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  1. The uniforms are in and they look great! Below are pictures of our Vintage team at a local tournament, and of my teammate Carlos and I at our sponsor store, PLAYLive Nation!
  2. NEW LEGACY SCHEDULE: So our LEGACY events have evolved somewhat, and we now have WEEKLY Legacy Sunday streams AT 1:00 pmET! (Pending availability of myself or my streaming partner.) Below is our streaming calendar for February 2018. Please note, ALL events will be streamed! (the calendar was drawn up before all our streaming agreements were in place.)
  3. Weekly seemed to be rather ambitious for a format that mostly consists of working professionals that can afford it. Here however is an excellent take on Blood Sun's effects on Modern and Legacy by Professor Ben. Blood Sun - Rivals' Rival to Blood Moon by Professor Ben “HOLY CRAP ANOTHER BLOOD MOON” “WOW, BLOOD MOON THAT CANTRIPS” “THIS CARD WILL RUIN MAGIC” These have been the reactions that I have seen to the printing of Blood Sun, a new card soon to be printed in Rivals of Ixalan. I, however, think this card is being blown way out of proportion and will see little to no play. What Blood Sun is good at, however, is showing us how wizards designs new cards and why that has led to problems in the last 2 years. Let’s start by breaking down what Blood Sun does. Blood Sun has the same cost as Blood Moon, but instead of turning nonbasic lands into Mountains, it removes all non-mana abilities from all lands. It also draws a card. Now exactly what abilities is it removing? Blood Sun removes ETB and triggered abilities, such as those on Bounce Lands and Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle, it removes activated abilities, like those on Wasteland and Mutavault, and it removes static abilities, like those on Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Reliquary Tower. Blood Sun does not, however, remove any mana abilities, such as those on Dual Lands, Ancient Tomb, or Tolarian Academy. Now, you may be asking, where might this card actually see play? I see Blood Sun as having 2 uses.............. For the full article, please visit our website: http://mirrodintech.com/blog/blood-sun-rivals-rival-to-blood-moon
  4. Our next LEGACY event will stream LIVE: SUNDAY December 3, 2017 ~1pmET Live on TWITCH: http://twitch.tv/mirrodintech I will probably be running my newly-minted D&T:
  5. Watch the replays on youtube Our next MODERN event will stream LIVE: SATURDAY December 2, 2017 ~7:30pmET Live on TWITCH: http://twitch.tv/mirrodintech
  6. Exactly. Most of us (I presume) want to go out racing, regardless of what others are driving, or if they're knockoffs, especially if they bring more people to race and raise interest in investing and participating in racing. This problem is further escalated in Vintage. I have a Vintage deck that's a variant of one I used to run back in the 90s, but with proxy Power 9 (but authentic everything else). Other people who've seen it play think it's tons of fun, and want to proxy up their own Vintage decks and have a tournament. Sadly, of the 4-5 established Vintage lovers in town with fully-built non-proxy decks, only 1 would participate in anything that allowed proxies. They claim any environment that allows proxies won't be restricted to the people who have invested in (and thus appreciate the unique and special nature of) authentic Power 9+. And, since they refuse to play with proxy cards themselves (which ironically would ameliorate their concerns, and allow them to play the format they love,) Vintage never happens in South Florida. So, even though there's the presence of Vintage lovers with authentic decks, that attitude actually killed it completely. In contrast, in my part of Texas (where I also host events; less frequenty), no one owns any pieces of power. Yet, we've succesfully run events with 15 proxies allowed, including shockland-using Oath of Druids builds, an insane vintage Bant spirits, and more. So, attitude is everything, and inclusivity and non-elitism generally are ideal. But elitism can be appeased with occasional no-proxy tournaments too. If they fire
  7. WARNING: I am a lover of analogies to a fault. To begin, all are fair points. Some might argue that a victory with an all-proxy deck is inherently disingenuous. e.g., I am loaned a knockoff Ferrari that performs as well as a real one for a weekend, and then win a race. Did I really win if that car was never mine, or genuine? Is this victory less meaningful than the victory of someone who put together a kit-based car made from authentic Shelby/NISMO/DINAN/whatever performance parts, but is not as fast or high-performing as the knockoff Ferrari? Others would say that a skilled pilot is still needed to win, and a knockoff Ferrari (no matter how fast) doesn't win a race by itself. They may also say that a skilled driver/pilot would never have the chance to showcase their full talents without this unique opportunity with the knock-off. Yet others would say the grind of building up from cheaper to better authentic cars is part of the necessary experience to meaningfully learn and obtain "true" victories. By leapfrogging this process while others went through it, some may argue the victory was not as "earned." Still, others would say that using loaned, knockoff exotic cars that perform exactly as their authentic counterparts is the only way of knowing if your optimal car for your driving style is a Lamborghini, or a Ferrari, or a Bugatti, etc. And still, others will show up and win with their authentic souped up 1990s Mustang 5.0. Whenever there's good arguments for both sides, I think bilateral appeasement is favorable. Have BOTH proxy and non-proxy events. Proxy events to allow people to experiment in tournament environments before committing to costly cards (e.g., when I was bring BRw Stasis with two Tabernacle of Pendrell Vale.) Non-proxy events allow for only players who've made serious financial commitments to their decks, and thus oftentimes more serious commitment to high-level gameplay (plus, these would serve as preparation for GPs, SCIs, etc.) ~~~EDIT: Take for example the case of my Grixis Delver deck. Before I had enough duals, I used some shocks (or proxied them if allowed.) I'm glad I have the final build, but it was NOT cheap, and took several months of holding some money back from my paycheck/waiting for a good deal to come up.
  8. You can always have a flexible head mount attached to a traditional tripod (It's what we did before we upgraded to more expensive, multi-articulated pieces.). Any camera can serve this purpose, including your webcam, as long as it fits the mount. I have a GoPro Hero4 I believe, but I want the ability to be able to stream easily so I've stuck with the Logitech webcam. (It's what we did before we upgraded to more expensive, multi-articulated pieces.) Also depicted here at a different shop: Here, you can see how the inexpensive "gooseneck" mount can easily be adjusted to focus of the Logitech webcam on just your cards or card pool. The laptop webcam can simultaneously record a second video signal. It will end up looking something like this (pardon the lag/skipped frames; we've since resolved the spotty connectivity issues): Good luck! Please let me know if you'd like more details or specifics!
  9. FFFF for Nov 17, 2017 LEGACY What is Nic Fit and why should you build it? Nic Fit is the name of a deck archetype built around the synergy between Veteran Explorer and Cabal Therapy, which allows you to ramp into threats Legacy decks typically cannot afford to play while disrupting your opponent. A Nic Fit deck is built with many basic lands and expensive, high impact cards to make use of your large amount of mana. It's strategic advantage is in that other Legacy decks are not built in the same way. Even if your opponent plays basic lands, it may well be the case that their threats simply aren't as powerful as yours can be, since they build their deck under the assumption that they won't get to 5 mana every game. The joy of beating tuned Legacy decks with Standard legal cards is indeed a great draw to the Nic Fit archetype. [...] For the rest of the article, please visit our site: http://mirrodintech.com/blog/is-nic-fit-a-nice-fit-for-you
  10. Announcing a brand now content series at the Institute: Faculty-Focus Friday Forum! This will represent weekly articles to be posted to our blog, authored by members of our Faculty, touching on a range of topics from Deck Techs, gameplay strategies, set critiques, and much more! To see for yourselves and participate in the discussion (Facebook account required to comment), go to: http://mirrodintech.com/blog
  11. Greetings, Most of you who follow our channel are familiar with our twice-monthly (on average) Legacy tournament streams. As a channel focused on non-rotating formats, Legacy is our bread and butter, and remains nearest and dearest to our hearts. However, we do weekly Modern tournament streams as well! Join us Saturdays, ~7:30-8pm ET, LIVE from PLAYLive Nation in Miami, FL for Modern Saturdays! We typically get 12-16 participants, and many of us have multiple Tier 1 decks. Thus, no two tournaments have identical matchups (though our names may become familiar in time ) Hope to see you in the chat at the next event! Live on http://twitch.tv/mirrodintech
  12. The franchise owners of PLAYLive Nation are all go! Now, we just have to hear from corporate. ::fingers crossed::
  13. Thank you all. It was a rough one, but I studied quite a bit so I was rarely in a situation where I either didn't know the answer or didn't have a darn good idea. Now the hardest part -- waiting 12 weeks for the results...
  14. Final update: We will start after 6pmET, which allows everyone to arrive and us to setup. See you soon!
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