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  1. This! A collectible card game should be accessible for most everyone and not only with a few thousand dollars to spend on a competitive deck. These reprints are good for the game but maybe not so great for the secondary market sharks out there
  2. I’ve used AOMEI Backupper to clone drives with docks similar to the one above or another pc
  3. Probably getting a digital copy, $18 for a novella is steep
  4. Welcome @David Cracked open One Way this morning
  5. My copy is coming from Amazon. I replied to your pm for my email address
  6. Ditto on Nos4a2 - just interested in the first book. I think there's two
  7. Hey - that's pretty freakin' cool! Looking forward to it.
  8. I'm a bit of a slow reader but I like the story so far. The story moves along at a good pace
  9. Maybe I'm just lucky and haven't had many bad bugs yet, but is it really that bad?? That is, other then the problems on older consoles - that's bad.
  10. Bought the game during the Steam Winter sale. The problem I'm finding is what to focus on in the early game, what to prioritize or what can wait until later. Any vets have tips? Thanks
  11. Some good books. I really want to read Chasing Graves
  12. I read the books years ago and loved them - they are worth reading even after watching the series IMO. There's so much more story and to the books and even more characters they never tried to introduce in the series. Maybe GRRM will finish the books one day.
  13. Have had a Kindle for years, love it and it's always with me especially on long trips.
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