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  1. My advice: spend a lot of money on packs to get a decent cardpool in arena or just stick with drafting. This game is a grindfest and probably won't change.
  2. I used the Kaladesh Gift box as well. Shame they don't make them anymore
  3. I don't know if Arena is gonna be for me if you will never be able to draft with other people. I don't want to do a psuedo draft with bots. Right now feeling kind of let down and no desire to really play. Plus with the economy the way it is, it's such a huge grind
  4. I like the idea of Brawl and it sounds fun just need the inspiration to build a deck. The times I've tried they turned into EDH decks instead
  5. I still haven't tried about Brawl yet and I really should but no one in my area plays it (even though right now I don't have an LGS).
  6. I really thought we weren't returning until next year. Guess we'll have to see how this goes. I want to stay in Dominaria
  7. I've got my preview card coming out next week. It's pretty sweet
  8. Alright, been awhile and a long time coming on updating my cube. Doesn't help I am lazy and completely slacking off on this. Alright here is what I removed: So as you can see that is a lot of cards to replace. White took a huge nerf because it was just too damn good. Whenever I or a buddy would draft or play sealed we'd eventually just want to go with white. Here are the cards I added in and the reasoning behind them all: Accorder Paladin does some major work if you are going wide. Plus it's cost is cheap and it being a human benefits other cheap costing white cards as well. This replaced Nightguard Patrol. Adorned Pouncer may not look too menacing as a 1/1 with Double strike but when it comes back eternalized it can be a beast to deal with. This replaced Archangel. Aetherling is a very fun, versatile, and powerful card in limited. With it's ability to dodge kill spells and become unblockable this is not a card you want to see going against you. This replaced Latch Seeker. On the surface it's not as powerful as it's angels it replaced, Angel of Condemnation does some major work in limited. Being able to exile powerful creatures is no laughing matter. This replaced Angelic Overseer. If going wide is your plan in this cube then this card will help you be successful in that plan. This replaced Baneslayer Angel. Helping you wipe a board out is much needed in limited especially when things are at a stalemate. This replaced Scrapskin Drake. More spot removal is never a bad thing in limited. This replaced Execute. Extra card draw on potentially turn 1? Sign me up. Plus it fits with other Vampires going on in the cube. This replaced Black Cat. With the efforts of nerfing white, I have added a lot more low costing creatures so you can swing and win early. Glory-bound is a beast in limited. This replaced Wispweaver Angel. A limited powerhouse. Especially if kicked and if you can add even more counters? You may only need this one card to help you win. This replaced Garruk's Companion. In the effort of finding more interesting equipments, Dominaria comes out with helm of the host. This card is simply great if not stopped. Plus you keep the tokens. This replaced Murderer's Axe. What more can be said for this all star in limited? This replaced Trusty Machete. More oblivion ring like goodness in limited. Can't go wrong with that. Turns out I had 2 angelic purge's in my cube without realizing it. This replaced the extra Angelic Purge. Duress on a creature? Ok. This replaced Baron Sengir. In the effort to make Boros stronger and burn slightly better, I added in lightning helix. This replaced Boros Battleshaper. Who doesn't love horses? This replaced Jwar Isle Avenger. Very good token generator and dash is such a fun mechanic. This replaced Severed Legion. A wizard lord and being able to copy spells. What's not to love? This replaced Youthful Scholar. Some more spot removal. This replaced Gideon's Phalanx. Giving some of your spells flash is never a bad thing. In most cases it's good. Very good. This replaced Azorious First Wing. On the surface it doesn't seem that strong but if you eternalize it, buffing a creature for 4 is invaluable in limited. This replaced Druid of the Cowl. Not as powerful as the card it replaced, which was Sublime Angel. But you can probably guess why I put this in if you read a little further down... Reanimator is a thing in my cube and this is a way to help stop it. This replaced Brushstrider. With green and white being able to produce tokens, what other card should I have added? This card can be quite big if you go wide. This replaced Selesnya Sagittars. Seriously, have you played Dominaria limited yet? This card is bonkers and insane. This replaced Hunted Wumpus. A very powerful landfall card and very powerful early game aggressor. This replaced Youthful knight. Once again, have you played Dominaria limited? This card is also insane and bonkers. This replaced Prime Speaker Zegana. Good early card to help you get a clue to help you with card draw. This replaced Cathedral Sanctifier. Yes I am a bit cheeky. It's a good card on it's own but paired with Resto Angel, it's pretty nice. This replaced Hollowhenge Beast. A good board wipe if your opponent has a ton of creatures on their side. This replace Chaplain's Blessing. Need to a copy a huge creature your opponent has? No problem! This replaced Mahamoti Djinn. Doesn't seem that great on the surface but it can win you games. This replaced As Foretold. A 5/5 for 3 CMC? Though you need the city's blessing, that shouldn't be too hard in green. This replaced Elvish Warrior. So there you have it. As always, cube are never finished, just in a perpetual state of improvement. Let me know what you all think.
  9. I'm, super excited. Unfortunately I won't be at prerelease this weekend which bums me out. I will be doing sealed at GP Dallas though for sure.
  10. That's the one I use at home. I love it. Have no issues with it
  11. I am using an Anker TM137G wireless ergonomic mouse @Lasraik
  12. The only interest I had in Brawl was in Arena. Now? I don't really care about it.
  13. I have to use ergonomic mice now. No more gaming mice for me. Due to developing carpal tunnel I can no longer use normal mice.
  14. I always say buy the players handbook but if you can't afford them go to this website here: https://5etools.com/ And I'll put some links on my discord channel for some "I found these on the side of the road" PDFs for DnD as well. And I'm always more than happy to help with character creation
  15. Here is my discord link: https://discord.gg/bhBXenn
  16. Monday or Thursday nights work for me. Do we want to discuss more over Discord? I could invite people to my discord to get this a bit more organized. @Lasraik or @Jag?
  17. For DnD, you can get away with as little as 4 people including the DM. 1 DM, 3 players. I'm totally down for it and willing to help people out with character sheets like @Lasraik. And I'm with @Jag. I usually can't play until 9pm eastern my time on most days.
  18. But what would I change in MTG? Reserved list for sure.
  19. I'm right leaning and while I don't agree with a lifetime ban for Jeremy I do agree with a ban. He's had this coming for years.
  20. The first rule to being a DM/GM is be entertaining. Definitely learn the rules of 5e but know that most of them are just guidelines.
  21. Definitely 5th edition. The rules are setup much easier to play without maps/grids/minis. Easier to do theater of the mind type combat. I can even help you all make characters as well. 4th is definitely geared more towards combat while 5th takes a healthy dose of RP and combat. I would say 5th is easier than 4th TBH.
  22. Did you enter? lol I'm so angry right now Triggered Tigger
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