with shock mount Mountedog LED Softbox Photography Lighting Kit
  13. Stone and Shield is the first entry in the Fall of Emros series and a good way to describe the genre would be grimdark adjacent. It rides the line between fantasy and grimdark but I would say leans more into grimdark territory maybe if it's just a little bit. The first half or so of the book is setting up the world, establishing the players and giving you a feel for how everything works. In the second half the action really ramps up and there are some fun battle scenes. The battle scenes don't last for pages, not even half a page sometimes but that makes them more effective. When violence happens, it's sudden. I say it leans more into grimdark territory because Thomas J. Devens has a knack for getting you comfortable with certain characters, convincing you they'll be around a while only to surprise you when they suddenly and violently meet their demise at unexpected times. The banter between the characters gives us some humor breaks between the violence and brutality. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, I struggle with long character names in fantasy. There were times I was confused with who was who and had to look back to make sure I had the right character in my mind. One of the characters is quickly becoming one of my favorites in fantasy, but I always have that nagging worry that she'll be killed at any moment. It's that kind of series. There's some themes being played with here that left me thinking after I finished the book. The cycle of violence, friendship, cruelty, what power does to people and how different age groups perceive and handle that power. Overall it's a solid first entry in the Fall of Emros series and I'm looking forward to digging into book two: Split Paths. Stone and Shield can be found here on Amazon and is available on Kindle Unlimited
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