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  1. So I've heard a lot about the foibles of the arena ranking/matchmaking system. How often do you get "mismatched"? How satisfied are you with this beta system.
  2. I'm looking around at breakdowns of the meta and am feeling a little lost, wondering how to get from point A to point B. How did, or are, you progressing through Arena. Do you have a strategy for accumulating/cards using wildcards effectively?
  3. I know it comes down to deck construction, but are their 'tiers' for casual/multiplayer Commander? I want to get a good feel for how different decks/archetypes stack up so that I don't end up bringing an over/underpowered deck to a friendly game. Is there analysis or conventional wisdom on this? what do you think?
  4. Can you think of a way to objectively rank cards by rarity across all editions? Price obviously comes to mind but there are also, obviously, other factors that contribute to price. So is there a way to adjust for that and just assess card rarity, without official numbers?
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