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    Oh yeah. Favorite of all time I've had is an Estaban Cerreras from Nicaragua. Apparently, the planters in Nicaragua are the best because when Castro took over, they grabbed their seeds and went to Nicaragua, where the soil is similar. RIP the Browns ever being good again lol

    Covid-19 and you

    The Kung Flu is not treating me well. I'm stuck in my house. Now, I may be a gamer but GOD do I hate this. I'd rather be out playing Magic than on Untap or Arena. I'm slowly starting to get cabin fever, buuuut the good news is that I've been taking walks to clear my head. Just around the neighborhood, our local DQ, etc. School has been a cluster as well. With corona, our entire campus shut down, and a lot of people were just kinda stuck. My roommate is a classmate and a friend who plays Magic, but he lives in Maryland. I asked my folks a week and a half before we shut down if he could live with us. My parents said yes, as long as he pays rent. And he has. Overall? This blows. I wish I could be out with my friends and hanging out. Oh well.


    So, I started taking up cigars in June about 2 years ago. My first REAL cigar (I had one about a week before my birthday, inhaled, blacked out for a second, wasn't good) was a Cuban cigar that one of our friends had brought back from Switzerland. Since then, I'm going about a week between them, enjoying what I can. (Thanks a lot, Trump) Had one of the St. Paddy's Alec Bradley cigars. So, anyone smoke as well? Post your faves, etc.
  4. Parasite: 9/10 I went into this with some low expectations (even with all the Oscars) but I left happy. My folk and my roommates sat down, enjoyed some hot dogs and watched this movie. Gotta say, I really enjoyed the hell outta this movie. All of the family is likable, and you do feel for them, even though they are all con artists, but skilled in the jobs that they get. Overall, good movie. Deserved best film, and I watched most of the nominees for it, Ford v Ferrarri, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Joker, etc.
  5. Me, my dad, my uncle and my roommate all made fun of the Giants GM when he came on screen wearing his mask inside his house.
  6. Welp. Been a hot minute. I missed y'all. How's it going? Well, where have I been? It's simple: College. College has sucked up 90% of my time. What other time is spent is spent on video games and homework, or even Magic! Surprisingly enough, there's a healthy MTG community for my school, even though it's a Christian school. I also kinda forgot about this site. Kind of a afterthought. I look forward to being back here. Ya boi, MTGMTB
  7. Alright peeps, the draft is this weekend. I know the 'Rona is supposed to cut back the season, but it's time for a 2020 thread. So, thoughts on the draft so far? I'm happy with my Broncos drafting Juedy. We also apparently have 3 picks in round 3.
  8. I'M BACK, BITCHES. Took me forever to find my password and reset it. Tiger King... what a wild ride. I want to like Joe and Carole, but they make it SO HARD. The true heroes are their employees. Except for Allen. I don't like him. I've been watching Community and being happy that I'm going to a good school.
  9. Alright y'all, I need advice. And before you ask, I know, been gone forever, etc. I'm planning on going to GP Denver and playing in the pauper event. A couple of my friends are going, and I want to try and win. I've been looking at the Professor's videos on deck techs, but I can't decide what to run. I would like to keep the deck relatively cheap (preferably <$45) and have it actually be good/useful, hopefully enough to get me to win. Any suggestions? Decklists? Don't do it?
  10. ALL PRAISE THE SYNDICATE YOU FILTHY DESERTER I did ok. 2-2, one of my wins was the bye. But last game, went against a Gruul deck and I got lucky on my draws. My store does packs each round for prizes. I made each one of my matches fight for the pack. Promo was Kaya's Wrath. Saved my ass a couple of times. All in all, 10/10, good set, all praise our lords and saviors of the Orzhov Syndicate.
  11. No link, but I'm digging Lux a lot. Won 2/3 games that I played against real people so far, last one I had something I had to get to tonight. Dat ult doe
  12. I just started playing League of Legends. I've had some experiences with Blizzard's MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, but tbh, I'm enjoying it more than HoTS. If anyone wants to add me, I'm still pretty low level, but I'm pretty good as Lux. My ID is SilverSlash223, just let me know you're from the forum.
  13. ... TAKE MY GODDAMN MONEY ORZHOV YES PLEASE ...excuse me, I need to go change my pants...
  14. Well gents, I'm down to 230, which was my goal to hit for the doctor! I can still lose more, my plan is to drop to 220, and if I can hit it, 200, although I don't know if I can. I'm going to do my best though!
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