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  1. They need better content and to make the regular movie experience cheaper. I dont understand why they dont expand to have more than just new releases. Maybe have pay per view events, or sports, or even popular TV shows. Rerun old classics?
  2. I LOVE what the Browns did. They got the guy I wanted with the first pick, in the 2nd round. On paper, the defense looks really good. Bears did very well getting JF. He is very accurate.
  3. Just got back from the Doctor. Routine health check, all is good. Got me thinking. I could go ahead to the future and pick up something that should help me have a better quality of life. I could also travel back to the past and see nature in her full glory ... before we cleared all the forests and wiped out all the animals. Watch the Gettysburg address. Sit on the grassy knoll in Dallas in Nov 1963. Hang out at Kitty Hawk in 03. Roswell 47. Possibilities are endless. And the best thing ... I could record everything with my new Samsung Galaxy 50.
  4. Easy ... time travel. Go ahead a year. Print out lottery results, sports scores results, stock performance, go back to current. Make a fortune, quit work, and travel and do whatever I wanted. Then again, I like the idea of going far enough ahead to pick up a teleport machine which would make travel a lot easier.
  5. <crickets> I have not watched a single game, nor do I miss it. If you have lost someone like me, you're in big trouble. Please take the above comment and insert it into the MLB thread.
  6. Mortal Kombat 5/10 - Starts out way to slow. Thought the ending was crappy. The main character was a nothing and the story was not well done. It did have some entertainment value. Some of the dialogue was funny and some of the characters were decent. I loved the fights and what they did with some of the abilities. This could be a very fun series if they combined it with a good story and an interesting main character.
  7. I love it. That's going on my shopping list!
  8. https://www.inverse.com/gaming/kotor-remake-release-date-developer-aspyr-rumors-star-wars-rpg Looks like Disney has something in the works. I'm always up for a good Star Wars game.
  9. What do you know ... just got an email from Microsoft I stand corrected. Pretty awesome!
  10. I am just guessing, knowing what I know about MS. Nice offer, but it kind of makes some games, like Rocket League, pointless. Step in the right direction though
  11. Thinking out loud ... this means you can play the games, but not online with multiplayer.
  12. Amazon recently bought the NFL Thursday night package. I am hearing that they are putting everything on the table and are wanting to recreate the football watching experience. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/04/15/report-amazon-to-embrace-your-game-your-way-approach-to-nfl-broadcasts/ It will be nice to see what else they come up with. Fresh start, an open mind, creativity and deep pockets could result in great products for all of us.
  13. All good ideas, thanks for the suggestions. I have a hook for the kids to use. Although my daughter prefers the floor in her room My towel bar requirements supersedes where the studs are located. Bar needs to be close to the shower so I can grab it and long enough to hang 2 towels. I ended up getting these: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0051IB9JC?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details Should provide enough weight for the folks that like to yank their towels.
  14. Weather has been hit or miss here, so I'm not grilling out tonight ... but may try to golf Sunday. Daughter is taking the ACT, so I have to drive her. Patching bathroom towel bar. Apparently my children believe its a weight bearing pull up bar. Patching, sanding, patching, sanding, painting, rehang ... good times. This is my second time. I am going to adjust the position and bought some stronger fasteners. Hopefully its the last time
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