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  1. *casually points over there* Recipes, you say?
  2. Elovia

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Sylens ... That is all.
  3. I'll just leave this here ...
  4. I understand some theaters were renting out during the pandemic to people who wanted to play video games on the big screen. Gamers had to bring their own device - provided it could attach to the digital projector.
  5. Elovia

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    I didn't no. The machines I'm certain from which you can extract heavy weapons that you can use afterward are the Ravager and the Thunderjaw. There may be others of which I'm not aware ... Corruptors? I haven't even seen one type of machine yet, so ... /shrug. Of course you can also get heavy weapons by killing elite bandits that happen to carry them. The downside is that the heavy weapons are, basically, disposable. You cannot reload them, and they're very heavy so you move slowly while carrying them ... even if you have the skill that speeds up movement while carrying them (yes, it does, and no, not enough). You also cannot jump, climb, or do a variety of other things while carrying them ... so, they're situational at best. I think I enjoy this game because I can play it on my terms, scripted encounters aside, and I'm not locked into playing it the one and only way the developers envisioned. Problem solving can be done many different ways, which is nice. And the world is very open and accessible ... meaning I can go climb over a ridge if I'm willing to put in the effort rather than walk the path around it. When you come across climb points, that usually indicates something worth finding may be at the other end of them ... and they're not always easy to see or do. I've spent a lot of time just hunting critters for their crafting components. I still need a few fish skins and bones - rats, too - to upgrade a few of my ammo pouches. As I recall from my last play session, I had run myself out of ridge wood, so I'll need to scrounge up more of that soon.
  6. Elovia

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    I made a bunch of progress this past weekend. Unabashedly, I spent a lot of hours on it. For the record, I'm playing on Normal difficulty. Nah, the Stormbird encounter I wrote upon earlier was just outside of a hunter camp in the desert ... just past the entry gates to the desert climate. Although that said, I chanced upon the Stormbird you're hinting at while doing random exploring this past weekend. I think there was a metal flower, a vista, or somesuch up in the area on which I was in pursuit. That whole area reminded me: I greatly dislike scripted encounters, especially ones that thrust you into combat unprepared. That was the first of many scripted encounters that I ran across last weekend. Repeat number 1 So yeah, I cheesed most of the scripted encounters where and as I could ... mostly by utilizing no-kite mechanics to my favor (e.g., tether ranges, mobs retreat if they have no viable attack, etc.). I was sufficiently pressed to get past the Watchers and triplet stalkers on the way to the scripted Stormbird encounter (unless I'm confusing two different areas). Stalkers 1, Elovia 3, Falling Deaths on the climb up to the area ... 2. I completed the quarry encounter you previously mentioned. Was tough but ... well ... I cheesed it, too, after I figured it out. Afterward I encountered a couple corrupted Rockbreakers out in the wild which provided a challenge. That specific corrupted area encounter was helped by a wandering group of bandits (they got summarily slaughtered, but were useful as a distraction) and, coincidentally, a Longleg and Behemoth convoy that was traveling on a path through the corrupt area. I didn't know corrupt machines would attack non-corrupt ones, but they did and in doing so helped knock off some life from the corrupt Rockbreakers while I stood back and enjoyed the show. Was just me being slow in not connecting the dots ... I knew about corruption arrows from the War bow, and have used them to satisfyingly reduce the strength of a machine crowd, but I didn't think that mechanic applied to "naturally" corrupt machines. Anyway, a nearby Ravager was also pulled into the fight, and upon its death, I was able to grab a big gun to finish off at least one of the Rockbreakers. I put off going to Meridian for a long time, and instead bought the appropriate maps and spent a lot of time exploring and picking up collectables from areas I'd previously been through but had otherwise missed. I have since been through the big city and completed at least one of the main quests there (i.e., assisting Avad with his situation), as well as a few side quests. Without logging in to check, my character level is in the mid-30s. I have almost all of the important skills that I use. I just have one more skill in the Strike line (i.e., Leader Strike) I'd like to get to flesh it out, and then I'll work on the enhanced dodge skill which has been low on my priority list; I try not to put myself in that much danger where it would be helpful. My modus operendi is primarily stealthy bow-centric with pre-laid tripwires as needed. I have the full collection of stealth weapons (that I know of), all in various states of modification ... the more frequently used ones have my best mods attached. I primarily use the (Stealth) Sharpshot and Hunter Bows along with the Tripcaster, while rotating between the War Bow, Ropecaster, and each of the two Slings in the fourth slot on a case-by-case basis. I have, but have not yet used, the Rattlegun/crossbow/wtf-it-is. I wear the Nora heavy stealth outfit with extra stealth mods; that combined with the Sharpshot bow and precision arrows allows me to kill or remove weapons from machines at extreme long ranges. This has a side benefit that, as long as I'm patient and only fire a single salvo (up to three arrows per single bow firing, as needed) while the target is unaware, I can usually remain safely undetected. However if I rush things, and fire off a salvo while the target is actively looking or is on alert, then I might get found out (unless the followup shot is fatal) ... to which I beat a hasty retreat and re-commence stalking when the target turns back from pursuit. I ran across Nil again (the creepy, psychopathic, bandit killer) at least once more, although I suspect he generally waits outside bandit camps ready to join with an available quest marker (!), but then moves on and erases the potential quest after you've commenced slaughtering bandits without his help. I noticed the marker was gone one time after I killed a few bandits and retreated to answer a RL phone call. I have not met Sylas, but I've had him speak to me through my focus a couple times. When I last played, I was currently doing the main quest up north, through the cultists and corrupted machine camp. I expect big things there. I didn't complete it before my playing time ran out, so I guess I'll get to redo the beginning part of the camp again. No worries. I don't mind slaughtering cultists or bandits. Precisely placed head shots from extreme ranges, especially if the target is moving, are just so gosh darned satisfying. I'm getting a lot more proficient killing the bigger, tougher machines. I also completed at least one other cauldron so I can override more machine types. I can now one-shot Scrappers and Watchers (well, the tougher armored ones), and take down Sawtooths with two salvos of fire arrows (same with Glinthawks and Ravagers provided I've removed their ranged weapons first). I still struggle with Stormbirds, Behemoths, and Tramplers ... because they're massive and damage sponges. Somewhere along the line I killed my first and only Thunderjaw ... although I admit I probably wouldn't have been able to do so without the help of a seemingly immortal Carja warrior that kept it distracted so I could methodically remove its weapon systems from a distance. I've found interest in reading the little lore snippets and parallel stories from collectables and data points. The Banuk toy story kind of hits in the feelz, as does the Vantage point story line at times. The metal flower poetry is /meh, but I'm not much into poetry (except for occasional naughty limericks). I recall checking my progress sometime this past weekend. The game thinks I'm a little over half done (somewhere between 50-60%). I've overridden all of the mainland Tallnecks except for the southern most one, so I have ~80% of the non-Frozen Waste map exposed - nothing yet in the Frozen Waste. I'm creeping up on almost 100 hours played (in theory) ... although I'm not sure I've actively played that long because sometimes I pause and read, but that time counts too. I'm at the point where ... the game is still fun, in general, but it is starting to feel like a slog toward the end. Rather than plow through scores of machines on my way from point A to point B, I now ask myself whether taking on combat on random machines is worthwhile or if I can bypass them for the interest of getting to my destination quicker while using fewer resources. I usually get distracted by other games long before now, so this one has captured my interest for a respectable amount of time. I'll most likely finish this game, which is an extremely rare thing for me to do with any game, and it speaks to the game's quality (at least to my subjective standards). I'd probably rate this game a high 4.5+ out of 5, but not the full score because it isn't without flaws. I've had it crash to desktop a couple times on me out of the blue. Saving only at campfires (as opposed to QuickSave from anywhere) is also a down-score point ... sometimes I have to quit without saving due to RL issues I need to deal with, and in doing so lose progress and have to repeat it again to make up. I haven't yet decided if I will spend much time playing NewGame+ on this one. Oh, I meant to ask ... What did you decide to do about Olin? Generally, the only traps I use are the Tripwire ones. I haven't yet found much use for the single, set-in-place traps. You can set one or multiple tripwires from a distance, whereas you have to partially expose yourself and/or put yourself in harm's way to set the single traps. That said, I just bought my second Shadow Sling - the one that allows launching the proximity bombs - but I have not yet played with it much. I'm waiting until I find a nice, tight cluster of machines. If it is anything like the Elemental bomb Sling, I suspect its range will be much too short for my taste. Although I do like the idea of timed sticky bombs ...
  7. Staying in this weekend (as I do most). Made a batch of Breakfast Burritos, and started a crock pot of honey garlic chicken for dinner later. The chicken dish is a trial, so I'm not sharing it yet until after I see how it turns out. Also started a load of laundry; I'm so domestic. @BrandieNoel ... love the mug. That's awesome. Coincidentally enough, the other day I was honestly considering getting this one from Amazon ...
  8. That's the problem with the word "inadvertent"; you may not know what you did to cause the condition, so you don't have any idea on how to fix it. Kind of like the chaos theory of a butterfly flapping it's wings in Brazil to cause a hurricane in Florida. What if the thing you inadvertently changed leads to no time travel AND you don't exist? That's almost like time traveling back to dinosaur days and running out of gasoline ...
  9. I've been meaning to do another "Elovia's deep dive into the archives" ... ... and so ... (spoiler for NSFW album cover)
  10. Interesting cabaret take on it.
  11. Teleportation, provided it's safe and proven. Too much risk for inadvertently screwing something up with time travel ... like finding out that you no longer exist. That would be bad.
  12. Elovia

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Killed my first Stormbird the other night. Elovia 1, Stormbirds 4 ... and believe it or not, I'm still humble. There must have been an AI glitch to allow my success. Toward the end, the big ol' bird just stood there ... uhh ... spread-eagled without attacking. I was surprised I was able to knock it down a time or two just with pure damage arrows. Their size makes judging their distance deceptive. I also cheesed my first herd of Tramplers - from an untouchable location on high. I'm not proud of it. But it helped me get through a side quest ... or was that an errand? /sigh I need to work on a better strategy if I ever need to go ground-level with these big arrow sponges. And I ascended my second Longneck. I was worried I might get attacked by the handful of Glinthawks in the area while ascending, and luckily that didn't turn out to be the case. I fast traveled to a convenient campfire straightaway from the Longneck's head so as to avoid having to swim back through Snapmaw infested waters. Pro tip: I invested in the Tinker skill, which allows removing/recovering/replacing installed modifications; that and Disarm Traps have been QoL game changers.
  13. Word on the street is that Amazon canceled their LOTRO MMO. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  14. Just going to throw this out there ... Anchoring into studs is preferred but is sometimes difficult to achieve in reality (e.g., 16 inch stud spacing and 24 inch or 30 inch towel bar where, at most, only one end can be anchored in a stud). In that case, you may need to add blocking between studs in which you can anchor. It requires a bigger sheet rock patch, and it will result in more flexibly positioned yet firmly anchored support. I prefer towel hooks rather than bars because finding a single stud is easier than adding blocking. And substituting in hooks should solve the "Pull up bar" problem.
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