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  1. Those are both heavy casting cost for R/B aggro. I'm generally not an aggro player but I would suggest some cheaper CMC creatures and early burn support to get you to where you can cast either of those Plainswalkers.
  2. So if you are going U/G and want to play counter/Grunn.. then I would also play cards to help you find the counters and play Grunn... Thankfully you are in Blue for card draw spells and Green for ramp spells (search for lands) In addition to your 4ofs already I would sprinkle in card draw and ramp so that your deck would get to counter/Grunn more consistantly. B/R Aggro needs some sort of theme.. are you doing vampires?.. or Minators?.. Madness? Burn/Drain?
  3. Yes you can attack even if it is countered.. due to the fact you actually cast the spell.
  4. Are you looking for Burn/Aggro.. Boros Aggro, White Weenie, Infect, Affinity, Death's Shadow, Humans, Elf ball, .. there are a lot of aggro decks.
  5. Blood tyrant is way too slow for Modern, a better card for EDH Transmogrifying Wand is wicked slow but can be good for a grindy match Catch // Release is just fine in a control shell Hadana's Climb is excellent and great if you already have a counter theme going. Arashin Sovereign is eh.
  6. Infect is always strong and will be a deck forever in top tier Modern. The simple win plan of attack with a creature and give it at least +9/+0 until end of turn and win.. is always going to play. It is possible that it is making a comeback as it is cheaper ("$ 790 " per MTG goldfish) and easy to pilot. Git probe was banned for many reasons, not just infect.. Death Shadow as well as others..
  7. Answering in the negative would be like this... ***lets assume cards only entered the battlefield from casting spells (I know that isnt the only way)*** This would be one where if your creature spell was countered it would not work. "Mogg Conscripts can't attack unless a creature entered the battlefield under your control this turn. "
  8. I for one enjoy twitter a lot. People can yell and scream and write angry tweets but honestly its so easy to just ignore on there. Like this latest beef with SaffronOlive. All he did was re-post reddit (which i think is a bigger problem then twitter) and now is being "blamed" for a LGS losing its WPN. Really people? One tweet is not going to have a company revoke a WPN from a business. So much over reacting The upside of the content on twitter far outweighs the dumbasses. I would likely never found all your great content without it.
  9. While a valid concern.. after playing with all levels and against all levels.. if you are playing in a game of 4 people or more, the OP decks tend to get targeted early. That said.. its a fun game and I treat it more like poker or RISK then I do magic. You have to talk up/down your hand (or your opponents hand/board) so that they are the ones targeted and not you. Example - "Wow we really need a board wipe (while you hold on to a good creature in your hand)"
  10. Yeah I realized this was a Pauper forum after I posted
  11. This is an excellent card outside of Innistrad limited or block constructed. Also, I think the reason you dont see it in other formats so often is due to the BB cost. Not that many mono-black decks out there and at that point Go For the Throat or Ultimate Price is better (they may even be better then Victim of Night)
  12. This.. either D6's or D10s .. but they sell those boxes of tiny D6s which are perfect to use as counters.
  13. Moonmist and Immerwolf and pray you can keep the immerwolf alive
  14. So I have been mulling around the idea of finally bringing my Modern Venser deck (https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/767716#paper) to an FNM type weekly modern event at a LGS nearby where I have gone a few times for drafting. I know nobody there and not super social so I'm always a little on tilt even just stepping into the store. However with Modern being so Top Tier based, I have wondered to myself if it is worth it to spend the money on the entry fee only to just lose out. Now there is a chance my deck plays well (it has in kitchen table testing against a variety of power levels) but the pessimist in me just things I'm going to get steamrolled. What are some thoughts, anyone have/had a similar experience?
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