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  1. Here are the latest Top 8's and meta breakdown's for this weekend's GPs: GP Taipei Top 8 GP Pittsburgh Green and White are just ridiculously strong right now. Blue, red and black just can't seem to keep up. Right now I'm pining for the THS-KTK standard. KTK-BFZ standard was just 4 color good stuff and pushed people away cause of expensive mana bases. Now it's play Green/White or go home. I'm sticking with Modern and Limited until hopefully EDM shakes things up, which probably won't.
  2. Whelp. White just got more powerful in standard! Also, this card looks ridiculous for Modern as well!
  3. MTGZuby


    This is a really neat idea! I like it!
  4. I've felt very disenfranchised by this standard. G/W colors are just way too good. I'm taking a step back from Standard until EMN comes out and hopefully shakes things up, if not I'll wait till Kaladesh comes out. For now, I'm sticking with Modern and limited.
  5. Normally there are 3-4 players. You can play with as many people as you want but I find more then 4 to be a bit hard. I've done 8 man groups and those are terrible.
  6. Speaking of taking @Aurian's turn @JesGolbez use the new Emrakul combined with Ugin's Nexus. Hah! Card looks fun to play but so far does not seem very competitive.
  7. Few reasons why I love MTG: 1. The social aspect, going down to a LGS every weekend/Friday and slinging some cards around and having fun. 2. The strategy involved. Whether you are playing casual or competitive, the amount of strategy involved and the deckbuilding behind it is limitless and so much fun. 3. The art on the cards. I am a bit of a snob and prefer the older art but even now there is still a lot of great art coming out. 4. The community, one of the nicest communities I've been apart of.
  8. I just tried that 0-2 drop and almost went to sleep immediately. If Lands Could Kill is an awesomely hilarious MTG podcast. It's very explicit but so funny.
  9. That looks all fun! I made a casual mill deck long time ago: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/28-06-14-MAi-mill-deck/ It does what it needs to, mana base is slow but it can be fun (for you, not the other player). Hedron Crab is a must for mill decks!
  10. Mine is Zubatron. It's better to play with people who are even keeled and like minded. Most randoms get mad and are usually terrible at MTG.
  11. So far I've just mainly picked up singles I've needed. Cabal Therapy and Sylvan Library and Natural Order. Have no interest in buying any sealed and $50 drafts are just crazy.
  12. Those sound fun @Aurian ! Question, why Trostani over Rhys the Redeemed? I personally love exploding the board with Rhys
  13. @Lasraik it's weak as in it's very slow and doesn't have a lot of ways to get certain Gods I want out quickly.
  14. Who else enjoys creating thematic EDH decks? Either around a tribe or from a block? One of my favorite thematic decks is my God deck. It is on paper pretty terrible and all around not very good but it is a ton of fun to play. http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/the-pantheon-of-gods/
  15. I was so happy to see Benjen and the Hound back. Those were quite the surprise!
  16. MTGZuby


    I'm playing this plenty on PC! Add me on B.net if you want! Zubatron#11568
  17. Pretty simple wants list: 2x Bayou (Revised preferably) 4x Gaea's Cradle Quality of card is not a huge issue to me.
  18. Great website to check is whatsinstandard.com I would be selling any of the high profile DTK and ORI cards now rather than later.
  19. Depending on how much my store is charging for draft I most likely will not be picking up any packs or boxes. However, I am using this opportunity to buy the much needed cards my legacy elves deck needs to finish it up. Love seeing all these prices drop on these cards!
  20. Yea definitely. It sucks because I want to use it to get better when I don't have the time to go to my LGS and play some games. But the program is just utterly devoid of any fun and social atmosphere.
  21. Here are a few reasons I don't play MTGO as often as I would like: 1. Money, I spend a lot of money on paper MTG enough as it is. Sinking more money into MTGO is just not economically smart for me. 2. The UI is just horrendous looking. It's 2016, it should not look this bad. 3. The social aspect is gone, I go to FNM and IQ's and PPTQ's for the social atmosphere and really enjoy it. You lose all that while playing online.
  22. I typically buy 2 booster boxes each time a set comes out and from then I'll buy singles. If the set is terrible (Looking at you Dragon's Maze and Born of the Gods) I'll buy the singles I need.
  23. MTG Related Podcasts? I listen to: Top Level Podcast Drive to Work Constructed Resources Limited Resources Non MTG Related: Completely Unnecessary Philosophize This Adam Carolla Show Joe Rogan Star Talk Radio Radiolab This American Story Serial and many many more
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