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  1. I'm glad you found something that works. About 5+ years ago, dont remember exactly, my blood pressure and cholesterol were getting pretty bad. Not good for someone with a strong family history of strokes. That's when I started intermittent fasting. During weekdays, I wont eat after dinner and don't eat again till about noon the next day. I drink black coffee and water and I'm not a stickler for tracking the exact number. There are some days, like golf league nights, that I might have a few beers deep into the night so its not a strict thing. But I don't ever eat till 11:30am at the earliest. That usually gives me about 14 hours of fasting, some days a lot more, but you get the idea. During my eating window, I pretty much eat and drink what I want. Since then, my blood pressure and cholesterol have dropped a ton. I take the lowest dose of meds and one fish oil pill, but my doc tells me that those wouldnt have turned me around so drastically. I didnt lose any weight doing this, but my health screening numbers are excellent since I have been doing this.
  2. Its Memorial Day weekend here in the states. I cleared my afternoon schedule and leaving work early. Instructed the staff to do the same. I believe my exact words were bury your laptop in the back yard and dig it up on Tuesday. Been working our asses off lately, so this will be a great break. Meeting my gf and her friends for drinks after work. Couple of graduation parties tomorrow. Tomorrow night is our annual Italian club dinner, which was canceled last year. Sunday, a bunch of us are going canoeing. Monday, I don't have any plans. Maybe golf. Maybe some shopping. I have a trip coming up to Utah to hit the national parks. Excited to finally go somewhere!
  3. Not my space, but we do it for movies. I have watched movies simply because many of you, or reviewers, have rated them high. Similarly, I have avoided some because of low ratings. Why wouldn't the same apply with books?
  4. Its grad party season and they kicked off this weekend. Had a friends 50th birthday and pool party get together mixed in. Weather was outstanding. Lots of places are ditching the mask rules. Finally getting back to normal. Had my parents over for Mother's day. Couldn't swing the actual day with the kids so we delayed it. I grilled trout and it turned out excellent. I bought these mats and they are really really good. Way better than the grates that you have to scrub and end up getting corroded anyway. You can do fish, vegetables, whatever you like on them. Going to try shrimp next.
  5. Dunnar

    UAP (UFO)

    I look at it the opposite way. Consider we, Homo Sapiens, have been present for what, 300,000 years? Our ancestors wouldn't comprehend the technology we have now. Just look at the progress we made in the last 20 years. Estimates have our solar system at 4 billion years old with the universe being something like 13 billion. What if something evolved with comparable human intelligence 1 million years ago ... where would there technology be? What if they evolved 1 billion years ago? 5 billion? What if something evolved 5 billion years ago that had double our intellectual capability? What would that technology look like? We're not even smart enough to think of the problems that they would already have solutions for. Space is huge. Traveling it seems impossible. But we don't know what we don't know.
  6. I am a very sporadic reader. Normally I don't read books. But once and awhile something will interest me and I will blow through the book or series of books. For instance, I spent about 4 months reading the Dresden File series when a couple of new books came out.
  7. Dunnar

    My 2021 Garden

    Looks great. I like the cinderblocks as a border/container for plants. Do you have other critters that will feast from your garden? Squirrels, rabbits and other things were a constant nuisance to mine. Little trick I learned, cucumbers will climb something like chicken wire if you help them out. Then when you harvest, they are easy to identify and pick.
  8. That's awesome! I'd be in favor of that. Talked to you forever here ... but not irl.
  9. Dunnar

    UAP (UFO)

    Who knows. I watched the extra and at the end they made a comment that was interesting. The acceleration occurs without any visible sign of propulsion. Throw away the how of acceleration, we can't even construct anything that would survive the forces involved to propel something at those rates. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/navy-ufo-sighting-60-minutes-2021-05-16/
  10. Dunnar

    UAP (UFO)

    Same. I think its an interesting angle on this. Meaning they aren't interested in what it is per say, but more from the angle of we have an anomaly that routinely violates our airspace and nothing in our arsenal can compete. That said, I 1000% believe in life. I am very skeptical if it has visited, but I am open to the possibility. The US government admitting they have observed objects traveling in excess of 80k ft/sec via infrared, radar, target acquisition systems and visual contact further removes my skepticism.
  11. Dunnar

    UAP (UFO)

    https://www.cbsnews.com/video/ufo-military-intelligence-video-60-minutes-2021-05-16/ There's the transcribed video or the video if you want to watch. The fastest bullets are approximately 2,600 ft/sec. Interesting stuff.
  12. They need better content and to make the regular movie experience cheaper. I dont understand why they dont expand to have more than just new releases. Maybe have pay per view events, or sports, or even popular TV shows. Rerun old classics?
  13. I LOVE what the Browns did. They got the guy I wanted with the first pick, in the 2nd round. On paper, the defense looks really good. Bears did very well getting JF. He is very accurate.
  14. Just got back from the Doctor. Routine health check, all is good. Got me thinking. I could go ahead to the future and pick up something that should help me have a better quality of life. I could also travel back to the past and see nature in her full glory ... before we cleared all the forests and wiped out all the animals. Watch the Gettysburg address. Sit on the grassy knoll in Dallas in Nov 1963. Hang out at Kitty Hawk in 03. Roswell 47. Possibilities are endless. And the best thing ... I could record everything with my new Samsung Galaxy 50.
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