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  1. Yeah, Kiora seems sweet... imagine in a doubling season EDH deck, starting loyalty 14 lol
  2. Contest is closed; lesson learned - gleam.io owns the space now lol. Anyhow, I had two comments, Tim Bister and a local from my LGS. Since they're both loyal followers, I've decided to give each of them a set of signed Modern Essentials tokens! Thanks for watching!
  3. As a filthy casual, I'm excited by just the possibility! And it's only one set plus one year of standard rotation before they're gone so if it was a mistake (I suspect r&d and play group worked out way to make this fun and not disruptive) it self-corrects.
  4. Shaun's actually running something a bit different tis time; basically a multi-creator MTG Arena tournament where we're broken down into teams to come up with deck ideas, then play a series of four games with other creators! Some of them stream their matches, some post them to YouTube afterwards, but the first 'season' was pretty fun!
  5. Hey folks, You may have heard of CreaYTors, a YouTube channel run by a friend of mine from Australia. Well, I was asked to come back for the (sort of) aborted season 3, and as of tomorrow we'll have all uploaded our five videos. One of the challenge videos, number 3, was to conceive of a video with only a title: My Favorite Artist. Well, Johannes Voss is my favorite artist so it's no surprise that I had supported his modern essentials token kickstarter a couple years ago. Because of the stretch goals we reached, I received 3 full sets of tokens, including two autographed sets, and I'm raffling off one set of the tokens for CreaYTors series 3. All you need to do is check out the video, leave a comment (it can be as short as you want) and be subscribed to my channel. I'll draw a name from those who commented by mid-March. If you want a closer look at the tokens, stick around (or skip to the end, I guess) of the video as I open them up and leaf through them. As always, thanks for watching!
  6. Yep, tracking. Government work and I've been there before. I especially love navigating the beltway using a GPS that's a couple of years out of date; my wife and I must have exited into downtown DC three or four times before we gave up and headed 'east' for like an hour on some side road to re-orient.
  7. We're going on a Caribbean cruise in a couple weeks; 5 days out of Miami so just a quick jaunt around, but it's Marvel themed so that will be fun. Probably moving this summer, from Canada down to Washington, DC for work, so I count that as a trip; guessing sometime around July. Then not this year, per se, but right away in the new year 2020 we're doing a 12 day southern Caribbean cruise! (Wife loves cruising)
  8. Hey SoulRider, Forum isn't dead, it just ebbs and flows. Plenty of helpful people lurking around just waiting to respond.
  9. You can do it if it's really what you want. Since we started Keto, I've found myself eating better over the last 9 months than I did prior (still room for improvement) and I've found ways to enjoy things I love, too, like ice cream (occasional Halo Top) or chocolate (reese's no sugar added peanut butter cups), and I've still managed to drop about 75 lbs; about 10 to go.
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