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  1. Tomorrow Mount Pleasant SC (Charleston) goes on "lockdown". The police have begun to stop people at the 3 mile connector to the beach near my home. Overall it's been pretty quiet and people were already staying home except for essentials. But then there are the knuckleheads who were still flocking to the beaches, thus the mandatory stay at home.
  2. Our second album just came out and it rocks! Yeah, I took my love for playing hunters/rangers/etc and thus the name. We're on 38 streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon. You can find all of our songs on YouTube as well and here's a link to one of them - "Betrayed". I'm sure you can relate to it. For slightly more than a Starbucks Latte you can support us by buying a download (and we even have cds) at https://www.soulbeast.rocks/trust-betrayal-album Just $9.99 for the new album and only $4.99 for our first one. Listen through and maybe just choose a song or 2 for $.99 each. The song "Amazing Life" is based on a true story, and "Shattered Heart" is a power ballad that my stepdaughter sang some harmony vocals on. Lots of swag available too if you want something with our logo on it. I appreciate all the support!
  3. Didn't read the books but love the game. Watched the first 2 episodes last night and it's getting interesting.
  4. Here's an unreleased demo of one of the songs my band "SoulBeast" is working on for album number 2. Find us on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon... most streaming platforms. Help us out by purchasing a download or cd at http://www.soulbeast.rocks on our SHOP page. CRIES MIX 022619.mp3
  5. I am one who had Dark Age of Camelot ruin every other mmorpg that came out. It had tons of shit, too long to list, that put it above every other one out there I tried. (And I lost a ton of money looking for a replacement, and WoW was one) I got one great real life friend out of DAOC and a ton of others who I really enjoyed being with in game. A great guild is huge. But also for myself, it was the ability to really mold "Avatar Me". I died alot playing my character out of norm for it's traits, but WE also won battles due to my setup that allowed me to play with a team who understood what I was doing, and allowed for them to support me in my weaknesses. A leather wearing hunter, high in toughness, pet, and strength and wielding a 2 handed sword, while low in "bow" and extremely low in stealth almost to a point I had none. Lol A bow wielding stealther toon with few points placed in either. What! I loved it. Opponents - "Oh look, I popped a hunter, let's get his ass". I'd smile as I'd smack them for damage from a hunter, like they never experienced before, with my claymore, while confusing them with why they couldn't put this stealther down. (Too many HPs and points in toughness) I could hear them through the computer as their cries of "WTF", turned to "That Bastard!", as my stealther shadowblade friend(s), came out of what seemed like nowhere to slaughter them with backstabs and poison as their focus was on this hunter with the "upside down character creation". Props also to my pet and the ability to use him in ways other games don't allow. Its 2019 and I'm playing NBA2K19, which still put limitations on individual character development. You would think by now developers would have come a lot farther. But no. In summary, DAOC allowed me to create a toon more freely than any other, leaving behind the cookie cutter designs and allowing me to truly be the toon I wanted to be. (Hey Pasanda, let's go fuck some people up like the old days!)
  6. When you're creative, you do it for you. You can only hope others enjoy what you've done. In 2012 I wrote a fantasy novel called "The Crystal Keeper". It's an easy read like The Hobbit but more epic like LOTR, and is all of $.99 cents on Amazon. Still needs more editing but oh well. My readers are mostly from Asia. Music is my real passion though. Here's the cover of my band's first album released a few weeks ago. It's been called hard rock and/or classic heavy metal and listeners have said it sounds similar to Judas Priest, Godsmack, Avenged Sevenfold and Ozzy. The good news is that it's been downloaded around 1000 times and has received an average rating of 4.5 of 5 stars from various sites. The bad news is that most of those downloads have been "stolen" using BitTorrent. We really just want people to enjoy it but those 1000 downloads would have covered what we paid for the studio out of our own pockets. We do get $.004 per stream - wow! Gonna keep the day job. Anyway, you can stream it on most platforms including the most popular Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora. You can also purchase and download it on iTunes or Amazon. I also have cd's I can mail out as well. If you like it or just want to support us by getting it, please use our website where we will get 100% of the profit. www.soulbeast.rocks Best tracks imo - "Too Complicated", "Do It For Yourself".
  7. As a 6'5" fellow as well... My current dog is a Boerboel, a South African Mastiff. I think I will get him certified as an emotional support dog. Just thinking about it brings up such difficult emotions. (sniff, sob)
  8. IMG_2144.MOV Not the best quality but the studio can be a bit dark. No, I don't dance around and make faces when I'm recording but it's fun to screw around. I'd rather play guitar, but I handle bass as well. Hope it takes you laugh!
  9. Yes, I was young once. But the old lion still roars! Lol
  10. I am listening to me! Well, the band is "SoulBeast". Seriously though, I know our music may not be everyone's style but please check us out. I have currently put up 4 of our songs on our website and we have 3 more done that I release in the coming weeks. www.soulbeast.rocks
  11. Thanks guys. whether you like it or not, I'd appreciate any promotion of it you could send friends. Yes, I miss my hair - lol but getting old. You have the right spelling Pas and say Hi to Caryn from me. (Robyn is doing great and very happy!)
  12. Any hard rock fans, please check us out at www.soulbeast.rocks You can hear them on Spotify as well, or go to our Facebook page and give us a "like"! We have our first 3 songs complete and 4 more in the hands of our producer for mixing and mastering. We plan to head back into the studio in April and if all goes well our full album will be released in June. You can still hear, and purchase if you like, the 3 songs we have done and I will be adding more as the producer gets them done. Our artist is on his 3rd upgrade in the development of our logo. Here is the the latest---can't wait to see it in color!
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